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Every State’s Favorite Sandwich


Of course, Washington would land with the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich. This infographic is pretty tiny, so make sure you click the photo above for a more enlarged version.

Or you can click here.



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Where Do People in SF Come From?


The best part about living in the Bay Area is that when you go out and meet people along the way, you always learn that the people that you’re speaking with are never really from San Francisco. People living in the city are from all over the place and the ways in which they were brought here are even more interesting to learn about. I’m not surprised that Seattle, WA is number two on this list of where most people are coming from because the two cities are quite similar. It’s interesting to see how the range of locations varies though. Las Vegas and Nevada seem vastly different.


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San Francisco in 23 Pieces

I came across this print by a local artist and illustrator named Lisa Congdon on The Bold Italic today and thought it was a perfect post for Yow Yow! How cute is this? According to her, these are the 23 items that make San Francisco the city that it is. Want it? It’s only selling for $20!

I wonder what 23 items would best represent Seattle…


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Conversations From 20-Somethings

What’s in a first date?

After a week of being sick, I finally made my way out of my home last night for a drive up to the city for dinner and drinks with some pretty great company. The best part about moving to another nearby major city is that people you know are ALWAYS visiting and honestly – nothing makes me happier. My brother’s friend Ryan was in town earlier this week and through this weekend from Seattle and he brought with him two friends – one also living in Seattle (Neal)  and the other in New York (Blake) – all of us working within tech. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a “Conversation From 20-Somethings” post, but these are some of my favorites.

As we’re dining over our six plates at Nopalitos, the topic of relationships naturally comes up (doesn’t it always?)

“A first date is always coffee or drinks, but NEVER a meal.” – Blake (while Ryan agrees)

“Wait, I never look at coffee as a first date. In fact, that’s kind of like the express lane to friend zoning, isn’t it? Or just indicating something…friendly and casual.”

“No, the great thing about coffee or drinks is that there’s not a whole lot of commitment there. When you get dinner, you are committing to an hour or more of your time with this person regardless of whether or not you know it’s going to go well.”

“For a girl, when a guy says dinner – that’s a date. When it’s coffee or drinks it gets lost in translation or it’s not clear.”

“If I ask a guy on a date for coffee or drinks I just say, ‘let me buy you a drink.’ That’s a date. I don’t have to actually say, ‘this is a date.’

So readers, I’m so curious, how do you determine a first date? Are you okay with coffee being a first date option? For the record, I’d like to share that the one time I went on a coffee date, I considered this pre-dating before the dating and that while I believe when someone asks you to dinner that that is a date, I used to always revert to coffee or drinks first because I just didn’t particularly like going out to dinner as a first date. College me didn’t know anything about dating. Current me still doesn’t know that much.

Edit: I’ve never been on a dinner date where I didn’t know the person pretty well. So that’s where Blake and I kind of came to terms on that. I am in agreement with him though that maybe if I didn’t know someone or recently met them, drinks and coffee are a much safer bet.

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The 2014 Golden Globe Winners

Was anyone else a little bit surprised by some of the winners? I was thrilled that Her had won Best Screenplay, but I had no idea that American Hustle would be that good. Also, I’ve heard that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an entertaining show, but how you gonna rob Modern Family like that?!

Best TV Series, Drama
Breaking Bad 
Downton Abbey
The Good Wife
House Of Cards
Masters Of Sex

Best TV Series, Comedy
The Big Bang Theory
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation

Best Actress In A TV Series, Drama
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black
Taylor Schilling, Orange Is the New Black
Kerry Washington, Scandal
Robin Wright, House of Cards

Best Actress In A TV Series, Comedy
Zooey Deschanel, New Girl
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Lena Dunham, Girls
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Best Actor In A TV Series, Drama
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
Michael Sheen, Masters of Sex
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
James Spader, The Blacklist

Best Actor In A TV Series, Comedy
Jason Bateman, Arrested Development
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Michael J. Fox, The Michael J. Fox Show
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Actor, Mini-Series Or TV Movie
Matt Damon, Behind the Candelabra
Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Dancing on the Edge
Idris Elba, Luther
Al Pacino, Phil Spector

Best Actress In A Mini-Series Or TV Movie
Helena Bonham Carter, Burton and Taylor
Rebecca Ferguson, White Queen
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Coven
Helen Mirren, Phil Spector
Elisabeth Moss, Top of The Lake

