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Blog Roundup

- 10 Things We Learned at Fashion Week. 1. In America, we plan on having a summer. [GQ]

- 10 Dangerous Works of Architecture [Flavorwire]

- What’s it like to be a bike messenger in NYC? [BuzzFeed]

- Burger King Japan made something called a black burger and we don’t think cheese should be that color. [Grubstreet]

- F**ktionary – the new Cards Against Humanity that everyone will be talking about [Cool Material]

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Rock Stars Before and After a Performance

When I was more involved with music back in the day, I was used to seeing this sweaty transformation as seen above. It’s funny because you go into a show and you’re standing next to a gaggle of groupies oggling the musicians – the whole time I’m just thinking – seriously, just wait until you see them afterwards. It ain’t pretty. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed seeing this photo series entitled “Before/After” done by music photographer Brandon Anderson. I also think it’s quite interesting to see the comparison of both a soft and hard look that is visible in the before and after shots. In the before, the musicians look calm and at ease with themselves while the after shots show the musicians looking very hard and rugged.


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This or That: Reusable Water Bottle

When I was a very young and innocent freshman, I went on a field trip with my History of Costume Design class to an evening play. The girl that I had been sitting to (who was the sweetest gem) pulled out a bottle from her bag and stealthily put her mouth over the mini tube. Was she sipping? Breathing? It was awfully dark. I later came to the conclusion that it was not a vaporizer and that it was just a Camelback water bottle. Now, it’s silly to think that these two things could be mistaken for what they really are, but I had never seen a Camelback before and I clearly didn’t know what kind of college I was at.

When I stumbled across this overly trendy waterbottle designed by Memobottle, I knew I had to write a post about it – if not for the product itself – at least my anectdote. The reusable waterbottle not only comes in glass, but also metal and plastic. I mean do you really want to be carrying a glass water bottle around with you? Landmine. Except for those Bkr ones – those are pretty qt.

These waterbottles are totally our future.


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Blog Roundup

- J.K. Rowling gives us a summer read by continuing Harry Potter’s story [Source] / I can’t see it because I refuse to make an account

- 70 of the most useful websites on the internet / oh man all in one place!

- The best music of 2014 so farreally not a bad list to be listening to right now

- The 12 best monthly deliveries / for guys I guess

- A running of the bulls is coming to the Bay Area / wut

- Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are apparently expecting a child together / so…no hope for Ryan and Rachel then?

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Blog Roundup

- What the biggest companies are from each state [Gizmodo]

- America’s coolest rooftop bars [Travel and Leisure] whoo Seattle!

- 10 menswear blogs every guy should know [Cool Material] I’m reading them too!

- 12 menswear Instagrammers to follow [Cool Material]

- Dov Charney to sue American Apparel [Refinery29]

- All the jobs and the money you can be making in them – a chart! [Vox]

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Blog Roundup

- Garden State gets its own vinyl [Prefix Mag]

- American Apparel’s CEO Dov Charney gets fired [The New York Times]

- 13 Summer movies every guy should see [Cool Material]

- A photo series of “What the World Eats” [Trendland]

- Free outdoor movie screenings all over the Bay Area [Thrillist]

- How to set a table in 10 seconds

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Blog Roundup

- The Burger Bucket List [Cool Material]

- SF hotel pools you can maybe sneak into [Thrillist]

- Quick fix: your dried-up mascara [The Beauty Department]

- 31 awesome graduation caps [Buzzfeed]

- Facebook multimillionaire explains why adversity is good for kids and her success story [Dallas News]

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100 Best Places to Eat

Think you’ve got it all figured out as a “foodie?” Yelp, just released their list of 100 Best Places to Eat and yes, I’m hungry and yep, I’m up for the challenge. It’s easy to select a food spot based off of the reviews found on Yelp, but for this list, their engineers and went through all of their data to come up with the best list. We don’t like to argue against numbers. Additionally, the list “takes into account both ratings and amount of reviews to showcase places that are both popular and delicious.” Here are the top 10 to kick things off:

