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Non-Profit Stirs Convo About Abuse w/ Emojis

Swedish non-profit, BRIS, recently released a new app that includes this set of emojis dispalyed above to shed more awareness on abuse and allow kids to express themselves to others using an emoji when they aren’t able to speak up.

“A lot of kids feel really awful for all kinds of different reasons, and [these emoji] are easily understood symbols for some of those different issues,” BRIS spokeswoman Silvia Ernhagen told The FADER. “Many children have difficulties in putting words to their problems, so this is a way to help them to express themselves as well as encouraging them to actually speak about their feelings and ask for help when necessary.”

When we think of how we use emojis we’re used to displaying really cute and funny images, but it’s so interesting to see these painted in another light. Seeing these cause us to look at some of the most common emojis we typically use in a worse way. I’m hoping that these emojis strike a more positive response and are of use to others in need through the non-profit’s work.


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Currently Craving:

While I was visiting San Diego this past weekend, my cousin treated me to fish tacos for my first meal! The shop was conveniently located right across the street from her home in front of the beach and they were the “best I ever had” in the longest time. When it comes to tacos, fish tacos are my first choice and they did not disappoint. I was hoping that I’d get some more tacos in on my trip, but sadly couldn’t make this happen so now I’m off to drive down to Rubio’s so I can have the second best. Literally. Right. Now. befor the Warriors game!

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My Biggest Issue with The Bachelorette Premiere This Week

It’s no secret that I have a love / hate relationship with The Bachelorette. I don’t always believe that finding love on a reality television show is possible (except for Catherine and Sean!) but I can’t stop myself from watching anyways because I’m generally rooting for good things to come out of the show. I went to my first viewing party with co-workers this past Monday and it was really fun to explain to some of them how exactly the show works and to see how quickly they changed their minds between Britt and Kaitlyn. We had to remind them that the producers completely lead audiences to believe a certain way because of the way they edit things and how calculated every scene is.

Before the season started, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I wasn’t happy about the guys having to choose between Britt and Kaitlyn, but I can see why the producers thought this would be entertaining. In my opinion, it didn’t seem fair. The girls already have to go through enough and just when they think they’ve been chosen they still have to compete? I’m glad that this was done and over with after the first episode though.

However, my problems didn’t end here. I was actually livid about a remark I heard from one of the guys on the show and even more upset that the media completely grazed over this instead focusing on the intoxicated contestant that was booted before the rose ceremony and the slut shaming that we saw from Kaitlyn having to apologize for her actions. (we’ll discuss this in another post after we watch the episode where this happens.) The line in question that I am referring to is when one guy was discussing who he’d pick, “Britt is more of your trophy wife. Kaitlyn is more of your wife.”

I’m not oblivious. I know that trophy wives exist and I know that there are women in this world that are happy being labeled a trophy wife, but you are not allowed to just refer to someone as a trophy wife. When you say that someone is a trophy wife, does that make you feel better about yourself as a man? Does that make you feel more masculine? This guy just met Britt for the first time and assumed because she was naturally very pretty that she didn’t have more to offer than being a trophy wife. I was really disappointed to hear this and am even more curious now to hear Britt’s reaction on this having seen the first episode. A guy once told me to my face that he believed that “Asian women were the modern day trophy wives.” Really? Asian women? All of them? He might as well have thrown a drink in my face because that was the equivalent of how I felt when I heard that. In case you were wondering what happened after that? Friendship over. For the men that read this blog, please. Please. Don’t ever say this to a women. Unless they want to be referred to in this way, it is a degrading statement and it’s 2015, we’ve come a long way to be put back into this position.

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10 Thoughts From This Week

  • Sleepovers with your girlfriends as adults are still just as fun as they were when you were kids!
  • No one can ever make you feel bad about whatever you decide to do with your own dating life. Don’t give into peer pressure. Do what you want to do and date who you want to date when you feel like dating.
  • Jon Gosselin is only seeking full custody for one of his kids. He has 8 total and this is all sorts of messed up.
  • In life, people aren’t going to know how to communicate over email and will send you snarky emails. Don’t react by sending a snarky one back. Be a professional.
  • This week I flooded two bathrooms while taking a shower.
  • This article about a Silicon Valley Startup Castle has the most ridiculous requirements.
  • The dreams that you have about your work life are telling you something. It’s okay if you’re not sure what that message is just yet. I’ve been spending all day trying to figure it out.
  • There will come a time where you will have a dessert that you find to be too sweet for you. That would be the Coldstones Cherry Vanilla ice cream I had last night celebrating Avi’s birthday.
  • Friendship is a two-way street. Just like a relationship, you shouldn’t settle for anything less if you feel like you’re being treated unfairly.
  • Reading this article about modern day dating made me really upset. My generation is really disappointing.
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Knit sweater – Brandy Melville / Black leggings – Aritizia

I was told this week that it was going to be pretty rainy so I bundled up and the sun came out! Usually in Seattle when the weather forecast says that it’s going to rain, it ends up being a torrential downpour. Luckily for me, I’ve gotten used to wearing layers and even wearing this outfit on a warm day wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Leah and I have been searching for better backdrops in the neighborhood and we didn’t have to walk too far to find this gem!