Best Supporting Actress In A Series, Mini-Series, Or TV Movie
Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge
Janet McTeer, The White Queen
Hayden Panettiere, Nashville
Monica Potter, Parenthood
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Best Supporting Actor In A Series, Mini-Series, Or TV Movie
Josh Charles, The Good Wife
Rob Lowe, Behind the Candelabra
Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Corey Stoll, House of Cards
Jon Voight, Ray Donovan

Best TV Mini-Series or Movie
American Horror Story: Coven
Behind the Candelabra 
Dancing on the Edge
Top of the Lake
White Queen

Best Actor In A Motion Picture, Comedy Or Musical
Christian Bale, American Hustle
Bruce Dern, Nebraska
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street
Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis
Joaquin Phoenix, Her

Best Supporting Actor In A Motion Picture
Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips
Daniel Bruhl, Rush
Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave
Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Drama
Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
Sandra Bullock, Gravity
Judi Dench, Philomena
Emma Thompson, Saving Mr. Banks
Kate Winslet, Labor Day

Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Comedy Or Musical
Amy Adams, American Hustle
Julie Delpy, Before Midnight
Greta Gerwig, Frances Ha
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Enough Said
Meryl Streep, August: Osage County

Best Supporting Actress In A Motion Picture
Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave
Julia Roberts, August: Osage County
June Squibb, Nebraska

Best Motion Picture, Comedy Or Musical
American Hustle 
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Actor In A Motion Picture, Drama
Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave
Idris Elba, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips
Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
Robert Redford, All Is Lost

Best Director, Motion Picture
Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity
Paul Greengrass, Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave
Alexander Payne, Nebraska
David O’Russell, American Hustle

Best Motion Picture, Drama
12 Years a Slave 
Captain Phillips

Best Screenplay 
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle

Best Foreign-Language Film
Blue is the Warmest Color
The Great Beauty 
The Hunt
The Past
The Wind Rises

Best Animated Feature 
The Croods
Despicable Me 2

Best Original Song 
“Atlas,” Hunger Games: Catching Fire
“Let It Go,” Frozen
“Ordinary Love,” Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
“Please Mr. Kennedy,” Inside Llewyn Davis
“Sweeter Than Fiction,” One Chance

Best Original Score 
Alex Ebert, All Is Lost
Alex Heffes, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
Steven Price, Gravity
John Williams, The Book Thief
Hans Zimmer, 12 Years a Slave

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“The Drop Box” Documentary

I really hate to start off everyone’s week with a depressing post, but at the same time I think it’s so important to share with everyone. “The Drop Box” documentary follows Pastor Lee and his organization as they strive to save abandoned babies in Korea. This has become a pretty frequent occurrence within the country which led Pastor Lee to creating a baby box for women to drop off their unwanted babies anonymously off of the street. Of course, they hope and pray that this doesn’t ever happen, but unfortunately, it does. This is absolutely heartbreaking, but Pastor Lee and his team are doing something amazing. I hope this documentary gets more buzz because it really deserves it.

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Average Number of Kisses

When I was 13, I became a huge fan of my favorite ABC Family television film Lucky 7. Have any of you seen it? Basically the synopsis is this…when Amy was a little girl, her mother created for her a timeline before she died outlining the life that Amy might have which includes studying abroad, running for student council president, and having seven boyfriends. The 7th boyfriend was ultimately the one that she would marry, but Amy had thought she had found Mr. Perfect at number 6 so she was finding herself to be in somewhat of a dilemma.

While blogging this morning, I stumbled across a very interesting read about the average number of kisses a woman will have before finding her life partner. Among the stats are how many sexual partners they will have and one night stands (which okay, isn’t that important.) Anyways, I thought it would share because it reminded me of my old time favorite film and while it isn’t spot on – it’s pretty darn close.

According to a study conducted by eHarmony, women will lock lips with 15 people before finding Mr. or Mrs. right. Moreover, both sexes will go on four terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dates. Women are likely to get stood up once before finding forever love, and men will be stood up twice. The average woman will have four one-night stands, while the average guy will have six. Women will have sex with seven partners, while men will have sex with ten partners before finding the person they want to marry.

All of this average talk refers to the 2,000 British adults eHarmony polled. But, do you find it to be true? There might be only one way to find out. (Hypervocal)

What does everyone think? Is this accurate for you at all?

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The Verge: 50

One of my favorite things about the end of the year is seeing the round-up posts that are circulating on the internet. I know that most people feel kind of overwhelmed or exhausted by it, but the year flies by so fast and often times we miss things – crucial things – or we glaze over an event that really should have deserved more of our attention.

