Happy Thanksgiving from Yow Yow!

Of course we’re blogging on a holiday! Happy happy Thanksgiving y’all! I hope all of you have had a lovely holiday spending time with your friends and family and indulging on a huge feast. I know I did. It’s been a year for both me and Yow Yow! First off, I needed to include this music video of Pharrell’s “Happy” because it’s one of my favorite jamz and I probably listen to it on a weekly basis. I first heard it on the Despicable Me soundtrack and recently learned that he had turned his song into a 24 hour music video. I don’t have time to watch all of that so I just included this one. It seemed like it would be good enough.

At our company Thanksgiving last week, I admitted something quite embarrassing to my co-workers in the middle of dinner…with a mic. “If you think that I’m excited here in the office, you should just SEE ME while I’m commuting on my way to work!” I couldn’t believe I actually said that, but it’s so true. Every day, I am so excited to go to work. I’m really lucky to be a part of a company that lets me work in the social media space, that lets me merge my work with blogging and music into my role, and that allows me to take chances and risks. 2013 has done a complete 180 and I know it’s because of this job.

All that aside, I’m very grateful for my family, friends, and the opportunities that Yow Yow! has provided me. This blog has led me here and I can’t wait to see where we are going next.

Happy holidays readers!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Yow Yow!

  1. Dale says:

    I hope you have seen Pharrell’s awesomely designed 24 hours of happy: http://24hoursofhappy.com/

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