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A Reminder About Missed Opportunities

❝ Say “Hi” first. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that if you want to talk to someone, talk to them. go out on a limb. Do not wait for them to talk to you first because, odds are, they’re waiting for the same thing. ❞


Dem Pants


Black Sleeveless Blouse – Madewell / Pants – Urban Outfitters / Black Heels – Vince Camuto via Nordstrom


I used to feel a little bit nervous wearing these hot pink pants out, but happy to say nearly five years later, I’m wearing them with a lot more confidence! They’re also made of silk so that pretty much makes them the most comfortable pants ever. In so many ways, this outfit is kind of a throwback. For one. The pants. Secondly, I went through a phase in middle school where hot pink and black were my favorite colors and I only purchased items that were in these color families. I used to wear these pants maybe once a year, but I’ve busted them out more often lately and why not? I got these for $20 bucks on sale at Urban way back when!

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A Collection Part 42

For the first time, we are publishing an “A Collection” post and starting the next one immediately. Hopefully, this means that we can have another one posted within the next six months. These are Veronica’s favorite posts and I even texted her this morning to let her know that she could expect it this evening. These posts are so interesting to me because there is usually little to no content. Instead, it’s a post of 50+ images that I’ve collected over 6 months that evoke something out of me. There’s no rhyme or reason. I can’t go through each photo and say why I chose each one. I just know that it’s important to me, that it means something and resonates with me in some way or another. I’ve never actually talked to Veronica about this, but while this doesn’t hold much content, I almost feel like she probably knows what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling through a collection of images. Maybe you all do! You tell me. :)

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Blog Roundup

– 50 Incredible hotels to stay at in your lifetime [Business Insider]

– “Why I gave up a 95K job to move to an island” [Cosmopolitan]

– Getty Images is giving out 30K grants to Instagrammers [High Snobiety]

– Justin Rosenstein (co-founder of Asana) shares his tips for increasing productivity [Quora]

– Whoa, Bestie Row? [Lighter Side of Real Estate]

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The Weekend: 5 Things

This was the first time that I was seeing Mandi since we learned of her engagement so as girls, we just couldn’t stop being excited! It also happened to be her fiance Eric’s birthday as well so it was a double birthday/engagement celebration over in Sausalito at Bar Bocce. It was the perfect day trip getaway for us.

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Sunday Words

A friend actually once gave me this same advice with regards to a break-up.

“These are going to be your hardest days, but make sure to have days where you cut yourself some slack and give yourself a break”

“How do I do that?”

“By doing something that just makes you happy whether that’s spending time with other people, having a nice meal, reading a book, or just being happy on your own”

Thanks Sheils!


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The Hundreds Staff Interview: Alina

Every now and then I come across things on the internet about various people and I’m like “Yeah, cool they have traits like me. We have stuff in common” Then I come across this interview of some girl named Alina who I’ve never heard of in my life and I’m like “This girl IS me.”

We don’t look alike, but I’m pretty sure we’ve got the same vocabulary and that we’re the same person.

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How We Unwind: Sonoma/Napa


We recently ventured out of town a couple of weeks as a company for our annual retreat to Sonoma/Napa and it was the best short-term getaway I’ve had in awhile! I obviously need to give myself more vacations. Honestly, it was nice to just get off the grid, unplug (sort of!) and relax. I’m really fortunate that I get to work for a company that cares a lot about doing this for their employees and I’m especially grateful that if I ever want to go up to Sonoma/Napa that it’s never too far away. I’ve probably been up more than a handful of times now with co-workers and always with friends and family that visit from out of town and they seem to love it. I wanted to write this post right after I had gotten back, but when you unplug, your emails and your work catch up with you so I needed a little bit more time to get back into the blogging rhythm. Here are a few snaps that I took and a couple that I “borrowed” from my co-worker Wenwen at the end of the post!

