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“All We Do Is Win!”

I wish I could have written this right after we won the Super Bowl this weekend, but I was too busy celebrating. This win means so much to the city of Seattle and more than anything I wish I was home to be with the city and storming Capitol Hill like I know everyone else did. Every non-Seahawks fan called the game boring, but like…that’s because you weren’t dominating! I’m not sure what I would have preferred – a game that forces me to have a heart attack every minute or to rest easy knowing that you’re just going to win the whole damn thing.

I can’t even tell you for how long it has been that Seattle sports hasn’t been taken seriously – The Mariners, The Supersonics getting taken away. We needed this. Everyone said that we would never make it – that we weren’t the team to watch out for – that making it to the Super Bowl in 2005 was just a fluke, well what do you have to say about us now? We earned it.

I am overcome with this joy of having the best football team, the most driven and hungry players, crazy fans, and being from the city that backs all of this up completely.

Mandi and I couldn’t contain our excitement, clearly. After the win, we rounded up our crew and took on San Francisco with our Skittles and our Gushers (we love you Lynch and Sherman) and distributed our snacks to the best Seahawks fans in the city. We pretty much fed San Francisco.

Super Bowl 2015 – we’ll see you there!

Some of the the best articles came out yesterday after the win so here’s a roundup below:

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The Way Way Back Home

It’s a weird experience to be coming home for the first time. The city that you once had infinite time in is now limited and there’s a little bit of anxiety surrounding it because you want to do everything you can in that time fame, but you always want some time to yourself. There is really no happy medium. I now know what it’s like though to be on the side of it when my friends from out of town would visit and couldn’t see me every time they were here. I don’t think I have ever taken Seattle for granted, but this visit as well as my visit from Thanksgiving has made me appreciate so many of the little things that I once loved about my hometown.

Driving on I-5 into the city with traffic or no traffic is still one of the most peaceful and calming rides that I would choose to take any day especially when it comes to driving North on 280 to San Francisco. The Space Needle is still the prettiest overrated tourist spot in the city but the surrounding skyline is the absolute best. Capitol Hill is just as cool as I left it. The sushi in Seattle trumps the sushi in San Francisco any day.

It may not be “home” anymore, but it is still very much a part of my life and Yow Yow!

My first night wouldn’t have been complete without a meal from the Nordstrom Cafe with Ashley. Confused by what our meal should be, we opted for a child’s pasta and Creme Brulee. How adult of us. ^^

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Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2013

This is a pretty healthy mix that I am happy with. This is probably one of my favorite posts to compile every year because I am always so interested in seeing what readers are drawn to the most. I’m not able to get a whole lot of stats from WordPress or the stats that I mainly need, but I’m so thrilled to know that two of our interview posts were a top read this year. Working with both Hollis and Molly was  such a treat!

  1. Meet: Hollis Wong-Wear (Yes, this too is one of my favorite posts!)
  2. 2013 Golden Globe Awards
  3. 5 Reasons Why I Love the Mariners Bearded Cap
  4. Is Ballard Becoming the Next Capitol Hill?
  5. Emma Watson for GQ UK May
  6. U.S. Map of Highest Paid Public Employees in Each State
  7. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
  8. The Names of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
  9. Meet: Molly Young
  10. Coachella 2013 Street Style
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Kuma Coffee

For years now I’ve worked hard on getting to know Seattle via its coffee. From Stumptown to Caffe Vita to Herkimer, Seattle’s coffee choices do not disappoint. I’m happy to say I’ve recently discovered another local coffee roaster!

Kuma Coffee can be found in Ballard with owner Mark Barany. Inspired by African coffee after living in Kenya for several years, the blends are direct and fair trade. Mark makes it a point to be present with his clients and I absolutely recommend checking Kuma Coffee out based on their attention to relationships alone, and of course, the quality coffee.

After having an Americano with their beans, it’s safe to say, I’m a major fan already.

To find out more information about Kuma, check out their site here.