1. Da Poke Shack (Kailua-Kona, HI)

2. Paseo (Seattle, WA)

3. Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ (Kansas City, KS)

4. The Cinnamon Snail (New York, NY)

5. Porto’s Bakery (Burbank, CA)

6. Dametra Cafe (Carmel by the Sea, CA)

7. Alinea (Chicago, IL)

8. Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX)

9. Gary Danko (San Francisco, CA)

10. Joe’s Falafel (Los Angeles, CA)

HOORAY – Paseo’s at number 2! I’ve never actually eaten there, but everyone that has ever eaten there has told me that is the absolute best.


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Poquito Wood Wallet

I can imagine that one of the best things about being a guy is having a pretty minimalistic lifestyle. A wallet like this for women would never suffice (as much as we would want to believe we could make it work.) but it’s perfect for just about every guy I know and for that I am infinitely envious. There are plenty of wallets out right now made out of wood and are as slim as this one, but this specific one looks really really good. To learn more and to make a purchase, click here.

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Let’s Talk About Tie Bars

If there’s a men’s accessory that I swoon over the most, it would have to be the tie bar. It’s funny though, isn’t it? Because it is the smallest thing in the world, but yet can have such a huge impact on one’s outfit. There is something about the tie bar  that keeps a whole look put together and as discovered on Cool Material yesterday, I have become a fan of this one by Ellsworth & Clyde. It is not only reversible, but its reverse side allows it to be another size. Most of their tie bars are constructed out of premium leather and and hand-selected woods.

What are you waiting for guys? Get to buying!


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Just In Time For Movember

I’m really happy with the blogs I try to read daily for inspiration on Yow Yow! As girly as Yow Yow! can get sometimes, I really enjoy having our dose of guy posts as well especially from Cool Material. They recently wrote a post for this product this week called Soft Goat which consists of three pads to soften and tone down the harshness of your facial hair. The hypoallergenic pad will round out the edges of your stubble without doing any harm to the skin underneath. Is this not perfect for Movember? Guys, consider your girls here. Get the Soft Goat.


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The Pumpkin Tap Kit

It’s around this time of year that everyone basically becomes obsessed with pumpkin everything. I stumbled across this Pumpkin Tap Kit last night on Cool Material and thought that one of you might find a use for it. Guys, are you looking for a seasonal DIY project for yourself? Take yourself to the patch, pick up a pumpkin, gut it out and insert this tap. Fill the pumpkin with your favorite beer and earn yourself the title as an awesome entertainer because who else is going to have a pumpkin tap kit like this one?! No one.

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How To Wear Your Backpack

When I was still in college, I used to look forward to writing “Back to School” posts every fall! However, after I graduated I think I told y’all that I was ending those because I was no longer going to be a student. It was a good Yow Yow! move I think, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce every once in a while. I came across this infographic on Cool Material and thought it was relevant for the back-to-school season.



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I don’t have too many guy friends who will admit that they love dessert as much as women do. Really, when’s the last time you heard your guy order a Crème Brûlée without asking if you wanted dessert first? Exactly. Guys love dessert, but don’t feel like they can open up about it unless maybe it’s a masculine dessert. Cool Material is one of my favorite blogs for guys because it always provides me with a little bit of extra insight into what guys may be looking for in terms of food and products. I once favorited their post on a list of desserts just for men and now I wanted to share this one with you about a dessert product called PubCakes.

PubCakes is a set of dry cake mixes designed with specially made craft beer including Chocolate Stout, Belgian Spice, Cocoa Porter, and Vanilla Ale. YUM! Girls can have a bite of these cupcakes too, right?


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Notebook Beard

I’m not sure how I would function in my day-to-day life without notebooks. I use them for everything and I am always slightly amused when I come across really creative ones like this bearded one! As soon as I saw it, I imagined myself holding it up to my mouth just like this in some public place like the airport just to mess with people. Beards to me are quite silly; it’s a strange fascination to have.


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