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Weekend Ventures: Portland

Looks like I’ll be able to check off one of my New Year’s resolutions very soon! Earlier this year, I vowed to travel more in 2015. At almost 25, I feel like I’m finally ready to take on all of the vacations and weekend trips that I always dreamed of slash never had the chance to take advantage of while I was in college. On an upcoming “cousins” trip, I’m excited to finally be able to explore Portland! I’ve driven through Seattle’s number two city twice now for road trips to San Francisco, but never had a chance to actually see the city. I hear that it is very much like Seattle, much more hipster, and full of delicious food. I love the Bay Area, but I’m looking forward to getting my Pacific Northwest on just for a little while. We’ll be creating a little packing list that we’ll post about soon just for the trip on Yow Yow!

Since I’ve never been before, does anyone have any suggestions?

I can’t wait to brunch, but it will be easy to find places I think because…Yelp. I’m also excited to try Salt & Straw, Stumptown in its own city AND of course Voodoo Doughnuts. I know it’s completely overrated, but I just have to.

After talking with my manager this week, she even encouraged me to go to one place a month in 2015. Can you imagine the damage that could do to my bank account? I’m excited nonetheless and I’m just going to take it one trip/adventure at a time just so I don’t wear myself out. :)

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Beauty for Breakfast Pt. 19

For most adults, baths aren’t really something you want to do to kick off your day, but if you certainly had the time, why not? I finally used my Lush bath bomb yesterday evening and it totally took me back to my childhood when baths were pretty much an everyday thing. Showers were scary at that age for me. Baths for me are a more recent thing though and Lush products are simply the best. They come in fun colors, they smell good, and the bath bombs last for so long. For someone like me who finds it difficult to find the time to just sit back and relax, bath time was perfection. It’s also just really easy to do. Recipe? A Lush bath bomb, lots of water, and a jambox to provide the soundtrack to your night.

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Super Bowl 49 – We’re Comin’ For You!

almost superbowl

OMG how amazing was today’s game? Pooping our pants, passing out, and almost vomitting were just a few of things that Mandi and I thought were going to happen to us. I know, that’s really gross and stuff and not really appropriate for Yow Yow! but the end of the game had us nearly pulling our hair out. I really wish I would’ve gotten a photo of the scene that was Mandi’s living room – both her and I screaming and yelling and Eric with his head in his hands and sitting on the upper ledge of their couch while Ryan explained to us some rules that we forgot about.

For the first time ever, I joined my friends in watching a Seahawks game at a bar. There happens to be a Seattle bar pretty close to Mandi’s place called Danny Coyle’s, but I arrived there at 10:55 AM this morning – well before kickoff – and found myself standing in line. Yep, there was a line before 11:00 AM at a bar. When we got pretty close to kick off time, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to get in so Ryan and I split up from our friends and found ourselves at another bar. While it’s exciting to watch with a huge group of strangers that are all a little bit more crazier than us, I found myself being pushed and shoved a bit which wasn’t fun. Also you know what else isn’t great? Not sitting for an entire game! After the third quarter, my friends and I decided that we were going to leave our respective bars and regroup at Mandi’s place to watch the last quarter and boy… was that a quarter.

I don’t want to say that I didn’t think that we could make a comeback because we have plenty of times before, but there was a point in time where I was nervous and realized my anxiety levels reaching its max. That’s nothing new when I’m watching the Seahawks though.

Doug Baldwin, I love you. Pete, when you’re happy, we’re all happy and Russell, don’t cry – you’re going to the Super Bowl AGAIN!!!!! Seattle, I’m so happy to have come from you. Let’s do this one more time.


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Elevator Etiquette

Being in an elevator with a bunch of strangers is already awkward enough. You’re confined to a small space and if you are on the top floor you have to make a stop each time to let more and more people off. You also have to watch people get on the elevator to go up one floor when they easily could’ve walked up the stairs and get there faster.

