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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Kate Middleton

Wearing: Lela Rose

Where: On a trip to Australia

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Wit & Wonder!


Photo Cred | Nordstrom Seattle Instagram

If I could hoard anything in my life, it would probably be all of the goods from the Wit & Wonder! pop-up shop at the Nordstrom Flagship in Seattle. I made my first trip there when I was home for the holidays and ended up coming back with coasters in the shape of toast. Toast. Coasters. I haven’t used them once. Some people thought it was real toast. That’s another story though. The pop-up shop is full of goods that represent Seattle pride and are home to gifts that can be given to just about anyone in your life – friends/family/etc. I just saw this photo on their Instagram from today and discovered that the pop-up shop changes seasonally. Well, isn’t that the kind of news that I just dream of? I’ll be back for all of this next month.

Gimme gimme. Moar.

(I’m Britney.)

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Splendour in the Grass 2014

I like to gaze at lineups that I may never have a chance of seeing.

This photo turned out to be super small so just click it if you want to see the enlarged version at their Facebook page.

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3rd “Sisterhood” Film Announced

I nearly squealed like a young pre-teen when I found out today that there would be a third “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” film. These books were my youth. I remember flying through these books in a matter of days and even though I had never gone through any of the experiences that the four friends went through, I somehow felt I could relate. I cried, laughed, and nodded in agreement to just about every situation as I read them and when I watched the two films that were created based off of the books, I did the same thing.

“Sisterhood Everlasting” was the last book in the series to be written and it fast forwards to 10 years later where we learn what the young women have been up to. The third film will capture that bringing the four actresses and real-life friends back together again.


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Austin City Limits 2014

For the full lineup and to see which artists are performing on which weekends, visit the official website of the music festival.

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Song of the Day

RAC and Katie Herzig – We Belong

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Emma Stone for Vogue

Wow. What a gorgeous little spread.

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Wedding Mondays

Happy Happy Wedding Mondays! The more time I spend sifting through wedding videos, the harder it becomes to select ones that feel just right for Yow Yow! I’ve started to get a little bit picky. I root for the videos where both the bride and the groom are speaking, if the groom starts crying, if there’s a really good song accompanying the video, or if there’s a fantastic dance party. The thing is, wedding videos can’t incorporate every single aspect that I love. While those elaborate videos are the ones that tug at our heart strings, it’s the ones that are short and sweet that still manage to suck us in. For Marisa and Chris, I loved the vintage vibe and especially Penny & the Quarters – “You and Me.” It’s a classic wedding video song. Hope you enjoy!


Here is the accompanying wedding post by Ruffled. Thanks for transporting us to Long Island!

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Pharrell’s “Happy” Music Video w/o the Music

Whoa. This is so weird, but I actually like the awkwardness from it.

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The Weekend: 5 Things

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We kicked off this weekend with a trip to Planet Granite with the co-workers! I didn’t do any bouldering this time, but I did climb twice before I called it quits. It has been a long week, you guys. Instead of going to the usual Sunnyvale gym, we ventured over to the one in Belmont. As much as I love climbing and how strong it makes me feel, I know that it’s no cardio. I wish I could be incorporating a little bit of that into my activities too. Nevertheless, I was still feeling the pain this morning on my shoulders and fore arms.

photo 1

Henry’s sister Grace was in town this weekend visiting so naturally we had to take her to our favorite Sonoma winery – Ram’s Gate! We sampled 8 different kinds each of us favoring one more than the other. I was pretty partial to the very sweet white wine. Don’t ask me to tell you what it exactly was because I definitely don’t remember.

photo 2

One pretty happy family here.

photo 4

Is there anything better than lounging on this deck? Absolutely not.

photo 3

I find that on Sundays I always have very intense cravings for food. Today, it happened to be sushi so I drove 20 minutes away for these nomz right here. I just polished this off and I don’t plan on moving or getting up anytime soon. Thanks for the grub Niji’s!

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Song of the Day

Oh Land – Cherry On Top

While I love Oh Land, she isn’t an artist that I follow consistently. While on my relaxing Sunday and reading blog news, I came across her latest music video for “Cherry On Top” which includes a pretty interesting story behind it.

Before she came to public attention as the ethereal electro-pop siren Oh Land, the Danish musician Nanna Fabricius was a small-town girl who dreamed of becoming a ballerina. She left home for Stockholm at age 15 to pursue those ambitions until a back injury ended her career. Still, she often dreams about her first creative pursuit. An actual dream, in fact, inspired her new music video for “Cherry on Top,” a twinkling ballad on her 2013 album “Wish Bone,” produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. In it, she went into a dance studio — only to discover that she wasn’t a dancer, she was a piano player. The dream seemed an apt expression for the song, which, she explains, is about “taking off the blinders and seeing the world all around you.”

The video, which premieres here, is a dreamlike fantasia, shot at the Alvin Ailey Dance School and featuring a bevy of child dancers and the model Helena Christensen. In it, Fabricius plays a substitute piano teacher at the dance studio. By choosing that role, she says, she felt she was closing the book on her past. “Since I’ve stopped dancing I’ve had so many dreams about being a dancer and being in the classroom again,” she explains. “But this one was a personal breakthrough in a way, because even in my subconscious I didn’t consider myself a dancer anymore.”


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Bay Area Eats:

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Last weekend, I finally had a chance to visit the Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream shop! I remember hearing the name of this place the very first day I met my co-worker Sheila. She’s been dubbed the “ice cream expert” in the office and she has sampled ice cream from nearly everywhere – even Seattle. In her opinion, Mr. and Mrs. has always been her number one spot and for good reason! It’s amazing! I had the Candied Orange Peel while he had the Banana and Milk and Cookies. By the end of it, I regretted not ordering Milk and Cookies myself. Mr. and Mrs. is very similar to Tin Pot, but one differentiating factor is that the Miscellaneous menu is always changing – on a daily basis! The next day we walked past the shop and Candied Orange Peel had been taken off the list and replaced with four other flavors that were not listed the day before. Both shops are great. There’s no denying the California knows how to do ice cream well. I’m sure their unique flavors and pairings are what keep people coming back all of the time and I wouldn’t mind being one of those people either.

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