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Capitol Hill Block Party 2014 Partial Lineup


When I learned that the partial lineup would be released this morning, I had my laptop in… lap at 8:55 AM ready to go and not willing to miss a thing. The partial lineup isn’t the entirety, but it’s enough to hold us over and give us a tease of what’s to come. By the looks of it, if these are the names they are releasing now, then the rest of the lineup will surely not disappoint. I saw both Chromeo and Matt and Kim at the former Street Scene San Diego Festival years ago and have been itching to catch a performance of theirs ever since. I also was able to catch Beat Connection at Bumbershoot this year as a last minute filler to their lineup and am so excited about all of their new material.

Not bad Capitol Hill… but don’t make us wait too much longer for the rest. We’ll be waiting.

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Goodbye Piecora’s

The Capitol Hill that I had the opportunity to experience back in college is not the Capitol Hill it is today. When I first learned about the closing of the pizza place in my university’s neighborhood, I was instantly reminded of that Boy Meets World episode where Cory returns to his hometown to find that the restaurant he frequented – Chubbie’s – had undergone a complete renovation. It wasn’t the same and in a weird way it completely turned pirate themed. Piecora’s was a huge part of the Seattle University community. We always worked with them for events and they were so happy to work with us! I could always count on them for a slice of their amazing veggie pizza, salad, and spumoni. I still remember a night in college where I had given up on studying and dragged my then roommate – Anna with me so that I could get my fix.

Piecora’s has decided to sell to a developer – Equity Residential for $10.29 million. It’s interesting because Equity is one of the largest owners of apartments and was my home for two years. Piecora’s has been living at their E Madison location for 30 years and will close for good on Tuesday, April 15th.

I’m really going to miss this place.


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A Map of Hip America

Some may call it a nightmare or annoying to have lived in a hipster nation for four years, but can I just say – I loved every second of it? The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is one place that I cannot shut up about. My only qualm with it recently is all the basic people that have started to overrun it around the time when I left. I’m a music snob and I’m somewhat of a hipster snob, unfortunately. At the end of January (good lord, it has taken me about a month to write this post) Kevin sent me this Gawker article about where to find neighborhoods like my favorite Capitol Hill all over the country.

Who wants to plan a road trip? I need to be with my people.

Check out the article here! Do you live in any of these places? Are they really that hipster? Did the Gawker do a good job or did they disappoint us?

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The Way Way Back Home

It’s a weird experience to be coming home for the first time. The city that you once had infinite time in is now limited and there’s a little bit of anxiety surrounding it because you want to do everything you can in that time fame, but you always want some time to yourself. There is really no happy medium. I now know what it’s like though to be on the side of it when my friends from out of town would visit and couldn’t see me every time they were here. I don’t think I have ever taken Seattle for granted, but this visit as well as my visit from Thanksgiving has made me appreciate so many of the little things that I once loved about my hometown.

Driving on I-5 into the city with traffic or no traffic is still one of the most peaceful and calming rides that I would choose to take any day especially when it comes to driving North on 280 to San Francisco. The Space Needle is still the prettiest overrated tourist spot in the city but the surrounding skyline is the absolute best. Capitol Hill is just as cool as I left it. The sushi in Seattle trumps the sushi in San Francisco any day.

It may not be “home” anymore, but it is still very much a part of my life and Yow Yow!

My first night wouldn’t have been complete without a meal from the Nordstrom Cafe with Ashley. Confused by what our meal should be, we opted for a child’s pasta and Creme Brulee. How adult of us. ^^

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Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2013

This is a pretty healthy mix that I am happy with. This is probably one of my favorite posts to compile every year because I am always so interested in seeing what readers are drawn to the most. I’m not able to get a whole lot of stats from WordPress or the stats that I mainly need, but I’m so thrilled to know that two of our interview posts were a top read this year. Working with both Hollis and Molly was  such a treat!

  1. Meet: Hollis Wong-Wear (Yes, this too is one of my favorite posts!)
  2. 2013 Golden Globe Awards
  3. 5 Reasons Why I Love the Mariners Bearded Cap
  4. Is Ballard Becoming the Next Capitol Hill?
  5. Emma Watson for GQ UK May
  6. U.S. Map of Highest Paid Public Employees in Each State
  7. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
  8. The Names of McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
  9. Meet: Molly Young
  10. Coachella 2013 Street Style
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Favorites of 2013

Favorite Style Icon: Alexa Chung

This should really come as no surprise. Since Alexa Chung came into my life, I have always been a fan of her outfit choices. I noticed last year, I selected Taylor Swift, but really – Alexa blew her and everyone else out of the water in 2013. With her new book that we are dying to read and collections of hers popping up all over the place, we are looking forward to what she’ll be bringing to the table in 2014.

Runner up: Kiernan Shipka

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Currently Craving:

oddfellows winter

I’ve been really caught up in life in the Bay that I forgot that I would be returning to Seattle soon! I can’t wait to eat at all of my favorite restaurants again including Oddfellows on Capitol Hill. They just unveiled some of their new menu items and I’m itching to try their twist on the classic “avocado toast” (my favorite snack!) and their Golden Beet Salad. YUM. Get in me.


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Ada’s Technical Books 2.0

For years now I’ve hopped in and out of bookstores on epic reading adventures. Whenever I see a new bookstore, I always feel compelled to go in and explore. This time last year I discovered a cute space known as Ada’s Technical Books at the end of Broadway on Capitol Hill.

I’ve been fortunate to become friends with the owners and folks who dedicate their time to providing the neighborhood with a space for the tech community. Offering happy hours, author readings, and many other types of events, I couldn’t recommend Ada’s enough.