Today, I experienced my first instance of what I call “Elevator Bullying.” Unless I’m doing something after work, I typically just arrive without a jacket since I’m indoors the entire day. And whatever, I keep a hoodie and a blanket at my desk if I’m ever cold. Normal, okay? So when I arrived this morning to the parking garage walking towards the elevator and wearing my sleeveless blouse, I get called out by a random woman who asks me where my jacket is followed by a series of questions and comments about herself.

“Aren’t you freezing?” “I always wear a jacket even in the parking garage.” “Are you really not cold?”

Lady, there’s a heater in my car. Can you relax?

While we’re waiting for the elevator, two more of her co-workers join us and continue to berrate me.

“Where’s your jacket? “Do you know how cold it is out there?” “I’m wearing my long coat right now and I’m still freezing.”

Jesus christ, sir, I came from Seattle. This is California; it’s not that cold, okay?

At this point, I’m just dying to get off on my floor, but instead we go up to level 1 where a fourth co-worker joins us and good god – he’s wearing a puffer jacket (to make my situation even worse.) The guy already in the elevator with me goes, “See! This is appropriate attire for the weather we’re having.” They all chuckle to themselves and puffer jacket has no idea what’s going on so they tell him, “It’s okay, we’ll tell you later” because after they get off the elevator, they’re going to continue talking about me – the girl who showed up to her office without a jacket.

First off, I’m an adult. We aren’t co-workers and you don’t know me. You don’t get to talk to me like that. I can wear whatever I want. I wish in that moment that I would have been brave enough or quick enough to stand up for myself, but I know myself, and sometimes I don’t do well in situations like that and shrink to the back of the elevator embarassed. I realized though that it ended up bothering me all day because going to work and dressing the way that I do makes me feel happy and in this quick moment, a bunch of strangers had wanted to tear me down for something that had no relation to their life, but because they wanted to feel better about themselves – being older than me, being…I don’t know wiser than me and conscious about the temperature outside.

So readers, I’m telling you this story because it can be so quick to judge other people whether it’s in the elevator or out in public (yes, I’m guilty of this too,) but don’t think for a second that you know someone’s  situation or anything about them. Just keep your comments to yourself, k? Adults are bullies too and you don’t want to be one of them. Ugh. Wednesdays, man.

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Proud Owner:

What person doesn’t love to start out the year with a brand new spankin’ wardrobe?! Not only was “dressing better” one of my resolutions this year, it was also just dressing smarter. I wanted to really invest in long-lasting pieces that I knew I could wear over and over again and with other pieces that I already love. That means not succumbing to trends that are going to go away in a season and making sure that when I buy a piece I really love it. Over the holidays, I went on a little splurge at one of my favorite stores – Aritzia. I already own so much from them, but for the past couple of weeks they have been having a massive sale and naturally we had to take advantage of it. In fact, I’ve already been wearing a new piece from them every day this week and I’m bummed that I didn’t get to document it – but my new clothes aren’t going anywhere so they’ll be another opportunity for this.

I kicked off this past Monday with my new Babaton Dexter Pant. I knew that this was going to be something that I was hunting for in the new year so when I went to Aritzia I picked out a couple of black pants in similar styles. This one was actually picked out for me by a woman working at the store and granted it was the most expensive pair…but it was by far, the best pair. I love the way that I feel in these. Completely comfortable and ready to do anything. The elastic waist band was exactly what I was looking for because I didn’t want to struggle with a drawstring (too casual) and buttons and a clasp (too complicated.) When I wear these pants, I can just put them on and go. I paired these with a black sleeveless Madewell blouse and my Vince Camuto heels. It was fancy, but not too fancy. We satisfied the “I, at least, look put together on a Monday” look.

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Seattle, You Haven’t Changed

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I spent a grand ten days back home in Seattle for the holidays – the longest visit out of all of my visits since I moved to the Bay. Prior to flying back, I thought that my duration was going to be a bit too long for my own comfort, but I actually found myself really enjoying being home. In the past, I had to make all of my plans one week ahead and jam pack my entire day so that I could see everyone and not have to drive back and forth out of Seattle. This year, I decided to not really do any of that. The home was quiet, the silence was nice, and my parents are funny so they make for some pretty good company. On my second day home, my girlfriends from college and I brunched at Portage Bay in the land of Amazon buildings! This area is so quiet because people only come to Amazon to work on the weekdays.

