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My co-workers always manage to introduce me to the latest trends here in the Bay Area and I’m super grateful to them for it. A few months ago, Nadia mentioned “Twistbands” to me, but I was reluctant to try them out since I’m so used to having just my standard black hair ties wrapped around my wrist since 5th grade. The only time I ever replaced them was when I lost one of them. This past weekend in San Diego though, I fell in love with a gold and black Madewell bracelet that I opted to wear instead of my hair ties. Obviously, this was a pretty quick transition. Not only are they super cute and come in fun colors and prints, but they also make it so that when you tie your hair up, there aren’t any creases.

When Nadia told me last week that she was placing an order for Twistbands, I decided to give it a try. I selected one pack and when they arrived today, I couldn’t have been more excited. Technically you should wear them as hairties, but I love having them just on my wrist as bracelets. With an all-black outfit today and my DV by Dolce Vita wedges, these Twistbands couldn’t have matched any better.

To browse Twistbands and possibly make a purchase, click here!

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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Emma Watson

Wearing: Ralph Lauren Collection

Where: Premiere of Noah in London


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Proud Owner:

You can’t go wrong with a simple denim shirt. My mom handed me down hers a couple of years ago and while it was one of my favorite pieces back then, I am now starting to outgrow it a little bit. Classics are classics, but when they are no longer able to be worn, you shouldn’t feel guilty about replacing it. If there’s one place that succeeds in doing a solid denim shirt, it is Madewell. Every time I walk into the store, I find myself eyeing their display of them and each time, I’m hesitant to bust out my wallet for it. All I needed to hear was “all of our shirts are 20% off today!” and that was enough to make me crack. I purchased the Western Jean Shirt in Pond Wash and have already worn it twice this week. It’s so versatile and can double up as a plain old shirt or a light jacket over a dress or a skirt. It has quickly found a home within my closet.

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Erin Wasson x Madewell Spring 2014

I thought it was an interesting choice for Madewell to select THE Erin Wasson as their model for their spring catalog as she typically tends to have a very edgy and risqué look, but after looking through the catalog on Pinterest, it seems to work. It seems like the model can be tamed down after all.

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Sephora Releases One-Time Use Nail Polish

Nail polish itself isn’t a costly purchase, but when you buy one of those small containers, you’re saying to yourself that you believe that you will use it more than one time. Sometimes, that is just not the case. After using one time, the realization sets in that the color just isn’t for you. And if you’re like me then you’re the type of person that wants the same thing in varying colors for no reason at all. Yep, if you guessed it – I am exactly that same way with my basic clothing. I really love this idea that Sephora is releasing a set of one time use nail polishes. It’s a game changer. And knowing me, I’ll naturally just do my best to see if I can try and make it last for more than just one time! (Because isn’t it kind of the challenge?)

At 24 different shades from Sephora’s own nail polish collection, the set will cost $39 and start selling in stores and online this May.

More of a nail pen-like pod than a traditional glass bottle of nail varnish, each one is designed to hold only the amount of polish needed for painting all 10 nails with two coats each. You basically pop off the cap to expose the brush, put a little pressure on the bottle, and paint away.


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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Keira Knightley

Wearing: Chanel

Where: Chanel Fall 2014 RTW show

I absolutely love this illusion of tiny waist!


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Chanel’s 2014 Fall RTW in a Super Market

Every season, Chanel is always a show that I look forward to. It’s not one that we always feature because maybe at that point in time, I don’t find their collections to be all that wearable, but if there is anything that I am more fascinated by than the clothes, it’s the show itself. For his Fall 2014 RTW show, Karl Lagerfeld created a faux super market with branded items like pasta, canned goods, and even home goods. It was apparent that a whole lot of detail went into planning the show and the thing about this is that had it been an ordinary show – the audience members would never even notice these details.

This show was not an ordinary one though. After each model walked out on the runway, they continued to stay and mill about the grocery store as if they were actually shopping. This made me wonder what the true underlying message is I think Fashionista said it perfectly:

[The set] spoke to the clothes in such a big way, in terms of a grocery store being the great equalizer. All types of women — from hip, young things to polished doyennes — inevitably need to pop into one for some reason or another. So you had girls in crop tops and leggings — so many leggings, from pink and shredded to glittery and purple…not to mention black and white tweed — to fancy ladies in classic skirt suits, like the one who walked out in a pink ensemble, accompanied by a personal butler to carry her myriad Chanel shopping bags.

After the show ended, guests and show attendees were invited to take home a complimentary fruit or vegetable, but naturally some people tried to actually loot the other goods. Can we blame them? Wouldn’t you want pasta out of a Chanel box, too?!


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Elie Saab

Is there ever an Elie Saab collection we don’t love?

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Kendall and Kyllie Jenner x Marie Claire Mexico

This spread was actually released last month, but we never posted it and I actually really enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to pass it up.

It’s really exciting that Kendall has been walking in several shows for fashion week this season and not just some of the ones that we forget about or don’t care to read up on. She walked IN Paris in both Givenchy and Chanel. Typically, when the Kardashians pursue things ie) Rob’s designer sock line, we don’t take it too seriously, but we’re thrilled that Kendall is actually doing what she wants and succeeding at it. I think she could have a really strong career in this. Cara D. watch your back.

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