The Verge compiled a list of 50 public figures that have played an important role in 2013 and they come from a wide variety of industries – celebrities, CEO’s, techies, etc. In addition to just being pretty informative overall, the slideshow is visually pleasing.

Check it out here.

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No Internet Week

I really enjoyed watching this documentary on my lazy Sunday today. It’s only 13 minutes, but as we’re living in a time period currently where so many people have hard time disconnecting, it’s something I can relate to. All of my work is online. I spend 80% of my day doing emails at work and when I get home, I run this blog and I definitely can’t post from paper and pen. I think the most I’ve ever gone without the internet was a day or two at the most. Even when I was traveling in Japan, I had access to internet through my hotel. It’s pretty amazing to see these 5 individuals give it up especially since their professions are all about it and I realized that the struggles they face are ones that I would face if put in the same situation. The fear of missing out on something is HUGE. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but I blame it on feeds. I am glued to the feeds on my social network and even if the blogs I read don’t have one, I will rewind all the way back to the last post I read for fear of missing out on content that I could use as inspiration to write a blog post here.

It’s a hard cycle, man. It was an informative doc though so if you have some time to spare, I recommend watching it.


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Pantene | Labels Against Women Advertisement

This Pantene commercial from the Philippines sparked up quite the buzz yesterday and has even gone viral because of Sheryl Sandberg’s (Facebook COO) tweet about it. Though this advertisement is from a beauty product, it’s sort of speaking volumes as to how labels are being used in the work environment and how men and women can behave the same way, but still be labeled as different things. Why is a male leader called a boss while a female is considered bossy? The commercial brings up several comparisons and that’s why it is such a powerful watch.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!


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What Does Home Mean To You?

For nearly five years, we’ve been covering projects on Yow Yow! and while we’ve seen a shortage in them recently, they are still some of my favorite posts to write about. Keep in mind that I got into the business of Yow Yow! because I wanted to share things with others. I wanted to talk about things that were happening outside of the Seattle bubble and in that time we’ve been able to work with The Buried Life, learned about Someone Once Told Me, The Glow, and many others. With the holidays so close,  this project of having people define what “home” means to them seems appropriate. Kim Thomas has traveled all over the U.S. to ask people this question and not only is she getting an interview for the answer, but photographs for support. Questions as general as this one are ones that anyone can answer and one that probably will give you a variety of answers. I’m excited to see the responses.

You can follow Kim’s project here.


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San Francisco Has the Most Attractive Residents

According to Travel + Leisure, San Francisco has the most attractive residents in the U.S. Whoop! How exciting. I thought the number one choice actually would have been Los Angeles so I am only slightly surprised that we took the top spot. While San Francisco is full of pretty people, we definitely don’t top the charts for being the most affordable city to live in landing at #33. We have some work to do y’all. So we don’t win in being cheap, but we are also the most gay-friendly, most intelligent, most tech-savvy (HOBviously) and are home to the best wine bars.


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50 States of Lego

Sometimes I just enjoy writing posts about people who make things with a lot of time on their hands and this is actually one of those posts. Here are our 50 states in Lego form. Above is California while below is Washington!

To view the entire series, click here.

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Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year

The 2013 word of the year is “selfie!” None of us are surprised. If this year could be any theme, this would be it without a doubt. Now, it’s pretty clear that we all know exactly how to take a selfie, but are any of us actually aware of the true definition? The Oxford Dictionary schools us in its literal meaning:

(n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Though we know it as a household name today, the origin of the word “selfie” actually started back in 2002 and since then, it has simply become more commonly used. Since 2012, the use of the word has gone up 17,000%. We really can thank the celebrities for keeping this word alive and kicking.


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Famous Photos Reimagined As Selfies

I’ve had an interest in selfies for a couple of months now. I refuse to take them unless it’s through Snapchat and the one time I actually published a selfie was with with my best friends on Facebook. It was silly. I was trying to investigate a few questions with regards to selfies though- what are people thinking when they take one and how do they expect other people to react. What comes to mind may be an ere of being “self-absorbed,” but then I thought, bloggers do the exact same thing in better form when they post photographs of their outfits. The major difference is that a selfie is much more up close and it’s got those angles. I don’t think I’ll ever come to a conclusion about them, but I suppose I’m okay with that.

Lowe South Africa developed a campaign in which they reimagined famous photos as selfies. As much as I hate the idea, there’s no doubting that these photos are mesmerizing.


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