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Thought Catalog Roundup

Something that really excites me about these posts every week (and I’ll only say it one time and one time only) is that if there is ever an inappropriate title, I will try to disguise it in the best way I know how. Now you know my secret! Some friends of mine have recently been telling me that these Thought Catalog roundups are a favorite of theirs on Yow Yow! because not only are they interesting reads written by 20-somethings, but they also help my friends find perspective in their own lives. And hey! They help me too so I’m glad that we are all mutually benefiting from this. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone!

PS I also forgot to mention last week that when I select these posts, I also like to choose ones that are kind of controversial. You’ll know it when you read it!

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Katie’s Favorites of 2012

Favorite Style Icon: Taylor Swift

T. Swift has seriously stepped her game in 2012. Yes, she’s still sticking to the neutral colored dresses – but hey! That’s okay. It works for her. Taylor Swift is really just doing all the right things when it comes to her style these days and it helps that there are a handful of fabulous designers throwing their pieces at her. It’s awesome. I, of course, am jealous.

Runner Up: Michelle Obama / Kate Middleton

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Thought Catalog Roundup

It was a good week for Thought Catalog writing

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Internet University

When I was in high school, we had a spirit day in the spring that was called “Wear your future college’s sweatshirt” Day. It was all sorts of pretentiousness, but at 18 – we didn’t care. Heck – we were proud to be showing off where we were all going and it was a very quick way of finding out information even if you knew you were never going to talk to that person. Ever. You still don’t. And that’s why we have Facebook.

Well, the internet sweatshirt was created because – let’s be honest here – the majority of our learning has come from the internet. Research papers, presentations, defining words…yeah I don’t pull out the Webster anymore, I just pull up Dictionary.com. (I’m just kidding, my teachers were great!) But seriously… the internet was great too.


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Song of the Day

College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero

Have you guys seen the movie Drive yet? I recently watched it over the holidays and probably fell more in love with the soundtrack than the movie itself!

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Free UW HUB concert on the Lawn

I could’ve sworn I did this post this morning.

Built to Spill and Ra Ra Riot will be performing. The concert will run from 3-7 PM and it is absolutely free.

Built to Spill sounds like Death Cab and Ra Ra Riot reminds me of The Kooks.

If you’re not from UW and you don’t care for those bands you may not want to make the trip but if you’re already at UW you might as well!

The lineup isn’t as good as last years, (Blue Scholars, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Minus The Bear) but I am awfully fond of my Seattle bands!

In comparison, I think Seattle University’s Quadstock with headliner Talib Kweli totally owns UW this year.

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It’s the month of music and festivals

Sasquatch. Folk Life. Seattle University’s Quadstock. University of Washington’s free concert on the HUB are all occurring in the month of May.

Seattle’s summer music festivals Capital Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot are releasing more of their lineup during this time.

Therefore, I give you this new header for May.

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