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Free Labor Day Burgers On The Hill

Happy 2nd Birthday Li’l Woody’s! How are you all celebrating the last day of the long weekend? If you’re looking for some grub today, make sure to stop by Li’l Woody’s on Capitol Hill OR in Ballard for your free burger from 2-5PM. I can’t think of a better way to end this weekend, can you?


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Blog Roundup

We only do blog roundups when there is a BIG news day!

photo cred | SF Station

The Mayer Hawthorne Burger returns to Umami Burger for the upcoming album release. [Source]

HBO buys “Girls” actress Lena Dunham a new pair of underwear every day when she is on set. [Source]

6 Quirky things to do in Seattle! [Source]

A pizza that looks like Anna Wintour’s face!  [Source]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have turned down a $3 million offer for the first photos of their daughter North West to the tabloids. [Source] Are they holding out or do they not have any plans at all to release photos?

Ballard men’s boutique, Blackbird, is closing this Sunday. Say goodbye to the beloved store after nine years with their “beers and tears” party from 5-10PM. [Source]

photo cred | Capitol Hill Seattle

Rancho Bravo breaks into the business of burgers with a new spot called “Freddy’s” replacing the former Grubwich and my personal favorite…Pita Pit on Broadway. RIP. [Source]

The right way to take care of your smartphone battery. [Source]

One of my favorite happy hour spots, Bimbo’s Cantina is now delivering! And it’s free with a $20 order. The question is though…will they deliver my favorite sangria? [Source]

A list of restaurants locals can look forward to in Seattle  this coming year! [Source]

photo cred | Travel and Leisure

America’s coolest distilleries – including Bainbridge Island’s Organic Distillers. [Source]

Weird things start happening in your 20s and how to deal. [Source]

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Warby Parker Class Trip: Seattle


It isn’t often that Veronica and I get to make the trip over to the lovely Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, but when we do, it is quite the treat. After work this evening, we attended the Warby Parker Class Trip event and happily welcomed the New York brand to our city. At Hilliard’s Brewery, we accidentally missed the music (La Luz – our apologizes) but nommed on some delicious sliders from the Curb Jumper food truck. I’m not exactly sure what that second slider was made out of – probably pulled pork and Asian slaw – but it was the best thing I’ve eaten all week. The event was packed with all of Seattle’s favorite hipsters – everyone dressed so much better than us – and lots of pretty frames of course! The bus was incredible. We wished we had one ourselves.

Warby Parker will be in Seattle until July 7th parking their bus for everyone to come visit and exploring our pretty city. Follow their journey here.

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Out on the Town: 4/29

photo cred | Seattle Met

What I love about the Seattle music scene is that everyone is friends with each other and when one band or one artist is going through a tough time, the community comes together to make things right. Recently Kris Orlowski and his band were robbed of their equipment for the third time! I’m not sure if anyone ever realizes this (kind of like how most people don’t understand what a production a concert/music festival can be) but equipment is not cheap. A new music start-up named Ziibra (who we also have been working with!) is hosting a a “We Were Robbed” benefit show for Kris and his band on April 29th at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard with an all-star lineup. At this show, you’ll find sets by Kris Orlowski, Allen Stone, Meagan Grandall (Lemolo), Daniel Blue (Motopony) and quite a few others! Tickets for the show are $10.

Earlier this week a pawn shop was able to track down $80 of their stolen gear so any extra proceeds from the show will go straight towards the non-profit MusiCares.


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Noise For The Needy 2013

Having started my career in music and non-profits, Noise For Needy is an event that I am happy to get behind every year. The initial lineup was officially announced and it is packed with artists and bands that have so much potential. This year’s festival will take place in Ballard venues starting June 20-23rd and all proceeds will benefit the Ballard Food Bank. Below is the initial lineup, but if you’re an artist that still wants to fill a spot, please email booking@noisefortheneedy.org

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Is Ballard Becoming The Next Capitol Hill?

photo cred | Daily UW

It was just recently that we learned that Capitol Hill’s Skillet Diner would be making the move to Ballard this summer season and now two more Capitol Hill establishments are moving in! Burger shop Li’l Woody’s and our favorite Molly Moon’s are expanding their shops to the lovely neighborhood of Ballard. I’m quite fond of Capitol Hill, naturally, after living their for four years and while I can sometimes feel very prideful over my neighborhood, I think the expansion will make all parties involved pretty happy! My logic is this. I am love with Seattle. Capitol Hill and Ballard are both neighborhoods in Seattle. Why not share the love?

