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Blog Roundup

– What the biggest companies are from each state [Gizmodo]

– America’s coolest rooftop bars [Travel and Leisure] whoo Seattle!

– 10 menswear blogs every guy should know [Cool Material] I’m reading them too!

– 12 menswear Instagrammers to follow [Cool Material]

– Dov Charney to sue American Apparel [Refinery29]

– All the jobs and the money you can be making in them – a chart! [Vox]

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You Did Not Eat That


I don’t know about you guys, but I have become a little bit annoyed when I see Instagram photos of pretty and delicate bloggers/models, celebrities etc. eating foods that you wouldn’t expect them to eat in the first place. Sure they’re posing with a burger or an ice cream cone, but …do we know if they actually ate the whole thing or just used it for an Instagram shot. Here’s a photo above of Audrina Patridge gorging on In N’ Out. Granted, there’s no way to figure out if they did eat it because we weren’t there, but one Instagram account holder seems to believe that all of these people are just using these food items for props and you know what? It’s not a ridiculous idea.

Check out the Instagram here.

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A Toy Plane and an iPhone

There are Instagram users that become insta-famous for their selfies. Then there are Instagram users like Varun Thota who challenge us to look at photographs in a different way. Using a toy plane and his iPhone, Varun takes his plane on a journey with every snap.

Macau-based web designer and developer Varun Thota is the son of a helicopter and a devoted flight enthusiast. His childhood was filled with hours in front flight simulators and even today he carries a small Kinder egg airplane that he likes to photograph against dramatic backgrounds, as if a hand was reaching out of the sky controling each flight. It’s a simple enough idea, but wonderfully executed by Thota. You can see more over on his Instagram account. (via the Instagram Blog)


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Too Cold Too Hold Drink Sleeve – $5

I recently stumbled upon ban.do online and haven’t been able to take my eyes of their products. Every Instagram photo of theirs is adorable and the products on their website ooze of cuteness. They all would make some of the most perfect gifts for my girlfriends. Have any of you heard of them before or even purchased any of their products? They’re a shop that I am really excited about. Here are just a few things that I would want for myself and to give:

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The Humblebrag

macklemore tweet

So it’s been a few days since this actually happened and everything has kind of blown of since then, but seeing this text made me feel incredibly uncomfortable! No one can deny that Macklemore has done such great things for the city of Seattle and has turned things around in the scene. Locals are excited about him and proud. Taking home as many Grammys as he did on Sunday night was quite the achievement, but it quickly turned sour the next morning when he wrote this tweet and instagramed this text.

It is what we call “the humblebrag.” It wasn’t enough that you couldn’t privately text this to Kendrick, but you had to publicize it as well? Why do people need to see this? You had a standout performance at the Grammys and you married some couples which was kind of cool, but it kind of begs us to ask – what exactly is Macklemore looking for? Another pat on the back? Some more praise and additional respect from fans saying that he acknowledged that maybe he didn’t deserve Best Rap Album, but he’s telling Kendrick that in a personal text and needs the entire world to see it?

I like what Macklemore stands for and he’s done work this year, but this was in poor taste and I didn’t like it.

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Photo of the Day:

It’s almost like we can always expect something a little outrageous and whimsical from Jennifer Lawrence at these kinds of events. We’re okay with it.

Jennifer Lawrence took home a Golden Globe this evening for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for American Hustle.


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Instagram Unveils In-App Private Messaging

Snapchat has something to worry about today because Instagram is now allowing users to send private messages within the app with their new feature called “Instagram Direct.” You will be able to send 1:1 pictures, videos, and text. The feature is currently available for iPhone and Android with no word yet on a release date  for the Windows Phone. Womp womp.

Users can only send private messages to people who follow them. If a user attempts to send a private message to someone who doesn’t follow them that person can then decide whether or not they want to see the message. Private messages can be sent to one or many users.

High quality images with filters sent via Instagram over Snapchat? Count me in.


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Whimsical Illustrations Out of Everyday Objects

Using everyday objects, art director Javier Pérez has been constructing whimsical pieces and documenting them on his Instagram account.


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Happy November!


