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Five Favorite Pins: Beautiful Backdrops


I’m currently working on planning a stellar end-of-summer party for my company so naturally my first source of inspiration was to go straight to Pinterest. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good photo booth. When I was organizing events back in Seattle, I was a huge fan of the minimalistic photo booth that allowed people to just download their photos digitally. Props weren’t absolutely necessary. Pulling back a curtain was so old school. Plus, I was a huge fan of a great backdrop. As I search for the perfect photo booth for this event, I’ve come across several backdrops that I’ve just saved to my Pinterest boards that I can’t help, but look at again once more and wish I could recreate myself! If only I had all of the time in the world to DIY…


Florals never go out of style. This backdrop is perfect for any garden party!

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Japanese Food Puns

Here at Yow Yow! we’re suckers for all things that are cute in this world. On a scale of 1-10 these stickers designed by MISoHAPPY of Japanese food puns are a 13. For just $6 you’ll get a set of 7 stickers and we guarantee that anyone that comes across these will love them.

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Airbnb’s New Logo

We’re a little bit late on this because this news was actually revealed last week, but WE didn’t get a chance to really talk about it and now I want to. Airbnb has long been overdue for a makeover so I’m pretty excited to see this new change in them, but – you guys – this logo… are you seeing what I’m seeing? I realize it’s an upside-down heart, but it also looks like… other things. It ain’t wrong, I mean maybe that’s what they wanted – to spark some buzz and conversation, but I can’t help but giggle just a little bit every time I see. Yes, I’m immature.

Here’s some things that I do like about their rebranding though:

  • The fact that their branding video includes a flag on a planet. Space stuff really tugs at my heart strings
  • This video makes me feel warm and fuzzy kind of like a Google commercial
  • Anyone can draw their logo! It’s so easy I bet a toddler could do it.
  • It’s colorful
  • I liked how they were able to do so many things with that little A. It was adorable.
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Kitchensurfing Launches in Seattle

Readers, I am very excited to announce that Kitchensurfing, a company that I blogged about just last month, has officially launched in Seattle as of July 15th! You may or may not remember, but Kitchensurfing is a company that allows you to host the dinner party of your dreams without actually doing all of the work. You actually hire a local chef in your city who will come and prepare a meal for your significant other, friends, or family – ingredients, supplies, and cleaning included for just one price. I know it sounds like it’s too good to be true, but that’s why it is amazing. I am itching to try it out myself, but since I haven’t had the opportunity yet, I’m counting on my Seattle friends to take the plunge first for me!

To learn more, visit their website here. Seattle is the sixth city that Kitchensurfing is opening in.

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Malvi Marshmallows

Truth. I am most hungry when I am browsing the internet for inspiring content. The other day I stumbled upon Malvi marshmallows and was immediately intrigued with what I saw in front of me. First off, these marshmallows are perfectly square AND chunky. They are wedged between two shortbread cookies and come in a variety of very interesting flavors. Flavors that I have never even had in ice cream flavor form. I think that’s sort of like the ultimate test of uniqueness.

  • Raspberry Hibicus
  • Spiked Espresso
  • Vanilla Salted Caramel
  • 80% Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate Malvis

Curious yet? What do we need to do to get our hands on some of these?!

PS: I’ve decided that sweet treats like these make some of the best gifts. I’ve been finding all over blogs recently various companies that make really interesting desserts that you can ship all over and could make for some pretty great surprises on your doorstep.

We’re in love with Malvi.

To view their online shop, click here.

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Argus App

Welp, I’ve set a new record! I have officially had an app for one entire day before deleting it. Over the weekend, my girlfriends told me about a pedometer app called Argus. Since the winter, I’ve been looking for a way to track how active I am during the day – ie) via how many steps I’m taking or how many miles I’m walking just at work. A coworker of mine sent me a couple of pedometers my way that I could purchase and that email is still sitting in my inbox. Then, Jennie and Winny told me about an app they used called Argus. It did exactly what I was looking for and it was free! Today, it notified me that I had walked 6,429 steps! The only downside? It eats up my battery like you wouldn’t even believe. By the end of the day, I was down to a 20% battery life as opposed to the 80% I normally have. I was told from my friends that the reason why it kills your battery is because of the GPS portion of the app tracking your steps. So while I love that this app is the app I’ve been waiting for, I’m afraid I’m not willing to sacrifice my battery life. Goodbye Argus, it was a fun trial for the day! Let me know when you’ve made some updates :)

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Wedding Mondays

Good morning everyone! I’m extremely thrilled to be sharing with you a video of a couple that got married at such a romantic estate in Northern California – the Kohl Mansion. The video highlights some beautiful details from it, but you’ll also want to take a look at the photographs from the Style Me Pretty feature here.


