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I feel like I’ve said this before, but the best part about not being in school is being able to purchase new pieces for fall and being able to wear them right away!  When I was growing up, my mom and I would always set aside time for school shopping (obviously, my favorite time of the year) and as soon as I came home with the bags, she would say to me, “Okay, now no wearing these until school start!” At the time, I hated being patient and waiting, but knowing myself and how clumsy I was back then I’m almost sure that I would’ve ruined something before school started. It was great for her to let me build up this anticipation over my clothes. Even though I don’t do this anymore, I still remember it fondly and understand why it was the way it was :)

So today I made some purchases.

I’ve been wanting a vest for awhie now! I used to wear vests similar to this one from Old Navy when I was in elementary school and now I feel like I’m coming around full circle with this vest that is much more sophisticated and from Uniqlo.


Since relocating to California, I’ve been getting a little bit lazy with my outfits and resorting to a much more relaxed look. There’s nothing wrong with that, but jeans and a t-shirt can get a little stale after some time. This fall, I vow to be my old self from college and am hoping to dive back into some of those looks that I loved taking a risk on. I saw this skirt in the display as I was walking by H&M today and I knew that once I got into the store that I had to hunt it down. The high waist, the zipper in the back, the textured pattern – all things that I love.

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards [Arrivals]

Ariana Grande in Moschino top and skirt. This is kind of a hard look for Ariana who is known for her sweet strapless dresses, but this IS her night after all – opening the VMA’s, debuting the music video for “Bang Bang” and releasing her latest album “My Everything” tonight!

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Miranda Kerr for H&M Spring 2014

I feel like I’m so much more inclined to buy some of these outfits just because Miranda Kerr is wearing them and I love Miranda Kerr. I am a basic consumer.

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Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook

In the four years that Yow Yow! has been up and running, we must have posted nearly a hundred different collaborations between brands. First, you’ve got all of your Target collabs, then H&M, and then everything else. Collaborations are the best way to expand your audience because not only does it pose something different for one brand’s fans, but it gives customers the opportunity to branch out and discover the second brand and fall in love with it if they haven’t already. Isabel Marant and H&M together is a collaboration that leaves us with no doubts. Here are some of my favorite picks!

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Gisele Bündchen Sings For H&M

She’s a high profile super model who is not only still a hard-working individual within the industry, but on top of that is a mother! How does she do it? No one really knows. As a model, she clearly has an impressive resume, but this week we learned that Gisele had another talent that she’s been keeping a secret from us. For H&M’s most recent fall campaign, Gisele got behind the mic to record a cover of The Kink’s “All Day and All of the Night.” She’s no Mariah or anything like that so don’t be expecting some crazy high notes from this video, but she does a pretty good rendition.

You can download the song for free on hm.com and iTunes and for each download, H&M will donate towards UNICEF for children’s vaccinations.


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It’s Here!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make their website crash with your purchases!

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H&M Announces Online Shop For August


Twitter cred | Refinery29

After months of speculation, H&M is finally giving us what we’ve all been waiting for…an e-commerce store! For quite some time now, we’ve been able to view the latest products on their website, but not being able to purchase these items is the greatest tease. This August, fans of the retailer will be able to shop to their heart’s content. Fall dresses, here we come!


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H&M’s 2nd “Exclusive Conscious” Collection

There’s not a whole lot that I miss about high school, but if I had to put my finger on one thing right this second, it would be the build up to all of those semi-formal/formal dances. Even if there wasn’t a dance in sight, I would still go to stores like BCBG Max Azria or Cache just so that I could try on a dress and feel that instant boost of self-confidence. I know I can’t be the only one that did that. In college though, you start to get a little bit more creative mostly because there’s isn’t going to be a mall that close to you and you’ve got fewer dances to attend (unless you’re in the Greek system.) I seemed to have missed the first time H&M debuted their first “Exclusive Conscious” collection, but I’ve managed to make it in time for the second. Here are some of my favorites with photographs provided by Fashionista via H&M.

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Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

– Lawrence is a Dior girl through and through. Now being the face for the brand, we sure can expect her to be wearing it a lot more than she has already.

[Readers! I’m sorry I missed the live Twitter feed for the red carpet today. I hear this year’s stars were on point with their looks. Unfortunately, I had to attend to some personal matters and that was much more important than blogging today. Thanks for your understanding!]

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In The News…


– Rooney is the new February Vogue cover girl. [Source]

– Beyonce is rumored to be the new face of H&M. [Source]

– Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj will be collaborating with Kmart to put out clothing and accessory lines. [Source]

– The Coveteur will be hosting a children’s theme all week and is currently featuring Suri Cruise. [Source]

– Alber Elbaz will be launching a makeup collection with Lancome [Source]


– Yeah Yeah Yeahs announce new album “Mosquito.” [Source]

– Ryan Gosling could have been a Backstreet Boy. [Source]


– Denzel Washington took his 21-year old daughter Olivia to the Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening as his date, but the media thought she was actually his wife Pauletta who is 62. #awkward [Source]

– Netflix has signed a deal to stream a new batch of shows including: Adventure Time, The West Wing, Fringe, Chuck and many more. [Source]

Tommy Lee Jones’s grump face at the Golden Globes is now an internet meme. Naturally. [Source]


– Pickwick will release their debut album “Can’t Talk Medicine” on March 12. For now, here is a cover of “Lady Luck” with Sharon Van Etten [Source]

– Top Pot will open its first drive-thru in Issaquah. [Source]

– Seattle’s new Bullitt Center may be the greenest building ever. That’s Seattle for ya! [Source]


– Lindsay Lohan made yet another huge life mistake by firing her lawyer Shawn Holley and also owing her $300K in unpaid fees [Source]

– Microsoft will shut down MSN Messenger on March 15, 2013 after 13 years. [Source]

– Kate Middleton is due in July. [Source] And so is Kimye’s baby.

– Actress Lena Dunham has pledged that she won’t get married until all gay people can get married. [Source]

– Miss America Contestant Allyn Rose says the she will get a double mastectomy after she has completed a year of service as Miss DC or Miss America since her mother, aunt, and grandmother have all passed away from breast cancer. [Source]

– New Myspace is now open to the public. Meanwhile, I am still very very cautious about it. [Source]

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