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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Sienna Miller and Stella McCartney

Where: Kate Moss for Topshop launch in London

Who: Lottie Moss

Where: Kate Moss for Topshop launch in London



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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Heads to London

The angels were excited this morning as they made the announcement that next year’s annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would be heading to London!

They broke the news during a press conference inside Victoria’s Secret’s Bond Street store in London Tuesday. “We’re pretty excited to be here today because we have this great announcement to make,” Lima said. “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the biggest fashion event in the world, for sure, and we’re very proud and honored to announce that we are headed to London this year. Yes!”

“I’d like to invite Prince Harry, if he would like to come,” Lima told reporters. The 32-year-old Brazilian beauty promised he’d get the VIP treatment, of course. “He definitely has a front row seat!” she said.

Previous shows have been held in Los Angeles, New York City, Cannes, and Miami. I remember seeing looks on the runway featuring the Union Jack in previous shows, but I’m so curious as to what the themes will be this year. And as for performers? We hope it will be better than Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift. My vote is for Sam Smith and Jessie Ware.


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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Wearing: her in Atelier Versace / him in Alexander McQueen

Where: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro” premiere in London


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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Emma Watson

Wearing: Ralph Lauren Collection

Where: Premiere of Noah in London


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Song of the Day

Sam Smith – I’ve Told You Now [Live at St Pancras Old Church, London]

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Karl Lagerfeld will open London Flagship in 2014

Announced Wednesday, Karl Lagerfeld has revealed big news that he is opening up a London flagship in 2014 for the Karl Lagerfeld label. I haven’t done too much research into these pieces, but word on the street is that they are supposed to be more reasonably prices and geared towards a young audience.

According to The Telegraph, the upcoming London location will cater to fashion and tech lovers alike. Shoppers will be able to search inventory and watch branded content on one of the many in-store iPads, and dressing rooms come equipped with personal photo booths that feature Lagerfeld-exclusive filters. Did somebody say “selfie?”

The retails stores are a changin’! I’m curious to see how technology will merge with fashion in this way and what impact this will have on American retailers in the future. How long will it take for this trend to reach us? Months? A year? We shall see!


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I love it when we highlight a designer during Fashion Week for the first time when they’ve got an awesome collection!

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Ice Cream Snow in London

photo cred | Design Taxi

Londoners were recently greeted to a special treat by an avant-garde baker that goes by the name of “Miss Cakehead.” Previously creating an edible hotel made out of cake, Miss Cakehead brings her latest innovation to the table with ice cream snow. These snow showers came down on Thorpe Park and tasted of vanilla and strawberry. Most people would be thrilled – I would be too – but I would also be concerned about how sticky and messy I would feel afterwards. Can you tell that I wasn’t one to play in the mud as a kid?

Click the source to see more photos of people enjoying the special event.


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Optical Illusion House Makes A Home in London

all photo cred | Colossal

A new optical illusion installation can be found in London! Designed by Argentine artist Leandro Erlich, visitors have been able to play around with the new attraction and making it look like they can defy gravity by walking up a house. The photographs are made possible through a giant mirror reflecting off of a print of a Victorian house.

The installation opened yesterday and is free to all visitors until August 4th. For more photos, click here.

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Profile: Andy Torres

Blogging as a profession has always been something that I’ve been curious about. For one thing, it’s a career path that is very new. Kids in elementary schools aren’t telling their friends that they want to grow up to be a blogger. There aren’t very many classes in college if any that are revolving around social media. It’s kind of a DIY career and I think that’s why I find it so fascinating. There’s no right or wrong way to blog, but obviously a good blog has certain characteristics and successful bloggers are clearly doing something right. I enjoyed watching this short profile on Andy Torres and thought I would share it with all of you!


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Empty Olympics

photo cred | Janie Airey

Earlier this summer, Flavorwire made a post showcasing some eerie photos of completely deserted Olympic arenas. It’s strange to think how so much hype and money can be thrown at one event for a short period of time. After it ends, it’s almost like it was never there or at least it is forgotten about for some time. It’s been a few months since the summer Olympic games ended in London and what’s left of it remains here in the evidence of these beautiful photographs. Check out the entire series by Janie Airey here.

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