Halloween has come and gone and November has quickly followed! To celebrate the first of November yesterday, we celebrated with the arrival of red cups at Starbucks! Coincidentally, I knew that this would happen and decided to match my outfit in the morning.

Much excitement, y’all.

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Seattle Trying to Be San Francisco

seattle fog

photo cred | Nordstrom Instagram

Yesterday, I had what we call a “Seattle moment.” I threw on my flannel, listened to The Head and the Heart album and grabbed my usual at the nearby Starbucks. Actually, yesterday was kind of a big deal because it was the day the barista finally acknowledged me as a regular. I love when this happens. Since I’ve moved, I haven’t really missed Seattle other than the food and like you know – friends and family. I didn’t even miss it yesterday, but internally something in me was longing for Seattle. So when I came home to catch up on my tweets and Instagrams I saw that Seattle had gone through some kind of a fog ordeal and that’s when it hit me. Seattle and I were in sync yesterday. We were thinking of each other.

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Photo of the Week:

The “That 70’s Show” cast got together this past week and Instagrammed this awesome photo. The show was really great and since it was aired so often, I sometimes feel like I took it for granted. At the same time, maybe I’m not so wrong and maybe they just had too many seasons.


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Kids are already adorable on their own, right? They actually could literally do nothing and still have people swooning over them. Well, clearly in the fashion industry, the level of cuteness for a well-dressed child is much more heightened. Who could ever forget the child style icon Aila Wang, niece of Alexander Wang? Aila, however, isn’t alone. She’s got clones and you can find them on a new Instagram called FashionKids.

The Instagram profile based in Brazil has garnered 1.3 million followers and offers up your daily dose of cuteness. To learn more about how the page came to be click here for the original post on Fashionista.

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A Study: Instagramming Your Food Can Ruin Your Meal


In a new study, marketing professors have confirmed that Instagramming your food at meals can ruin the enjoyment of food not only for you, but basically everyone that you are with.

Participating in the study, though, was pretty fun for all involved. Authors Ryan Elder and Jeff Larson of Brigham Young University had 232 people look at and rate pictures of food. Half of the participants looked at pictures of different desserts (mainly cakes, pastries, and chocolates) and the other half looked at pictures of salty snack foods such as pretzels and potato chips. Following the photo viewing, participants ate salty foods and were asked to rate how good they tasted–participants who viewed the pictures of salty food enjoyed their snack less.

“In a way, you’re becoming tired of that taste without even eating the food,” Elder said in a statement. “It’s sensory boredom–you’ve kind of moved on. You don’t want that taste experience anymore.”

I can’t believe that a study of this was done, but it is incredibly fascinating. I’ll admit – I am a food Instagrammer and even though I find the act to be slightly embarrassing, I do it anyways. There have been meals where Kevin and I have literally pulled out our phones at the same time to Instagram and it’s silly. I’m not sure if I can say that that makes my food tastes less better, but it definitely looks good in a photograph. Maybe I am missing the point here…



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The Bay Area: 5 Instagrams

I used to have 5 Instagrams for you all every weekend, but  for some reason my usage has dwindled a little bit! First off – wanted to let you all know that I am alive and kicking down here in the Bay. Every weekend, I am embarking on a new adventure with my friends Mandi, Eric, and Ryan and the funny thing is – I’m checking off something from my bucket list every time. I could have easily done all of these things while living in Seattle, but the fact that I am doing it here instead is much more exciting. I think it may have been because I was so comfortable in Seattle that when these events were happening, I didn’t have much of an interest to try something new. When I moved down here, my BFF Ashley advised me to just “say ‘yes’ to everything” and so far it has been the best advice I’ve gotten. It’s only been three weeks, but it feels like I’ve been here much longer. That must be a pretty good sign, right?

Mandi works for the Alzheimer’s Association so during my first weekend here I joined her for the walk up in San Francisco. The rain was unforgiving (even worse than in Seattle!) but I was proud of us for completing the three miles  in a downpour!

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Instagram I Followed Today

In mind blowing news today, I discovered that NASA is now on Instagram. It’s great because I can follow amazing space photographs on my Instagram feed. So far they have been posting on a daily basis, which is good news for me because it means that they are actively on it.



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