Soon,they’ll be moving to a new space up on 15th next to Coastal Kitchen (I also heavily recommend this place) in the next couple of months. If you find yourself hankering for a fire place, good book to read, coffee, and good company, check out Ada’s.

For more details about the move and Ada’s in general,  check out their blog here.

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Currently Craving:

oddfellows gnocchi

If there’s one thing that I have been missing the most about Seattle right now, it is definitely my most frequently visited restaurants back home. My fridge is pathetic and my weekend meals are just so sad haha I am not proud admitting this especially since I’ve been claiming that I am striving to be more of an adult. That’s not happening in the food department. Sometimes a girl just wants her Oddfellows and their gnocchi with roasted mushrooms, arugula, horseradish creme fraiche.


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PARK (ING) Day 2013

photo cred | Holiday Matinee

It’s the last week of summer so make sure you’re spending as much time outdoors as you possibly can! Today just happens to be a great day to be outside because it’s PARK (ING) Day! One day out of the entire year, major cities transform sidewalks to become pop-up parks (if you will.) This year, Seattle will be sprouting parklets for the first time as a part of this movement and I am so incredibly jealous that I can’t be there for it. Parklets first originated and became popular in San Francisco, but the trend has spiraled to cities all over the world. Why is this day so important? It was designed to get people to start thinking about how much public space we dedicate to automobiles and how the space could be used to better foster community.

For the full list of cities participating, click here.


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The Raygun Lounge

 Photo Cred I Flickr

Photo Cred I Flickr

Having walked by it a hundred times and never putting enough effort into finding out what it was, I’ve finally discovered what the vacant space on Pine and Summit is: The Raygun Lounge.

Deemed “Seattle’s geekiest new cafe” by Thrillist, you can find yourself sipping on coffee (soon-to-be alcohol available options) while playing table top games here.

I’m a fan of Capitol Hill night life adventures but a night of games and coffee is just what any Seattle girl needs every now and then.

To find out more about The Raygun Lounge, check out thr full Thrillist article here.

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Music Video of the Day


I am currently right in the middle of the biggest move of my life so I hope you’ll be patient with me as there won’t be very many posts for the next couple of weeks. Regardless, you don’t have to worry about Yow Yow! going anywhere, we just might not be “on top” of the news as we are used to. Today Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released their latest music video for their single “White Walls” and we’re huge fans because

a) it features Hollis Wong-Wear and we pretty much love her here at Yow Yow!

b) it was filmed in Capitol Hill – granted people were at this shoot for hours and less than a minute of it was featured, but it’s still cool because… city pride, right?

c) the group highlighted Dick’s – my favorite burger joint that I will miss moving down the coast.

I feel so lucky and privileged to have worked with all four of these individuals in the past, but mainly Hollis through Yow Yow! and Schoolboy Q through my work in the music industry. It’s amazing to see the four of them together in one video.

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Yung Lenox

This post was written by Cameron Deuel

Alive & Well, Seattle’s premier skateshop quietly tucked between Babeland and Honey Hole, currently has one of the most unique art installations in the city. Their “Parental Advisory” display features artwork by Yung Lenox, a second grader who specializes in paying homage to classic hip hop album artwork for such titles as Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, As Nasty As They Wanna Be by 2 Live Crew, and Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. He also takes on Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Black Flag, as well as a print of Morrissey entitled “Uncle Moz”.

yung lenox

photo cred | The Stranger – Lineout

Based on the video below, you may be led to believe that Lenox is quietly doodling imaginary creations, rather than laboriously taking on intricate rap culture touchstones.

Lenox’s father, Skip Class, is attributed with having a large influence on his son’s artwork.

As Skip said to The World’s Best Ever back in May, “He is my son. I am his dad. If I watch cartoons then he watches cartoons. If I eat pizza then he eats pizza. If I listen to obscure 90′s Memphis rap tapes then he listens to…..you get the idea.”

Chances are pretty great that Lenox’s artistic trajectory is just starting to take off so you would be wise to keep an eye out for his name in the future.

Lenox’s artwork will be up for the rest of September. If you can’t make it out to Alive and Well, check out Yung Lenox’s work here.

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Free Labor Day Burgers On The Hill

Happy 2nd Birthday Li’l Woody’s! How are you all celebrating the last day of the long weekend? If you’re looking for some grub today, make sure to stop by Li’l Woody’s on Capitol Hill OR in Ballard for your free burger from 2-5PM. I can’t think of a better way to end this weekend, can you?


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The Weekend: 5 Things


My weekend started a little bit earlier this week! Since I had some extra time, I decided to have a last date with myself in downtown Seattle. BCBG Max Azria has always been home to some of my favorite cocktail dresses. As soon as my eyes glazed over this one, a part of me wanted to purchase it right there on the spot. It’s a wallet breaker for sure, but the lace detail and leather skirt attached to it is a dream. It looks so much better in person than the photograph on their website.


We had one of our last Yow Yow! meetings at Cafe Pettirosso this week. It was my first time stepping foot into this place and I was amazed by how big it was inside. It’s really a gorgeous space.

bride groom

If you’re ever looking for the perfect place to buy greeting cards, stop by Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill. These cards made me so proud to live in a city like Seattle. Also, this picture is fitting because I had a complete wedding weekend! With a wedding reception and a wedding assisting gig, I was kept busy.


The wedding reception I attended this weekend had an entire dessert table with goodies and four different kinds of “Cakes in a Jar!”


There are so many reasons to love weddings, but one of them is being reunited with old friends.

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