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Chef Roy Choi Visits Silicon Valley

Chef Roy Choi paid my office a visit the other day to talk about his new project loc’l with Daniel Patterson and to do a Q&A with my employees and it was awesome. For the last couple of years, I’ve been watching videos on him and his work through Doobybrain the blog that I read on a daily basis and each time I feel like I’m learning so so much not only about what good food really looks like, but why food is important and how it drives him in his work. It felt really special to have him in our office and talking about the things that he’s achieved. I both love and hate these kinds of things because a) it makes me wonder what I’m doing with my own life and then b) I leave these things feeling completely inspired! I’m pretty sure my co-worker and I were messaging each other during this whole talk and saying how we wanted to go change the world after this. I felt like I could especially relate to Roy when he talked about what his childhood looked like with regards to food – always a full fridge and just competely hearty meals prepared every night by our moms. S/o to Moms. His vision for just wanting to feed people is badass. I’m looking forward to trying out some of his food the next time I’m down in LA.

Also, hearing that Roy mentored Jon Favreau while filming “Chef” was super cool. I finally watched the film on Netflix a few weeks back and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Roy Choi

This has to go down for being one of my favorite pictures of all time because hello- I’m the most awkward person ever. Probably a truth – Roy didn’t even know I was in the picture until after the picture was taken. I’m like five seconds away from just peeking out from behind his right shoulder.

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“After Us”

I read a blog called Doobybrain every day and every so often they highlight Wong Fu Production short videos and they’ve always been so so good. “After Us” definitely hits close to home. It reminds me of my own breakups, but also the type of rebuilding after a breakup that we all go through and that I’ve even seen through my own friends and those closest to me. I thought this was very well done.

And after watching the actual video, watch the behind the scenes for how it was all done.

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Some of my favorite things to watch when I’m on the internet are profiles of other people. I owe Herman Yung of Doobybrain a lot for  that. It has always been refreshing to me to see the way people live in so many different areas of the country and the world. It took me 23 years until I left home and lived somewhere for the first time and I just feel constantly inspired by other people’s adventures. It is one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place and boy – has this blog not only introduced me to so many people, but it has connected me and others too. Watching this video of Aubrey tell her story about being a colorist at Bumble and Bumble and juggling motherhood at the same time is a reminder of that.

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Mike Song & Phil Garvin – AlunaGeorge “Attracting Flies” Choreography

Oh boy, I’ve been a huge fan of Mike Song since I first watched him with Kaba Modern on America’s Best Dance Crew. I’m not sure if that entire team is still doing something together, but I like the fact that most of them are still dancing and doing their own side projects. This choreography and remix are amazing.


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New York Ramen Maps

For anyone moving to a new city, a guide can sometimes serve as a very helpful clutch? But what’s more helpful than just a guide of sights? A guide towards your favorite kinds of food. Now I’ve never been to New York City, but I’ve heard that the designers behind this Ramen guide have also created one for burgers and doughnuts in New York City. It’s $8 and somehow I feel like I’d rather use this than stress over Yelp.


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Urinal w/ Built-In Sink

Designed by Kaspars Jursons, the “Tandem” is a combination of a urinal with a built-in sink to give guys a little reminder to wash off before leaving the bathroom. Apparently the only way for the toilet to flush itself is if you wash your hands up top. Quite the concept! And…convenient, right? Do we think this would work in a public restroom though? Doobybrain suggests that this idea may not be the best as the flushing might spray onto the actual faucet…which is GROSS.


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Emma Watson For W Magazine

It’s weird for me to say that I’ve grown up with Emma Watson as an actress, but I have and so have many other people. Her breakout role was as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series and since then she has pretty much proven herself as an actress and as an awesome human being. I watched this video of her yesterday for W Magazine and was impressed by her character. Not only is she very talented, but she is also very smart. I have a great deal of respect for her as an actress and am excited to see how far her career takes her.


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Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Intro

I can never stay up late enough to watch Jimmy Fallon anymore, but I did catch this video of his intro from last week (video game style!) on Doobybrain.

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U.S. map of highest paid public employees in each state

I caught this map on Doobybrain via Deadspin and was a little shocked to find that the highest paid public employee in the majority of our states is a Football Coach. I find it difficult to wrap my head around the fact that athletic coaches are probably making more in their salaries than public officials like your mayor, governor, or senator.


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Meet the 2013 Miss Korea Contestants

In South Korea, plastic surgery is widely accepted and as a result it kind of looks like everyone is going to the same plastic surgeon. These are this year’s Miss Korea contestants and the resemblance between all of them is uncanny. I don’t know what I would think if this ever became the norm over here in the states. While these women are all gorgeous, viewing this photo makes me appreciate the kind of diversity that I have been surrounded by throughout my life.



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11 Ways To Be Unremarkably Average

I love this comic that was shared on Doobybrain. What a great reminder of how quickly life goes by and how standardized decisions can be. It’s kind of a sad truth, but this is the truth for so many people.

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How A Year in New York Will Change You

I have so much admiration for people that can pick up and leave – move away from their home and into a new city. That ish is hard; not that I would know, but … going through college and meeting people in my workplaces, I’ve realized that pretty much everyone around me has done it. Except me. I’ve also decided that someday it will be me. I think about my future – about who will become my new circle of friends, how I will adapt to the weather, but most of all how this will change my style.

Even in the last six months my style has completely changed! From Space Girl to working professional. Adult lyfe. What I would  give to be Space Girl once again. The magazines will tell you that it’s the trends that change your style, but I believe that it’s the experience.

Today, Sartorialist Scott Schuman posted on his blog this amazing transformation of Kara. The first photograph was when Kara was very new to the city and the second is today – one year after.

photo mashup cred | Doobybrain
photo cred | The Sartorialist
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Happy Labor Day Y’all!

and the official end to summer! Sad day, I know. I hope all of you have been having a wonderful weekend so far. Later on this week, probably tomorrow – I’ll be posting my 5 favorite things from this past weekend, but for now I”m getting ready for my annual tradition of attending Bumbershoot, Seattle’s favorite music festival near the Space Needle. It’s about to be a lovely day with little Steph and catching M83, Passion Pit, Hey Marseilles, and a few others.

and now I’m going to leave you with this rad picture of an astronaut in an Apple store.


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Internet Censored At What Price

Google goes to great lengths to protect all of us from inappropriate content on the web. I don’t know about all of you, but I am grateful that I don’t have to hold my breath when making a search on Google or YouTube for fear that I might  come across something that will give me nightmares forever. Believe it or not, there is highly inappropriate content being spread across the web at all times including child pornography, fetishes, and intense violence or death. Why these things exist is beyond me, but I’m glad I don’t have to see it.

In order to make sure that we don’t accidentally stumble across these things, Google hires contractors to monitor the web content. Hooray. The bummer about this is that even though these contractors are doing a job that no one wants, Google refuses to hire them on as full-time employees and fails to provide them with the benefits needed to help support them when they are faced with psychological issues stemming from this position.

I found this interview with one former Google contractor interesting because even in this day and age, there is still a job for everything. There are glamorous jobs that everyone wants, but there are also jobs that no one wants, but still have to get done and it is these people that are constantly overlooked. To all of you, thank you for keeping us safe and thank you for shielding us from the dark side of human nature that exists.


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Bonus Song of the Day (Cover)

I kind of love this cover of Cher Lloyd’s and the Jackson 5’s “Want You Back.”


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