I’ve never eaten at Li’l Woody’s, but I’ve heard great things. If this makes it easier for Seattle locals to enjoy their favorite places a little bit closer to them then I’m all for it. I adore Ballard, actually. It’s such a charming neighborhood and the one time I spent a night out there with Jennie, Ashley, and Henry, I only remember great memories.


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Out on the Town: 3/4 and 3/5

One of my favorite Seattle bands – Pickwick – is throwing down two free shows this week! To prepare them for their new album release Pickwick will be performing at Easy Street Records in West Seattle on March 4th at 7PM and at Sonic Boom Records on March 5th at 6PM. These two events are sure to be packed so arrive early otherwise you might miss out. Their first full-length album, Can’t Talk Medicine, will be released on March 12th. As if they didn’t have enough exciting news coming their way with these shows and their album, Pickwick has also landed the coveted spot of performing on the Mariners’ Opening Day April 8th. In previous years, Death Cab For Cutie and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have had that same privilege.


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Noise For The Needy 2013 Seeking Performers

Hi readers!

If any of you are in a local Seattle band or know of someone who is, make sure you pass on the word to them that Noise For The Needy is searching for performers for their event occurring June 20th-22nd. The event will take place in several Ballard venues including the Tractor Tavern, Connor Byrnes and Sunset. There will also be a new outdoor venue this year with a beer garden! Moving on up…!

Some amazing bands have been a part of Noise For The Needy both local and mainstream – so if you’re interested in being a part of the performances, be sure to send an email to booking@noisefortheneedy.org


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In the News…


photo cred | The Man Repeller

- Bloggers are making their mark on the world! The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine will be releasing a new book slated for next year. [Source]

- Pinterest puts their foot down when it comes to thinspiration images on their website. [Source]

- Could H&M be on the verge of launching a luxury brand? [Source]


Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

- The lyrics slay me.

- Britney Spears is joining X Factor y’all! [Source]

- Maroon 5′s new album “Overexposed” will be released in June. [Source]

- A new MGMT record will be released this September! [Source]

- Australian music group, Jet, has decided to part ways. [Source]

- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their second album together by the end of the year. [Source]


- A Hunger Games vacation. [Source]

- JJ Abrams isn’t letting anyone see Star Trek 2 before it comes out! [Source]

- The Weinstein Company has decided to retaliate against the MPAA and will release the new documentary, “Bully,” as unrated. [Source]

- Direct R.J. Cutler (The September Issue) will direct yet another fashion-based film. [Source]


- We said goodbye to one of my favorite series, Skins. [Source]

- Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle is going under the knife. [Source]

- Mike “The Situation” has checked into rehab for prescription pills and alcohol. [Source]

- 30 Rock will do another live episode next month. [Source]

- Lifetime has pulled a controversial episode of Dance Moms featuring the young girls as little showgirls. [Source]

- Jo Rivera from Teen Mom 2 attempts a rap career. [Source]

- Here’s a first look at AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. [Source]

- Camille Grammer is not returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Source]

- ABC Family has picked up the network rights to The Hunger Games – will air in 2014. [Source]

- Jimmy Kimmel will host the Emmy’s! [Source]


- Everyday Music has officially moved across the street. [Source]

- Ballard burger spot, The Counter, has closed. [Source]

- A store I recently discovered while in San Francisco, Bevmo, will open up two locations in Washington in Silverdale and Tacoma. Um…I think they really meant Seattle, but that’s not happening. [Source]

- Seattle Restaurant Week begins April 8th! [Source]

- There is a Vintage Wedding Fair going down this weekend. Swoon swoon swoon. [Source]


- Miami Heat show their support for Trayvon Martin. [Source]

- Jason Russell’s naked meltdown was because of a brief reactive psychosis. [Source]

- Tori Spelling is pregnant again. [Source]

- Kim’s flour shower. [Source]

- Megan Fox has spent $60K + on plastic surgery. [Source] Yikes.

