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Cinderella (2015)

Since the trailer for Disney’s newest version of Cinderella was just released today, there was no way we weren’t going to post it to Yow Yow! It’s definitely not anything like what I watched as a kid. I know the quality of that was pretty bad and it was completely old school, but I’ll always hold that version near and dear to my heart. I will most likely still end up watching this one in theaters though as I know a lot of my friends will be too.

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Holiday Season Thanks

My coworkers on my team and I never miss an opportunity to show each other our appreciation. They come in the form of cards, mini champagne bottles, and quite often flowers. When I was younger in high school and college, flowers weren’t always such a thing, but adulthood – yes. A bouquet of flowers is enough to brighten up my day and it makes my desk look so much better. For my work anniversary this year, Nadia had Farmgirl Flowers deliver a bouquet to me (all the way from San Francisco) wrapped in their signature burlap. It was so hipster, I knew it really couldn’t be for anyone else, but me!

It’s not too late to give thanks (as Thanksgiving is just next week) and you can still show someone how much you care all through the holiday season. But let’s be honest, flowers are a nice gesture any time of the year. These flowers really are just the prettiest!

Performance of the Day

Kendrick Lamar – I

I’ve been jammin’ to this song for the last couople of weeks so I was so excited to be able to catch Kendrick performing this song on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The only thing that creeped me out was his blacked out contacts. It made me feel like the kid from The Grudge was performing this. Kendrick is an amazing performer though. I caught him a couple years back at Bumbershoot and had an opportunity to work with him when I was doing some booking long ago. It’s great to see how far he’s come though! You may have to watch this video by clicking the link and opening a new window. Sorry – but worth it!

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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Jamie Chung

Wearing: Diane von Furstenberg

Where: Big Hero 6 movie premiere

Readers – since Sunday, I have been working on an “I Like Your Style…” post featuring Jamie Chung and I finally finished it yesterday evening. However since I didn’t save the draft as I went and tried to publish it yesterday, WordPress completely deleted the whole thing. These posts usually take me the longest to do because it requires going back to all of their events and appearances and picking out my favorite looks and finding out who exactly they were wearing. Though I was bummed, I knew I didn’t want to try doing it over again even on my day off as I’d like to spend time on different posts for Yow Yow today. So compromise – this post. Jamie Chung was my favorite Real Worlder of all time and she’s like me – a young Asian American woman – so I’m completely behind her!

She has her own blog as well where she details some of her outfits and many of them we love and would’ve been featured in the post that got deleted. You can check it out here!

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While I Contemplate My Lunch Plans

How to make a very thick Japanese pancake. Yum.

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It’s Not Over

It’s really no secret that I’ve been a huge fan of Andrew Jenks since I first laid eyes on him. I loved his television series on MTV and at what point even asked myself what I needed to do for him to hire me so that I could just work alongside him post grad. Yeah, I was getting all sort of creative because I wanted to reject having a normal job way back when. In the years after his show, I have continued to be impressed by him and am excited to learn that he has a new project brewing up. In his new documentary “It’s Not Over,” Andrew follows three young individuals who are HIV positive. You can learn all of the details about the film here. I’m looking forward to catching it on Netflix soon!

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Currently Craving:

I’m not the adult I envisioned myself to be when I was a child. When I was in 4th grade, our teacher had us interview another student within our class and one of those questions was “What is the food you like the least?” Amanda responded with brussel sprouts and while my mom had never actually introduced me to this vegetable at all growing up, I was pretty impressionable as a child and decided to go the next 14 years without ever having it all because of that one assignment. I recently ate out a restaurant where they were serving up roasted brussel sprouts and you know what? I didn’t hate it? It’s kind of like the sister side of fries, but much more trendier and hip. In fact, I had a meal on Friday in the city where I ordered a slider and a side of brussel sprouts! I think the kid version of me would be pretty disappointed, but my adult self feels like I made a good decision choosing a healthier alternative. Life. is. hard.