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Currently Craving:

Similar to how they say you should never go to a grocery store while hungry, the same can be said about going to Pinterest when you’re hungry. Since I’ve been enjoying my time off of work these past few weeks, I’ve really had to fend for myself in terms of food. As much as I could avoid it, I tried to quit eating out…with the exception of Asian Box, and Arby’s roast beef sandwich anddddd a salad from Nordstrom. Today, was the first time that I’ve ever spent more time in my kitchen since I’ve lived here which isn’t saying much because I just made mac and cheese. Adult life is hard and I’ve forgotten how to make enough food in the kitchen that can fill me up!

Here is what I wish I were eating right now… now I’m just going to go make a can of corn. bai!

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My Most Important Lesson in 2014

It hasn’t been a year since Sam has passed away, but we’re nearing his birthday and he would have been 25 this year. He would’ve done 25 amazingly. In recent weeks, thoughts of Sam have come up a lot more and even more vividly than I would have imagined. Grief is something that I never experienced fully until we lost Sam and I think that what I have learned the most in 2014 is that grief is ongoing. We all hope to mourn in the moment when something happens and while we think that that may just be it, that’s not usually the case. I know that I’m going to mourn for Sam at least twice a year – his birthday and the day that he left us – and addititionally more days after that.

When I thought of him the other day, I was taken back to a time of our heart-to-hearts except what would’ve been the future. In it, we have those lengthy conversations that my friends and I have presently.

Sam was the kind of friend that always wanted to make sure that his friends were happy without ever expecting too much back. He’d ask you all of the right questions, but never doubt any of your answers. He was a really good listener in that way.

In what I dreamed to be a future chat Sam asked:

“Are you happy? What about him makes you happy? Would he be friends with us? Has he met your family? And what did they think? Do you think you’ll ever move back to Seattle? Are you happy with the way your career has turned out so far?” I’d answer all of his questions and at the end he would laugh and say “Ok bud, as long as you are happy.”

I don’t always remember the dreams that I have, but I’ve been dreaming about this one for weeks. This is the type of catch-up conversation you’d have with most of your friends as you move forward through life. However, this is not a conversation that I will ever be able to have with Sam. What saddens me the most is that I’m not going to watch Sam become a loving husband or a phenomenal parent and we can’t ever routinely catch up in our lives like we should be. My hope is that somewhere Sam is living out the life that he always dreamed of and that he’ll be able to tell me about it again in my dreams one day.

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Yow Yow’s Yearly Recap

Everyone who knows me knows that I love data and statistics as long as it means that I don’t have to be one compiling all of it. This has always been one of my favorite posts to look back on, but boy is it just a little menace to put together. Lucky for me this time, I had Gossip Girl Season 1 to keep me company while I worked on this. It’s been quite the year for Yow Yow! We’ve focused on some new content mostly my transition from Seattle to the Bay Area and mostly just tried to do our best to keep up on all the news – the one thing that seems to keep me on my toes these days.

Yow Yow! is 6 years old now! Welcome to 1st grade, baby!

Stats from 2013 will be on the left and italicized while stats from 2014 will be right and bold.

1,294,886 total visits to Yow Yow! – – – – – – – – – – –  1,400,602 total visits to Yow Yow!

*In just 2014, there were 105,260 visits to Yow Yow!