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SoundCloud’s New Berlin Office

In my previous job, I dreamed of the days when I would no longer have to work in a cubicle. Even when I was in finance, I had the privilege of working in an open desk environment. I could literally see nearly every person within my view on my floor. There were no offices for VPs, managers, or the CEO and the reason for that being was because they wanted to establish some kind of equality and a platform for people to be able to share and receive feedback and foster open communication. Cubicles don’t really do that. In fact, all they do is make people hide. I’m super fortunate now that I am back to that open environment again. Before my company moved into the office we are at now, they actually stripped away all of the carpet, broke down a few walls and reconstructed the entire two floors that we own to make it something even better.  So when I learn that other companies are basically doing the same, you can bet that that will catch my attention. Take a look at SoundCloud’s new office in Berlin:

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Prospect Goods

I may not always be the best “maker” or the queen of DIY, but when I see other people making cool things, I want them. I’m a child at heart so I love all things tassels, confetti, pinatas, and noise makers. Confetti System and Geronimo Balloons? Those are right up my alley! I’d want them for every future party I throw and my dream wedding if I could. So when I discovered recently another company that does exactly that, I knew I had to share it with all of you. I discovered Prospect Goods through my Instagram feed and I guess you could say I made a pretty immediate follow decision. Since I’ve started following them, I’ve been glued to their photos more than I would imagine.

Can I just purchase a pinata to use as a decoration? I just want to hang it up in my home.

Actually, this seems to be a reoccurring thing happening for me. I purchased “Ralph” for my birthday to be smashed during my birthday week and today he is still sitting and smiling at me from the desk across.

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I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who would host these monthly dinner parties. I wanted to prepare a menu, have impressive dinnerware and cook up a meal making it look absolutely flawless. I think if any one of my friends have seen me in the kitchen, they would probably say that I am the complete opposite. While browsing the internet last night, I discovered this service called Kitchensurfing that Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest has used. She recently hosted a dinner party of a group of her friends and used Kitchensurfing. The company provides a service that gives you a chef that cooks the meal that you want along with bringing along all of their supplies and cleaning up at the very end. Is this a dream?

To get started, you just need to pick your cuisine and the rest is downhill from there. Kitchensurfing is available in a number of major cities and throughout California.

To learn more about their services, click here to visit their official website.

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Wedding Mondays

I haven’t spent too much time toying with the idea of a destination wedding, but Amy and Michele have made it look flawless. With a destination wedding, I feel like you have the added task of not only planning your perfect day, but getting all of your guests there too! However, I’m betting the perks override the stress factors ie) a gorgeous setting and probably an incredible meal that you just couldn’t get in the states.

I absolutely love this romantic wedding video highlighted by Style Me Pretty.

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Dress Your Tech By DesignLoveFest

When Yow Yow! was first created, we had a completely different layout. I changed the header every month representative of how I was feeling, but mostly because I wanted to see how Yow Yow! would look if constantly changed. With every new month and every new header, I would write a post introducing these things and describing what I was most looking forward to (sort of like how I did earlier today!)

Though we’ve stopped doing that on Yow Yow! I still try to keep up with changing my wall papers on my work laptop every once in awhile and I do it for that same reason. It’s nice to look forward to change and when there is change present, we act a little bit differently than we normally would. It throws off our routine in a good way. That’s why I am a huge fan of Dress Your Tech by DesignLoveFest. Every so often, blogger Bri Emery shares with her readers new desktop wallpapers that are highlighted on her website for you to snag yourself. The one pictured above is my current because of its simplicity and because it’s too perfect for summer. As fall approaches, I’m hoping that Bri will have other inspirations to share with us!

Check out the rest of the wallpapers from this series here.

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C. Lowe by Scarlet & Gold

I am someone that has somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with greeting cards. You won’t find me hoarding them in my home, but I could be posted up in a bookstore, a gift shop, or a boutique just gazing through all of them for longer than the average human. If I were an adult collecting things, greeting cards would probably be it. One of my favorite Bachelor winners Catherine Lowe recently unveiled her new line C. Lowe for Scarlet and Gold including “Lowe Notes” and placemats. I find these to be quite cheeky. And now I want to send them to all my frands! To view all of the products, click here to visit Scarlet & Gold’s online shop.

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Blog Roundup

  • The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter raised $1.5 in less than 24 hours. [Source]
  • Snapchat’s CEO is nailin’ it. [Source]
  • Apple acquires Beats Electronics for $3 Billion. [Source]

  • 25 Things you didn’t know about Boy Meets World [Source]

  • This previous hotel lobby is now a gorgeous 2 Bedroom Loft in Seattle [Source]
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Kids Will Build Sushi

When I was a kid, I just played with Legos, Polly Pockets, Barbies, and was serious collecting Beanie Babies. There was little building in my childhood, but who knows – kids can grow up to be anything these days even sushi chefs! How adorable is this wooden sushi set?! The set was designed by Japanese design firm Plapax and contains 45 wooden pieces. So how much does this cost exactly? Only 7,400 yen. Worth it.


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