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Madewell Spring 2014 Revamped


Is it too early to be talking about Spring 2014 collections? Most would say yes, but I’m already wrapped up in my Pendleton blanket for warmth so I guess you could say I’m over fall. This week, Madewell unveiled their new Spring 2014 collection led by J. Crew vet of 12 years - Somsack Sikhounmuong and it is everything you thought it would be – classic pieces, stripes, and a slight nautical theme. Sikhounmuong mentioned that he plans to “elevate” Madewell and “focus on making things a little more classic-based.”


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J. Crew Debuts September Catalog on Pinterest

Retailers are starting to view Pinterest as a good opportunity to expand their audiences. First, Nordstrom created “P” tags for their most pinned items online in stores and now J. Crew has released their entire September catalog via Pinterest board. We love this idea especially because we can now post our favorites directly onto Yow Yow! The physical catalog just won’t let us do the same thing. There are very few catalogs that can do what J. Crew does and the collection that they have just released for fall is absolutely stunning.

To view the entire catalog via Pinterest, click here.

Here are our favorite picks…!

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This or That: Men in Florals?

photo cred | The Fader

It wasn’t too long ago that Kevin brought home a floral skinny tie from J. Crew and I had to question it. Can guys really pull off the floral look like women can? As much as it is a change that we might have to adapt to, I think the floral can really soften a guy’s look in a good way. It’s refreshing and at the same time, completely appropriate for the summer season. It’s an accessory that I can see donned at a wedding this summer and hopefully maybe I’ll catch a few of them! What do you guys think? Do you love it or hate it?


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Christmas Wish List 2012

Every year, I always post a little Yow Yow! Christmas list. I thought I would have more “wants” this year, but I’ve got everything I need! It’s always just fun to have a little list of things that would be nice, but when it comes down to the holidays, good company is all I’m asking for.

Nordstrom Family Table Cookbook – $27.95

It’s been awhile since I’ve received another cookbook and I’m ready to do some work in the kitchen again!

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Wedding Wednesday Post: The Second Dress

My former co-workers and I got into a heated discussion last night over weddings. When one of them asked me what I thought my overall wedding budget would be, I couldn’t give her an answer. To be honest, I don’t actually know the average cost is for every aspect that goes into it. Furthermore, there are many aspects these days that can all be DIY. A long time ago, couples would enlist wedding planners, caterers, photographers, designers for invitations/menus/ etc, and rental companies to provide the furniture and decor, but these days – those things seem a little uncommon, don’t they? Why not just ask your own friends and family to help you out?

I may not know how much I want to pay for my wedding just yet, but I know what aspects I want in it and I can definitely say that I want a second dress for my reception! I’ve envisioned my future wedding gown to be long, flow-y, lacy, or silk, but I’ve always been partial to the short dresses. Since it seems to be more appropriate for a reception, that is most likely what is going to happen. I stumbled into BCBG Max Azria yesterday and drooled over almost every short white dress in the store hence leading me to be inspired to write this post. What do you think readers? Are second dresses for you?

Nel Lace-Back Cocktail Dress – $268

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Prom Dresses For The Classy High School Students

With shows like Dancing with the Stars and outrageous red carpet gowns, it is no surprise that school administrators have been cracking down on the dress codes recently. Schools districts all over the country have gone as far as creating a guide for their students informing them what types of dresses are banned from their formal dance. The times have definitely changed since I was a high school student because this was never an issue for my peers.

However, from a young girl’s perspective – I get it. Short is sexy. Cutouts are intriguing. See-through gowns are mysterious…maybe? But there’s a difference. You can incorporate trends without being over the top and can ere on the side of classy over trashy. You may think that the only way to be fashion forward is to be sexy, but you’re going to Prom to wear a beautiful dress and to have an incredible time with your friends and your date. The sexiest thing about a someone at Prom is confidence and you don’t need a dress to do that for you. Here are some of my favorite picks for the season:

J. Crew Sinclair Dress – $250

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The Closet: Feb 2012

J. Crew Crinkle Chiffon Skirt – $118

Whoaaa sorry y’all! I really dropped the ball on this one in not publishing it before the new month, but I’m blaming it on the whole Leap Day thing.

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J. Crew

That shirt. Those pants. YES!

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The Closet: December 2011

Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog – $12.95

It’s a short Closet post this month! There wasn’t too much that I was lusting over for Christmas this year, but here are a few standout pieces.

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Review: The Romantics

pic cred: InStyle

While perusing Netflix today, I came across a new film called The Romantics (2010) now available for instant watching. I like romantic comedies. The story revolved around a group of close friends from college reuniting for a wedding between Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamel, but then it occurred to me that this wasn’t the first time I had heard of this film. In June 2010, the cast of The Romantics did a photo shoot for J. Crew and I had even made a post about it. Those facts about the movie, alone, are all great, but I think the main reason why I was attracted to watching this film today was because of Adam Brody. The cast is a pretty intriguing one featuring the ones I’ve already mentioned, Katie Holmes, Malin Ackerman, Dianna Agron, Candice Bergen, Elijah Wood and a couple that I have never recognized before. The film centers on a complicated love triangle between Anna, Josh and Katie, but I was more fixated on the dynamic characters that Malin and Adam portrayed. They were both married or engaged to people in the group of friends that didn’t make any sense to me.

It’s an interesting film and I’m still trying to find closure on it, but I won’t press on it to much because it was the only movie I watched today to pass some time.

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The Return

photographed by Charles S.

I am pleased to announce that the outfit posts are officially back! The series of posts will continue at least until break and if they do well, I’ll be bringing them back in the winter quarter. If some of you have been reading Yow Yow! for awhile, then you know that outfits posts were updated pretty regularly back then until all of a sudden they weren’t anymore! I started becoming frustrated with outfit posts because I thought they looked exactly like everyone else’s. Also, in every outfit post that I saw on blogs, the bloggers always looked sad and emo. It was like seeing a brooding Keanu Reeves in every photograph. I figured it’s probably because taking the shot in the first place was just uncomfortable for them and if I was going to do outfit posts, I didn’t want to go out that way.

So let’s have a little fun with them, right?!


Also, I’m still getting a hang of how I want these pictures to be done so this is just a test run.

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