- Hilary Duff gave birth to son Luca last week.

- Khloe Kardashian turns her back on PETA after her sister’s incident. [Source]

- VS Angel Adriana Lima is also pregnant. [Source]

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Weekend In Review:

[Don't Call the Cops]

Over the weekend, my friends and I ventured over to Ballard for the SXSW Send Off Show at the Tractor Tavern where we got to preview a couple of the bands that will be performing at the festival in March. After living in Capitol Hill for the past four years, all of us have sort of became too comfortable in our own little neighborhood that we rarely explore anywhere else. For us, Ballard was a completely new experience. The crowd over there is much older than what we’re used to being around and reminds me of a rowdier and busier Bellingham. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t still enjoy ourselves because we definitely did. Before going to the show, we made the rounds at Conor Byrne and a place called Macleod’s.

My friend Liz had recommended Conor Byrne to me over the summer because they have a great open mic sesh on Sunday nights and we thought it might be a good fit for Taylor. At the time, I didn’t actually know it was a bar, I just thought it was an open mic event. While we were there, Henry, Jennie, and Ashley snagged some sandwiches for $5 that they were pretty pleased with and our favorite hard cider. As we were there, the band was setting up for Soul Night! Unfortunately, we left before the party got started.

Our next stop was just a block down the street from Conor Byrne. Jennie and I wanted to pick a random place, but nothing seemed perfect for us. Macleod’s was right on the corner though and it seemed busy, but not overcrowded. THIS place has some incredible drinks. I just did a little bit of digging and found out that the Scottish pub is actually new in Ballard as of December, but it is a place that we will all need to come back to and one that I would recommend to all of you. I can’t seem to find a website for it or remember the drink that I had, but it’s a cocktail. It’s red and it has amaretto in it and maybe lemon. I’m like 72% sure of it.

[The Young Evils]

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Fairline Review 4/9

(taken from the Crackberry)

It was such a treat to be able to finally catch Fairline perform after missing two of their previous shows. I went into Q Cafe w/ no expectations. I had heard that lead singer Nathaniel used to be a part of Ivory – but other than listening to their demos, I knew nothing.

Wanita and I almost missed their set because we kept missing the turn for the cafe and drove over the bridge in Ballard nearly five times! The cafe was crowded and there definitely wasn’t anywhere to sit except for two chairs right in front  of the stage that were open, which we snagged of course.

So let me tell you about Fairline:

I felt so confined to my seat during the entire set. The band invited everyone in the audience to get up and dance, but that just was not going to happen in that setting and atmosphere that we were in. That was all I wanted to do and had it been any other place, I probably would have. The band has only been around since January or so. Typically with new bands, it is obvious that they are new. With Fairline, there were no blunders – no mess ups – they looked like they were pros and that they had been doing this for a very long time. Honestly, they did incredible things with their music that I had never even seen before. Every song made me creep closer and closer to the edge of my seat.

Also, I have such a soft spot for bands that dress the part. I think it’s great when bands show that they have some kind of character and personality as opposed to just a band t-shirt and jeans. The guys of Fairline looked like they walked straight off the runway of a Band of Outsiders showing.

At the end of the show, Wanita and I were recapping and reflecting on our thoughts when she turned to me and said, “They have the kind of package that a band normally wouldn’t have established until later in their career.” That, to us, is quite impressive.

I am so excited about Fairline and what is to come and I cannot wait to work with them because they seem like genuinely nice guys. It has been a long time since I have seen a new band in Seattle rise with this kind of momentum behind them and with this much potential.

They will be playing at the Hard Rock Cafe on May 14th.

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