9,167 Posts, 3,152 Comments 12,122 Tags – – – – –  10,113 Posts 2,878 Comments 12,926 Tags (cumulative)

Top Post of 2014 – “Hipster Disney Princesses In Real Life” – 5,133 views (written in 2012)

Top Post Written in 2013 – “18 Types of Asian Girls” – 1,552 views

Busiest Month in Terms of Views – January 2013 (24,905 views) – – – – – January 2014 (11,072 views)

Highest Average Visits Per Day – January 2013 (803 views) – – – – –  – January 2014 (357 views)

Credits + References

Worked with

  • Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Top Referring Sites in 2013 Were:

  • Pinterest.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Quora.com
  • holliswongwear.com

Most of My Visitors Came From:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom

Music Festivals Covered:

  • Treasure Island Music Fest


*We reached 1,000 posts for “Songs of the Day”

*We reached 10,000 overall posts!

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Happy 2015!

Did anyone wake up looking like this this morning?! I hope all of you had a safe and very fun New Year’s Eve! My friends and I ultimately decided that we were going to save our moneys and not blow it on Vegas last minute to opt for celebrating in the city instead. Okay – actually, I made that decision because I needed to save my $$$ per my New Year’s resolutions post! We actually had a really fun time though and caught Mayer Hawthorne’s DJ set at PublicWorks which was amazing.

Naturally, we capped off our celebration this morning by hunting for open brunch places and wallowing over a very mediocre brunch. We also decided that the best kind of brunch to have when you’re hungover is not a fancy brunch because those generally don’t get finished up like they should because you’re so hungover. Instead the best brunch is a very mediocre one – just enough to get some solid food into you.

With that, we wanted to let you know how excited we were to start 2015! I’m going to be 25 this year and I can’t wait to see what’s going to be in store for us next with everything and Yow Yow! Onto year 6, y’all!

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What I Wore to Ring in 2015

[Sunday Best Sexton Dress]

I got a little too excited about New Year’s Eve tonight and what I’d be wearing that I pulled on my outffit right out of the shower. I still have a few errands to run, but I’m thinking about just pulling a sweater over this so that I can continue wearing it. Does that sound like an acceptable idea? I recently purchased this dress along with many other pieces from the Aritzia sale and instantly knew that it was going to be New Year’s Eve worthy. While it’s a little bit of a sexy dress, there are plenty of opportunities to dress it down. It also flares out at the bottom so it doesn’t cling to your body like it looks like it would in this photo above. I’ve also been itching to own a little velvet in my collection recently, but could never opt for anything that was all velvet so the dainty velvet floral on this is just perfect.

I’m pairing this with a minimalistic gold bar necklace, my Catbird ring and my new stack ring from Madewell along with my newest Vince Camuto black heels. More pictures later, we promise!


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Favorites of 2014

Favorite Style Icon: Lily Aldridge

Lily is a style icon both on the runway and on the red carpet. This year, we really got to see her show up at a lot of events dressed to perfection. She was featured in our “Snaps for a Snapshots” several times in 2014 so even by the numbers alone, she beats everyone else. We’re looking forward to seeing more of her in 2015 and someday taking over the head angel slot when Adriana and Alessandra retire.

Runner up: Jamie Chung

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In 2015, I Vow to…

Last year, I didn’t make a resolutions post. I had just moved to a new city and started a job a few months before and back then, I didn’t really know what to expect out of the year. In fact, sometimes I think when you go into things without any expectations at all, you end up surprising yourself. 2014 was a wonderful year filled with joy, challenges, wins, loss, and a whole lot of love both near and far. Having finally moved away from home for the first time, I learned how difficult it could be to not have visability into everything happening back in Seattle, but that I had to also survive on my own for the first time and not rely on others that I knew were just a phone call away.

Well it’s been a year. I took everything day by day and though I’m not writing this from Seattle, I finally feel like I have a firm grasp on my new home and my two feet on the ground. So there’s some things that I really want to strive for in 2015 and I think we can do it and we should. I’m about to turn 25 in a few months and I think naturally 25 is just meant to be an awesome year for everyone.