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Song of the Day

Did anyone catch Aaliyah’s biopic this evening on Lifetime? I wasn’t planning on watching it, but since it was airing when I was looking for something on tv, I decided to tune in. I actually was much more impressed with it than I thought I would be and I thought Alexandra Shipp did a pretty good job in her role which no doubt were big shoes to fill. I know prior to this movie, there was so much debate and controversy over it mostly because I think her family hadn’t wanted this movie to be made and criticism that whoever filled the role could not do Aaliyah justice. I believe that’s one of the reasons why Disney actress Zendaya Coleman had  backed out. When her first album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” came out, I was a toddler and yes, I still remember singing in the car to “Back and Forth” while riding with my parents. Aaliyah was kind of like my hip hop role model as a kid and I remember both my brother and I were pretty devestated when we found out about her death. It was interesting to watch the movie and get a different glimpse into her life – one that I didn’t know about like her weird little marriage to R. Kelly and getting that annuled or even the details behind her plane crash death. In honor of our girl Aaliyah and watching this biopic tonight, we’re dedicating tonight’s Song of the Day to one of my favorite songs “If Your Girl Only Knew.” I wish the rest of her songs were on Spotify.

While I liked parts of this movie, I still am not forgetting that it came from Lifetime and VH1 wrote this article about  some of the things they missed in the film that were crucial.

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Review: Big Hero 6

The first time I saw the trailer for Big Hero 6 was a couple months ago. I don’t remember much from it except for one scene in which the big marshmallow of a blob is taping up his holes which are making a whistling sound at a police station. Truth: It’s still funny watching that scene months later.

I can’t remember the last time I loved a Disney movie this much. It’s right up there with my Aladdin, Mulan, Lion King, and Monster’s Inc. I think, but if I were a kid watching this movie, I would beg my parents to take me to see this movie over and over again. In fact, I think we’re already looking forward to seeing this movie again – but this time in 3D!

I’ve got a list of reasons for why I love this movie and am rating it a 10/10. I’ll do my best to not spoil anything for anyone!

  1. The movie takes place in a made-up city called San Fransokyo which is a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo and it looked awesome. I wanted to live there.
  2. Diversity! The characters in the film come from varying backgrounds and the main character Hiro Hamada is actually half-Asian.
  3. Prior to watching the movie last night, I knew nothing about the plot. As soon as I learned that this was revolving around tech, I felt a little bit more at home!
  4. Though a Disney film, the story actually comes from a Marvel background.
  5. I laughed so hard that I ended up gripping the arm of the person that I brought along with me. And when I cried, I was a wreck. The best part about this film was witnessing the relationship between Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi because there’s something about sibling relationships that really tug at my heart stringsa bit and I think it’s one that most people can relate to if they’ve got a relationship like those two.

I’ve included the trailer below, but it really doesn’t do the film any justice at all. You might even be better off not watching the trailer at all and just going straight to the theater to watch the film.

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What it Takes to Make It in a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

I’ve never eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant before and to be honest, before I even moved here, I didn’t even know that Seattle had Michelin-starred restaurants at all. (I still don’t know.)  In Seattle, I just knew what was good and what I liked which was all that really mattered to me. It wasn’t until I moved to the Bay that I started learning that a restaurant with a Michelin-starred rating was kind of a big deal and that I had a co-worker who just happens to frequent them pretty often. I came across this video today of Joseph Johnson explaining the challenges that he faces working in one of these restaurants in Los Angeles and found it to be fascinating.

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Song of the Day

DJ Mustard, Fabolous, and Eric Bellinger – 4 Digits

I think I have found my new favorite song. I was perusing Kevin’s recent playlist looking for new songs when I stumbled across this gem that I would like to own as my new anthem for the season. So bad, but so good… that it isn’t even a bad song at all. I’m going to request this at all the clubs.

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Bay Area Eats:

I was feeling the brunch cravings hard this morning so I posted this latergram Instagram photo when I woke up around 8:30. I actually ate this meal a couple weeks prior. How deceiving, right? Well little did I know that only a few hours later, we would actually be having this exact same meal again! Do any of you ever have that feeling when you have one amazing meal and then you feel like you want it again just a few days or even a week later?

I really love Cafe Borrone for their simple breakfast. They make some incredible basic scrambles that you can add things to. I had the #4 which includes their salsa, sour cream, and avocado with a side of chicken apple sausage. I’m also a huge fan of their french toast (half portion) which is perfect for sharing.

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