I am thrilled to announce…

that yesterday’s interview with…

The Buried Life’s Ben Nemtin and Duncan Penn was a complete success!

If you’ve been following Yow Yow! for awhile, then you know that this has been something that I have been wanting to do for almost close to two years. Before the show came out in January 2012, I spent that winter getting in contact with the guys and exchanging a few emails back and forth to set something up. Before we knew it, the show premiered and almost instantly, things started taking off for the four guys from Victoria, BC. That had been the last time I had talked to them until yesterday when I had the opportunity to be involved with our Student Activities in bringing them to our campus to share the story on their journey, how their project got started and the people they’ve met along the way.

Some highlights from today:

  • Riley and I watching The Buried Life episodes in the office
  • Picking the guys up at the airport with P. Ross
  • Getting schooled on how to hold a sign when waiting for arrivals by limo drivers
  • Loving airports
  • Getting the most attention and glances out of the lovely sign that Lizy made for us
  • Overly excited girls outside of Campion Ballroom freaking out over the guys
  • “Sorry about Ben. His religion requires him to walk 10 feet behind us.”
  • Duncan letting us into the Campion Ballroom with the secret code
  • Lord of the Rings secret pathway to Chardin
  • Ben and Duncan being mistaken for students
  • Being requested to sing “Over the Rainbow” by Duncan
  • Ben Nemtin as P. Ross’s doppelganger
  • Event becomes a roast on Dave Lingwood – but a really great one
  • More sexual innuendos than we can count
  • Spontaneous audio/Flipcam video interview in the Campion Kitchen
  • May or may not be spanking involved…I don’t know
  • Checking something off my own personal bucket list for Katie D. and Cameron M. What we did…we’ll never tell.
  • Making plans

If you’ve ever watched the series and thought to yourself “These guys are hilarious – they seem like people I’d be friends with,” – you are absolutely right. They are exactly how they appear on television – BIG kids with even bigger hearts. Katie, Cameron and I had a fantastic time spending most of our afternoon with them and I am so appreciative for events like this on campus. If the guys are coming to a city near you – check their tour schedule because after this tour, they’ve got another one – I strongly urge you to go because you’re going to hear some incredible stories from them and laugh your head off.

After next week, I’ll begin transcribing our 11-minute interview and maybe find a way to post up some behind-the-scenes footage for you as well! You’ll also find out which Buried Life cast member is the messiest, what inanimate object they have recently been keeping in touch with AND what plans the guys have in store for The Buried Life now that we’ve learned a season three is not in the works. Keep checking back for updates!

For pictures from last night’s event, click here

Yow Yow! appreciates brooding Ben.

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2 thoughts on “I am thrilled to announce…

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