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Aila Wang Does Fashion Week

Aila Wang has made her appearance at Fashion Week again and as always, she continues to be the best dressed out of anyone attending. Why can’t we all just be Aila? She is easily the best child in the entire world. A free ticket to fashion week…an uncle like Alexander Wang…we wish we could be a part of this.

Cuteness. This girl is going to be gorgeous when she grows up.


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Yung Lenox

This post was written by Cameron Deuel

Alive & Well, Seattle’s premier skateshop quietly tucked between Babeland and Honey Hole, currently has one of the most unique art installations in the city. Their “Parental Advisory” display features artwork by Yung Lenox, a second grader who specializes in paying homage to classic hip hop album artwork for such titles as Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, As Nasty As They Wanna Be by 2 Live Crew, and Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. He also takes on Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Black Flag, as well as a print of Morrissey entitled “Uncle Moz”.

yung lenox

photo cred | The Stranger – Lineout

Based on the video below, you may be led to believe that Lenox is quietly doodling imaginary creations, rather than laboriously taking on intricate rap culture touchstones.

Lenox’s father, Skip Class, is attributed with having a large influence on his son’s artwork.

As Skip said to The World’s Best Ever back in May, “He is my son. I am his dad. If I watch cartoons then he watches cartoons. If I eat pizza then he eats pizza. If I listen to obscure 90′s Memphis rap tapes then he listens to…..you get the idea.”

Chances are pretty great that Lenox’s artistic trajectory is just starting to take off so you would be wise to keep an eye out for his name in the future.

Lenox’s artwork will be up for the rest of September. If you can’t make it out to Alive and Well, check out Yung Lenox’s work here.

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Mind Blowing Cover of the Week

I don’t know if this is embarrassing to admit now (it probably is) but 5 years ago (yeah, when I was 18) Jon and Kate + 8 was one of my favorite television shows. The kids were adorable. Jon + Kate were sort of endearing even if I didn’t always agree with their parenting – but seriously what did I know? It’s amazing to me to see how much these kids have grown up! I’m so curious as to how their lives are now without all the cameras and I really hope that at least for the kids’ sake that their parents can be on cordial terms.


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#CandidlyNicole Ep. 13

Whoops! We dropped the ball on this one last week. Lucky for you though, you’ll get another episode tomorrow!

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Kids on Love

How badly do you want a kid after watching this?


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A Collection Part 37

I love seeing the difference in A Collection posts between seasons. With summer, there is so much light in these photos, the idea that we have the capacity to do anything, and some weight lifted off our shoulders. I have so much hope for the rest of 2013 and my hope is that it will be better! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that these photos can do their best to inspire beauty and life into you!

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Jay-Z on Blue

Jay-Z gets emotional while talking about his daughter Blue. This just melted my heart. His album Magna Carta Holy Grail will be released July 4th.


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Two 6th Graders From Queens Love Heavy Metal

I loved watching this short doc. last night on Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins writing and performing their music to anyone who will listen to them. Heavy metal is definitely a genre that I don’t see very much anymore, but the fact that they are keeping it alive is refreshing. The two of them seem so intelligent (as well as talented.) It’s inspiring to see that these two young boys have some hope for their futures and are passionate about going after their dreams.


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Photo of the Day:

Robert Downey Jr. does his best to comfort Iron Man’s biggest fan 1 and 1/2 year old Jaxson Denno when the kid finds out that the man in front of him is not his favorite super hero.

If only Robert had been wearing his costume, maybe things could have been different…


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Awkward Middle School Band Performance

Poor guy…

This is  awkward on so many levels, but hey – I feel your pain. I was a middle school band kid too.


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Cover of the Day

HeyHiHello + Poppy – Kids (MGMT Cover)

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Wanting To Be Liked

Hey readers!

Remember the post I did not too long ago about social media anxieties? It’s been on the brain recently because I have found that it has such an impact on the way we carry on with our lives and it is affecting us at a much younger age than we even realize. I came across an interview today involving a 15-year old and her social media usage and it BLEW my mind. I found that her answer to checking her Facebook in the morning is typically how I would answer that question and we are nearly 10 years apart. However, when she describes what it means to have “likes,” I recognized what a problem this could be for her as she went on through life. A “like” in the social media world equates to validation and while we all know validation is necessary in life whether it be from a significant other, from family, from friends, or even a workplace, I have to wonder – does a “like” in social media add up to it? Will it be enough for this girl? What happens when we aren’t liked enough? Check out the interview here and please feel free to share your thoughts on it.

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A Collection Part 36

Without even noticing, every “A Collection” post has some sort of a theme. I always enjoy going back and looking at the different sets asking myself what the common theme was. What was I feeling that day? Why did I select this photo, that photo, and this series of photos? I started writing this about a fourth into completing this post and I noticed that all of the photographs are pretty simplistic, but also muted. There are times when I won’t remember why there is a theme, but I think this completely embodies how I’m feeling right now. Somewhat muted, but it’s a refreshing time right now because there is so much that is unknown. Also – Seattle has the hottest weather in all of the country right now, which is incredible and NEVER happens. Funny, because you would think that these photos would be much brighter to resemble that, but they are not. Surprise!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! To mom’s everywhere – what would we do without you?

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