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San Francisco in 23 Pieces

I came across this print by a local artist and illustrator named Lisa Congdon on The Bold Italic today and thought it was a perfect post for Yow Yow! How cute is this? According to her, these are the 23 items that make San Francisco the city that it is. Want it? It’s only selling for $20!

I wonder what 23 items would best represent Seattle…


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iPad Art: Morgan Freeman

Can you believe that Kyle Lambert did this portrait by finger painting on his iPad? Why are people so talented.


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Color Coded Candy

For the first time in a long time, I had a lollipop today. I know, what am I – 7 years old? My office has an entire box of caramel apple pops, which used to be my favorite candy as a kid. According to my co-workers, no one eats them nor did they ever as a child. I figured once a favorite, always a favorite. Wrong. I ate that sucker and my mouth was a sticky sugary mess. It was slightly embarrassing also because I’m pretty sure no one else is eating a lollipop in the office in the middle of the the afternoon. I may have grown out of my candy, but I can appreciate some art when I see it.

Emily Blincoe created these arrangements of candies by color and I think they’re kind of pretty and nostalgic. To view the rest from the Austin-based photographer, click here.

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An Infinite Staircase

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured some pretty interesting art installations on Yow Yow! I came across this Infinite Staircase by David McCrackin and depending on the angle that you are  viewing it from and the presence of the clouds, the staircase will appear infinite. I can’t stop staring at these photographs. This piece entitled “Diminish and Ascend” can be found in Bondi, Australia.


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My Favorite Editorial Yet

all photos cred | Harper’s Bazaar

It takes a very memorable editorial to stick in my mind and one that just happens to exhibit cuteness all over. In  the latest December/January issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Laura Brown dreams up an idea in which model Angela Lindvall totes along a monster by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to create the most adorable spread ever including the artist himself!

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Whimsical Illustrations Out of Everyday Objects

Using everyday objects, art director Javier Pérez has been constructing whimsical pieces and documenting them on his Instagram account.


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Blogshop in Seattle

Bloggers residing in Seattle – if you haven’t taken the opportunity to attend a Blogshop course by DesignLoveFest’s Bri Emery, now is the time to do so. I’ve been wanting to take this course for such a long time, but never could because I didn’t own a Mac. Now that I do, I’m definitely saving up so that I can in the future hopefully in San Francisco.

Bri will be hosting her class November 12-13th. Each blogshop is kind of considered a Photoshop boot camp. By the end of the sessions, you’ll be a Photoshop pro and will be able to transfer your creative ideas onto your own personal blog. Every photo session I’ve seen of Blogshop has looked like so much fun! Not only is lunch provided both days, but you’ll also receive a goodie bag of things from Bri’s favorite sponsors.

To read the full details on the course, click here.

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Banksy Sells His Art to the Public

…And you won’t believe for how much. Something unusual happened this past weekend in New York City’s Central Park. Banksy solicited an anonymous man to sell some of his artwork for next to nothing and by nothing I mean $60 US which is considered nothing when you learn that his original paintings go for $42,400 each. #baller. The man selling the paintings didn’t even get his first hire until hours later because everyone walking past him thought that he was selling counterfeits. The ones that did make a purchase, however, walked away with a serious find!

For more on this project, click here.

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Brick Facade Appears To Be Melting Off Building

Photo by Stephen O’Flaherty

Created by British designer Alex Chinneck this melting brick installation is effortlessly cool. Entitled “From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes” the piece is now a part of the English town Margate. If locals happen to stumble upon the piece they won’t find any information or explanation for why the building looks the way it does, but that was the artist’s decision to keep people guessing.

Chinneck spent the better part of 12 months engineering the installation and worked with several companies that offered to donate materials. He tells Dezeen that he’s fascinated with spectacles and that he “wanted to create something that used the simple pleasures of humour, illusion and theatre to create an artwork that can be understood and enjoyed by any onlooker.” The piece will be on view for a year before the building is eventually demolished. Read and see more over on Dezeen.


Photo by Stephen O’Flaherty
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Fashion In Leaves

As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, I wanted to make sure I got this post in about Tang Chiew Ling’s gorgeous “Fashion in Leaves” project. I love how this project reflects similarly to fashion sketches and Ling kept it super simple by just using one kind of leaf for each set. It’s really very gorgeous.


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It doesn’t take very much to make me swoon, but other than Wedding Mondays, there aren’t too many things I find on the internet about relationships that make me want to re-post. Phillipa Rice has created a series of cute illustrations entitled “Soppy” about a relationship based off hers between her and her boyfriend artist Luke Pearson. That makes us love this post even more!

For the full series, click here. Believe me, you’re going to want to see this! This should brighten up your Tuesday morning :)

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Hollywood & Vines by Airbnb

Last month, I received an email from Airbnb announcing that they were starting a project to create an entire short film made out of Vines. I’ll admit, I may have had my doubts at first, but after watching what them and their users have come with, I think the idea is pretty spectacular.

“Hollywood & Vines” is the first film directed via Twitter and shot entirely on Vine. For four days, people around the world worked with the director to share in the creation of a single story about travel, adventure and finding your place in the world. This is the result of that global experiment, featuring 100 Viners from everywhere from Kansas to Kuwait.

The fact that they have incorporated their own community to create something like this is inspiring.

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Prada Marfa – No More?

Word on the street is that our favorite fashion art installation is about to get shut down. We hope that this isn’t true, but several fingers point to yes. We’ve blogged about the Prada located in Marfa, Texas before as its own post or either as part of A Collection and while we’ve never had a chance to visit it in person, we like the fact that something like this even exists. According to Texas officials, the installation is violating a state highway and beautification laws.

The piece has been a tourist hot spot since 2005 even attracting Beyonce to come visit it.

…a 15-foot-by-25-foot adobe building in the Chihuahuan desert, 35 miles northwest of Marfa. It contains six bags (without bottoms, to discourage theft) and 20 shoes (the rights only, for the same reason). This store is so exclusive that its door is always locked.

For more information and history on the fake Prada store and what is happening to it, read about it here.

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A Collection Part 38

Happy Mid-September everyone!

It’s amazing how quickly this year has flown by. Even though I’m about to embark on my second year out of school, there’s a part of me that still wants to follow suit in that pattern. I started my first job at the start of fall one year ago and now one year later, I’m doing the same thing again. There was something about the new school year that I loved and it wasn’t just that I had a new set of classes, a new wardrobe, or that I was one step closer to starting THIS current life, but it was the idea of starting the year with a fresh slate – wiping everything clean, getting rid of the old and progressing towards the new. That might be one of the reasons why September is considered more of my new year than January. I always like to start Mondays with reflective posts (besides Wedding Mondays!) so here’s A Collection for you :)

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Haters Gonna Hate

An artist named, Mr. Bingo, has spurned an internet art project known as “Hate Mail.” Though it began as an art project, Mr. Bingo offered it as a service and demand was so overwhelmingly high that he can only offer it limitedly and infrequently.

To see more, click here.

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