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Performance of the Day

I’ve been wanting to catch a performance by The 1975 for quite some time so I’m pretty bummed that I missed them last night performing on Jimmy Kimmel. Thank goodness for YouTube, right? I was obsessed with this song this past year so it’s always pretty refreshing to be able to ┬ásee what the band looks like when they perform it.

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David Blaine’s Magic Tricks on Jimmy Kimmel

It was a rare occasion for me to be up late watching late night television shows, but I managed to do it every day this week. I’ve always enjoyed seeing David Blaine’s tricks so I was easily amused by his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel this week.


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Modern Family Feud

Sometimes I forget that they aren’t a real family though I really wish they were.

Also, I see that Jimmy Kimmel is trying to be funny with these extra skits and … he is – it’s kind of working, but he can never beat Jimmy Fallon.

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Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Kanye’s Tweets

Sometimes you just win by not saying very much.


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Jimmy Kimmel Pranks The Internet

Twerk Girl was a hoax!

Well played, Jimmy.

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Chloe Grace Moretz on Jimmy Kimmel Live

She is one of my favorite young actresses right now. I hope she never changes! She also reminds me of my dear friend Megan L. because of her witty and quirky personality. I wonder if anyone can sense the resemblance besides me?

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Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Join “Blurred Lines”

What happens when Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo join Pharrell and Robin Thicke for their music video “Blurred Lines?” If you ask me, I would watch this video any day over the original version.

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Oh Coachella

Everyone wants to be a musician or in a band, right? And because of that – it is why we have so many bands existing that we have never ever heard over. However, if you’re at Coachella or any other music festival, you wouldn’t be caught dead not knowing who a band was. Jimmy Kimmel caught a handful of liars over at the festival who acted as if they knew the bands that never really existed. What’s worse is that these fake bands have ridiculous names…The Obesity Epidemic? Really?

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Pt. 3

At least they can laugh about it and not pull a “Chris Brown!”


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