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Is This The Next K-Pop Star?

This baby is winning at life.

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The Most Endearing 4-year Old

I promised you cuteness this morning so here you have it! Kevin shared with me this post about an endearing 4-year old in Japan the other day who is photographed by her father in the most endearing series we’ve ever seen. I’m loving the photos that are being created out of this by father Nagano Toyokazu and his daughter Kanna. I hope my future child is just like this.

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A Boy And His Rescue Dog

I’ve had this page starred for what feels like a couple of weeks now just waiting to post, but for some reason I never got around to actually doing it. Today’s posts are all about cuteness because I’ve got another one for you later on today that will make your heart melt even more along with this one. Zoey is a 7-year old rescue dog from Taiwan and her best friend Jasper is a pretty cute looking baby. Together, they make the perfect pair. The photos in this series were all taken by Jasper’s mom Grace Chon who is a commercial photographer in Los Angeles. I can’t get enough of these.

To follow along with their friendship, click here.

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A Collection Part 39

Would you believe that it has already been 4 months since our last “A Collection Part” post? I can already hear Veronica’s voice in the back of my head saying, “I can.” Every time I speak to the girl, she’s always asking for another one. Little does she know, constructing these take forever! Good news though, I’ve already started building Part 40 so hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the next one, but if she had it her way, it would be every week.

Making this post this time around was quite refreshing to me. Veronica once asked me how I choose the pictures that I do for this post and I don’t know if I was ever able to give a great answer. I probably just said that I chose the pictures I liked, but I’d like to elaborate on that a little bit. I used to do a bit of photography back in high school and in the early days of college, I brought my camera with me everywhere I went. I love that these photos are being taken in ways that I never thought of before. They are various shots that spark something in me, but I have no idea what it is and because I can’t explain it or put it into words of some sort, I love it. Maybe that’s not a better explanation than before, but it makes sense to me!


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Richard Sherman Interviews the Tiniest 12th Fan

I’m really tired of listening to Bay Area radio stations talk trash about Richard Sherman and how nasty they think Seattle is. We shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of a small group of people who chose to behave poorly.

Regardless, nothing can stop us from being Sherman fans and Seahawks fans in general. I am wishing more than anything that I could be back home for the Super Bowl!

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A Sweet Wedding Photo Series Re-Created

We’re a little late to the game on this post, but since it is Christmas and Wedding Wednesday at the same time, I thought that now seemed more fitting than ever to share this post with you. Ben Nunery’s wife Ali passed away from a rare form of cancer two years ago. When they were married, they had their photos taken in a house that they had just newly purchased – completely bare and ready to build up with memories. Now, Ben has decided to move onto a different home and as a sweet gesture and homage to his wife, he re-created their wedding photos with their daughter Olivia.

For more photos and heart melting, click here.

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We’re Fans of the Seattle Seahawks

HOBviously. There’s kind of a big game on Sunday and it’s causing a divide between my co-workers and I because naturally I’m repping Seattle in a 49’ers area. I may have moved here, but I wasn’t ever going to convert over. What I love about the Seahawks is that our fans are insane, but they’re some of the best fans you’ll ever see. Our players are incredibly involved with the Seattle community and because of this, our city has so much love and pride for the team. That…and we’re kicking butt. For my favorite Seattle readers, here are a couple of videos to get you excited for this weekend’s game.

The Seahawks’ cutest 3-year-old fan Kalee Buetow

Seahawks fans are so loud they register an earthquake

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An Endearing Weekend Watch

A little girl’s first walk on ice. *Thud*

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Make-A-Wish Kid will see San Francisco Transform Into Gotham City

Five year old Miles in in the battle of his life against Leukemia. Through the Make-A-Wish program, they have recently granted him his of fulfilling his life-long dream as his favorite character Batman! Next Friday November 15th, the program organizers will transform San Francisco into Gotham City for a day with thousands of volunteers who will be playing along to make his dream come true. I wish I could see this in person! This is the sweetest thing I’ve heard since last week (this is a late post) but Bay Area readers, will you go check this out for me?

Along with a grownup Batman sidekick, Miles will get a call from the police chief and jump into his very own Batmobile to defend the city against some of his fiercest foes – including the Riddler and Penguin.

Make-A-Wish Bay Area describes the plot line of the day:

After rescuing a damsel in distress from the cable car tracks in Nob Hill, and capturing the Riddler in the act of robbing a downtown vault, Batman will eat his lunch at the Burger Bar in San Francisco – directly above Union Square. While at Burger Bar, he will get a call on his batphone to go to the window – where he will look down and see a huge group of volunteers jumping up and down asking for Batman’s help. Why?

Because the Penguin will be kidnapping a famous Gotham City mascot! The getaway car will be visible on Union Square (a convertible so that everyone can see what is happening), and the chase will be on!

After catching the Penguin, Batman will make his final stop at City Hall, where the Mayor and the Police Chief of Gotham City will thank him and give him the key to the city. We plan on having hundreds of volunteers and donors collected to cheer and thank our Batman!


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The Short Game

My brother’s friend recently worked on a new piece called “The Short Game,” which also happens to be the first documentary to be released on Netflix. To sum it up in three words: Kids, golf, adorableness. A group of 7-year olds are highlighted as they prepare for the World Championships of Junior Golf. My take on it is that it will be somewhat of an extension of those AT&T commercials with the kids we love so much. The documentary was a winner at this year’s SXSW and will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, December 12.


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Wengenn in Wonderland


Since this came out last week, friends of mine have been asking me left and right if I’ve seen the “cutest baby post ever?” to go viral. I didn’t have much time to post it until now, but while I am aware of the adorable Wengenn, it’s important to note that his mother Queenie Liao, a freelancer and mother to three young boys, was inspired by another artist that created these “dreams” once before. Does anyone remember my post of “Mila’s Daydreams” from back in July 2010?! Yeah, that was a long time ago.

While this isn’t the first we’ve seen of the dream settings, we think Wengenn is awesome and these imaginative dreams are definitely 10x better than the ones I’m having as a 20-something so… do you, Wengenn.

For more amazing pictures, click here.

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Halloween Costume For The Win

Is this not the best thing you’ve ever seen? The best part about this is that it’s completely DIY…granted DIY for kids, but I’m sure you could turn this into a costume for an adult if you wanted to. For full details on how to make this exact costume, click here.

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Kids are already adorable on their own, right? They actually could literally do nothing and still have people swooning over them. Well, clearly in the fashion industry, the level of cuteness for a well-dressed child is much more heightened. Who could ever forget the child style icon Aila Wang, niece of Alexander Wang? Aila, however, isn’t alone. She’s got clones and you can find them on a new Instagram called FashionKids.

The Instagram profile based in Brazil has garnered 1.3 million followers and offers up your daily dose of cuteness. To learn more about how the page came to be click here for the original post on Fashionista.

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Kids Are The Best

Because this is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time – a mother and daughter dancing to Beyonce’s “End of Time” on Ellen.

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The Cutest Seahawks Fan We’ve Ever Seen

Meet Kalee Buetow. She’s three years old and is being called the tiny encyclopedia by my former local news station – Komo 4 News. Even though I claim to be a fan of the Seahawks, myself, there’s no way I could ever name names or positions or numbers. So basically, this girl is already infinitely awesome. To watch the adorable story on her, click here.

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