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That Time We Tried SoulCycle

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

If you’re looking for an activity to kick your ass on a Monday or any day of the week, then you should sign up for SoulCycle. I’ve actually been curious about it for awhile having seen a lot of bloggers try it out and it being pretty popular in both SF and NYC, but I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was getting into. I came into this thinking that I would be enjoying a leisurely indoor bike ride with some top 40 jamz. Instead, I found myself struggling to get strapped into my bike, feeling a little scared and intimidated by everyone around me, but leaving feeling sweaty, (in a good way! Is that even possible?) strong, and motivated!

Let’s start from the beginning. My co-worker Melanie and I made plans last week to try SoulCycle for the first time and signed up for the Monday class after work. Pretty great way to start off the work week, right? I found out Sunday that I actually had a birthday party to attend to Monday night and thought that I wouldn’t be able to do both so I almost considered canceling. That class is $30 though so I decided that since I’d already committed, I was just going to do work and make it happen.

When I arrived, the entire staff said I looked scared. No surprises there. However, even though I was terrified, I was greeted with a big hug from my instructor Kamelle welcoming me to my first class. He quickly took me under his arm and showed me around teaching me how to use the lockers, where to fill up my water bottle, and handing me over to the ladies at the front who gave me my first pair of shoes. They were really cute because they were so small, but since they strap into your bike, you kind of feel like you’re walking weirdly with your toes up towards the sky. Melanie and I waited patiently for our 6:30 session to start and as soon as the session before us finished, we started to see the cyclists filing out one-by-one. Flushed, soaking in sweat, and panting. So I had to show up to a birthday party after this exercise sesh and that was not the way I wanted to come out of the room at the end.

Since I had never really cycled before, I had no idea how to set up my bike and probably should’ve had someone help me much earlier before the class started. I’m also not strong enough to strap myself into the bike properly and had lots of difficulties which shook me up before starting. I don’t know what I expected, but the room was much smaller than I had thought it was going to be and the bikes were so close together that it made me a bit nervous. When we did start, the lights dimmed and immediately the EDM/rave music started pumping. I came into that room feeling very calm, but because everyone else around me was pumped up on adrenaline, I felt like I needed to be at their level and quickly adjusted to fit in.

Here’s the real truth about SoulCycle. You’re not just cycling. Your instructor makes you move to the beat of the music alternating between going low on your bike and standing up, going from side to side with the beat of the music, stretching and alternating your arms on different counts, and at one point using the baby weights that are in your bike to do curls and raises while you’re cycling. Because I’m so aloof, I completely missed the boat on this one and decided to sit back, cycle, and observe. I also felt like I was cycling and doing hip hop kind of at the same time because of the counts and beats. SoulCycle is no joke though and I found myself not being able to do everything that was asked of me by the instructor most of the time and watching everyone around me keep up. The person in front of me looked like a pro so I kept trying to use her as my motivating example. Honestly, I’m just in awe of this kind of work out. It is really really hard especially for a first timer like myself, but the people around me were so good and they made it look easy when I knew it wasn’t.

Another aspect of SoulCycling that I have to give credit to is the instructor. Kamelle made me feel like I could do anything even when I knew I couldn’t. He mentioned to us that it was Monday and that it was a great way to start our week and what we had to look forward to. During a portion where we were winding down, he advised us to leave the things that were holding us back behind. In my head, I was like “Bai haters!” He didn’t say anything along those lines, but that’s alright. Then when the same song picked up, he encouraged us to cycle towards that thing we wanted and I cycled so fast I thought I was probably going to pass out.

As tiring as SoulCycle can be, I actually had a lot of fun. I started to find my rhythm halfway through the class and when I came out sweaty (the sweatiest I’ve probably ever been!) I didn’t feel as disgusting as I thought I would feel. It just meant that I had a great workout, but I know I didn’t reach my max on this session so I’m definitely looking forward to the next one when I can push myself even more. I haven’t scheduled that next session yet though because I’m waiting for the lower half of my body to stop hurting.

P.S. this is the most active that I have ever been in my life! Kid me would think this version of me was crazy.

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The Weekend: 5 Things


So remember how two days ago I said that I would just do a montly roundup of photos? Well, I’ve got this thing about inconsistency… Actually, I found some extra time to do one of these posts this weekend so I thought I’d just do while it was still relevant and fresh as opposed to waiting till the end of the month. Let’s just say this will vary on a case-by-case basis and call it good.

This past weekend was Caturday at Dolores Park and a few of my co-workers were going so I thought I would just tag along! I wish I loved cats…but let’s just be real here – I’m much more partial to babies and kids than household pets. I figured that if I was going to attend this thing though, I was going to get really into it and the only way to do that was to have someone let me “Simba” their cat. Mission accomplished. Have you ever seen me look this happy?!

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