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Music Video of the Day

I’m about a month late on posting this video, but even those it isn’t timely, I didn’t want to NOT share it. This is one of my favorite songs off of Mayer Hawthorne’s latest album and Rashida Jones even directed the music video and had this to say about it:

The video is a parody of ridiculously exclusive parties which are made nearly impossible to get to but tout themselves as ‘the party of the year.’ I liked the idea of the video starting as a sexy getting-ready video and devolving into a messy, very unsexy, unexpected trek. And the final realization is that YOU are the real party! I’m just starting to realize that about myself (which is why I stay home most nights). I am a HUGE fan of Mayer, Kendrick and of the song “Crime” and it was an honor to work with Mayer.

Here’s crossing my fingers that he’ll be touring again this year!


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Music Video of the Day

I didn’t know that the music video for this song was released only recently, but it’s so cute! When I first heard this song off the album, I instantly knew that it would be one of my favorites and it’s still to this day one that I like to listen to whenever I’m getting ready.

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Song of the Day

Coucheron ft. Eastside and Mayer Hawthorne – Deep End

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Remix of the Day

Mayer Hawthorne – Crime w/ Kendrick Lamar (Vice Remix)

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Behind the Door: Mayer Hawthorne

Welp – it finally happened! I went to my first show since living here in the Bay and I don’t think I could’ve have picked a better show to see. Mayer Hawthorne was the last musician I worked with when I was in Seattle so it was somewhat fitting that he was the first act I’d see after my big move. I’ve been a huge fan of Mayer Hawthorne since “A Strange Arrangement” and when I had the opportunity to plan out a music festival for my university, I felt a very strong pull towards booking him. I just knew that he was going to be something much bigger than he was at the time. It’s been nearly two years and he’s pretty much still with the same band if not the exact same band that I saw him perform with originally. His latest album “Where Does This Door Go?” is an incredible piece that boosts appearances from Pharrell Williams and Kendrick Lamar on his tracks.

Mayer Hawthorne and his band are some of the nicest people that I ever had a chance to work with and they are making something amazing. I was thrilled to be able to see them in Oakland this past weekend. Their new set includes a fresh batch of cover transitions, more tracks packed into the show than ever before because he now has three albums, and some pretty smooth choreography. The video above is a mini doc of the Behind the Scenes look at the making of “Where Does This Door Go?” and I found it to be pretty fascinating. I’m really excited for the direction in which this group is headed in and as long as they continue to tour here in the Bay, I’m going to continue to see them.


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Remix of the Day

Mayer Hawthorne – Reach Out Richard (Mitzi Remix)

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Favorites of 2013

Favorite Style Icon: Alexa Chung

This should really come as no surprise. Since Alexa Chung came into my life, I have always been a fan of her outfit choices. I noticed last year, I selected Taylor Swift, but really – Alexa blew her and everyone else out of the water in 2013. With her new book that we are dying to read and collections of hers popping up all over the place, we are looking forward to what she’ll be bringing to the table in 2014.

Runner up: Kiernan Shipka

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Christmas Wish List 2013

Comfort Food Toast Squishable – $35

I always end up making this list too close to Christmas so that by the time I list out things I could possibly want, it’s too late for my family to purchase them for me. Realistically, I don’t need any of these things for Christmas. They are merely just things that I can get for myself in the near future. We’ve actually been doing this Christmas List post for quite some time now so it wouldn’t have felt right if we didn’t have it again. I hope all of you have such a wonderful holiday. I’m off work for the week, but I’m really excited to be spending some time with Yow Yow! and prepping for our roundup posts that we do every year.

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Music Video of the Day

Well, we’re having a music moment this evening. I worked with Mayer Hawthorne a couple years ago, but it always helps when you’re booking an artist that you enjoy listening to them to begin with. Prior to booking him, I was a fan, and two years later not much has changed. His music has evolved, his name has gotten bigger, and he’s still got more style than most other musicians in the industry. “Reach Out Richard” was a single off the new album that was released before the album release date and ever since I first heard it it has been one of my favorites. Mayer Hawthorne finally unveiled the music video to his fans and there are three things that we need to make note of:

  • The footage from this video was taken from numerous shows on his last tour
  • Everything was shot with a GoPro
  • How adorable is younger Mayer Hawthorne in these vintage video clips with his father?


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Performances of the Day – Mayer Hawthorne

I go in and out of these moments in my life when I find myself really missing music. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to just listen to my own music, but when you’ve worked in and out of it in a close capacity for six years, resolving that void is a little bit different. Last week I received the sweetest email from one of my favorite bands back home. It helps that I love their sound (I’ve been a fan since their first single,) but they are some of the kindest individuals that I’ve ever worked with. I would have them perform at my wedding if they said yes! It’s this relationship and the relationship that I have working with smaller acts and acts like Mayer Hawthorne that are a constant reminder of how I came to be. Mayer Hawthorne is cool. He’s a man of very little words, but as we’ve all seen with his Lorde – Royals cover released last week, he is a genius. His latest album is a piece of work and one that I listen to every morning while I get ready. I didn’t get to catch him on tour before he left for Europe, but I loved watching these performances. It’s amazing to see how far he has come.

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Cover of the Day

Mayer Hawthorne – Royals (Lorde cover)

I’ve seen a lot of covers for this song lately, but this one is my favorite! We’re also partial to Mayer. Duh.

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Mayer Hawthorne’s Burger At Umami

At Yow Yow! we are very big fans of a man named Mayer Hawthorne. Not only did he release a hot new album this year (one of my favorites!) but Umami Burger also gave him his own burger! Here’s a video of him serving it to his fans. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’d better start soon because it’s only available until August 31st.

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Song of the Day

Mayer Hawthorne – Robot Love

Happy Sunday readers! It is 12:30AM right now and I am already compiling a list of posts I need to attack tomorrow morning, but I wanted to make sure you got your day started off right. Since this album came out, it has been all that I have been listening to while getting ready in the morning. I’m still blown away by Mayer’s work and if I could I would share every track on the album with you as the Song of the Day until I finished.


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Mayer Hawthorne on Jimmy Fallon

Yesterday was a very special day for Veronica, Charles, and I. Not only were we celebrating Veronica’s belated birthday at one of our old stomping ground restaurants in Capitol Hill, but we were also celebrating the release of Mayer Hawthorne’s latest album “Where Does This Door Go?” Two years ago, the three of us booked him for our college’s music festival and to this date, it’s still one of the things in my previous life as a booker that I am so proud of – mostly because…it’s just nuts and that life is insane! Our boy Mayer performed his single “Her Favorite Song” on Jimmy Fallon last night so check it out here!

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Blog Roundup

photo cred | Cake Spy

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- I haven’t posted anything about the Trayvon Martin case, but I will post this piece from The Frisky that I can stand behind. [Source]

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- 9 Ways to work out in San Francisco without stepping foot into a gym. Sounds like my kind of workout! [Source]

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