  • Be more of an adult – I’m going to get another credit card which I’m excited about because not only do I think it’s just time  for another one, I know it will really challenge me to be more on top of my finances. I’m going to discipline myself to save more and more each month because I’ve wasted a lot of time not saving when I could have. My dear friend Toby told me recently that she wish she would have started this when she was my age. She just bought a house and someday I’m going to need to the same! I’m also going to rip off a chunk from my student loans and there’s no better feeling than getting that balance closer to zero. The average time it takes to pay off your student loans is 10 years and my goal is to beat that!
  • Make smart purchases – I’m someone that loves gift giving, but I realize sometimes I do these outside of the gift giving windows ie) holidays/birthdays. I need to practice spending money not just for the sake of spending it, but spending it on worthwhile purchases. I also need to make sacrifices and understand when it’s okay to make a smart purchase for myself for things I really need even the ones that are a little bit more costly, but absolutely necessary.
  • Dress better – Working in tech, it can be easy to choose comfort over style. Getting dressed for work has never been easier because I know that I can literally show up in anything and be fine with it, but what I didn’t realize is that what I wear impacts how I feel about myself and my day. I recently tried to attempt the fancy sweatpants look because of the latest trend and realized I never felt as lazy as I did when I wore those to work. Like every new school year and every new year, it’s time to just purge the closet and start the new year off with a new wardrobe.
  • Channel Taylor Swift – I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift. I don’t always understand her, but what I’ve always appreciated is that she has a strong group of girlfriends always behind her. Team Katie was a nice reminder at home this time around, but I can’t take them with me back to the Bay and I’ve gotta have that strong support system with me down there too. I’ve forgotten how important it is to have those “girl nights” and I’ve really missed them!
  • Wear high heels – At 25 years old, I’m going to trade in my everyday flats for heels and my vasaline for lipstick. One thing that I’ve always struggled with is looking my age (sometimes that can’t be helped!) but sometimes you can change it and it starts with your every day routine.
  • Treat myself to a vacation – After moving away, I felt a really strong pull to visit Seattle often. I was lucky to have been able to 3 times this past year, but now that I know that Seattle just isn’t going anywhere, I’d like to take advantage of 2015 by taking a vacation for me and going somewhere for an extended period of time. I always said that since I never had the opportunity to study abroad, that I would save it until after I graduated school and it looks like that time is pretty much now.
  • Stay active – Last year, I took a few hikes and spent some time climbing. I’d like to do more of that this year and follow-through with some of the things I’ve been wanting to do like that dance class that I’ve been putting off and SoulCycle in the city.

So readers, as you inch closer to the new year, are you starting to write up your New Year’s resolutions? We’d love to know!

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Beauty for Breakfast Pt. 18

With regards to makeup and beauty products, I’ve always been a late bloomer. I still have no clue what I’m doing and if there’s an option to have a friend do my makeup or me doing it myself, I’ll always choose the friend. For years and years, I shyed away from lipgloss (too sticky) and lipstick (so not me) for vaseline. A little shine and a whole lot of moisturizing was all I needed. However, I decided recently that vaseline just wasn’t appropriate for going out. Instead of going from day-to-night, I was still day-to-day at a bar or at an event.

My friend Natalie suggested that I try Revlon’s Colorburst. I called this the gateway lipstick, but we’ll do another post on that later. From Revlon, I started becoming more open to the idea of trying lipstick. I did a consultation at Sephora to try on a bunch of different colors and felt like an imitation clown. Then I remembered I had received a sample size of Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink and used it for work one day. It was natural enough to wear in the office, but still made a difference in my look and was obviously not vaseline. Since then, I haven’t gone anywhere without this lipstick. The color is long-lasting, moisturizing and glides on pretty evenly. I never considered Makeup Forever to be the brand that I would kickstart into first, but it has proven to be a very good choice for me.

[Makeup Forever]

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Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

Knowing what I know about how this year has been going for Yow Yow! I was a little bit nervous as to which posts would reach the top. It’s been a slow year, but it hasn’t been all that quiet. We’ve had a lot of fun with the blog and we’re going to continue doing so in the next year as well!

With that, here are our top 10 posts from the year 2014:

  1. 18 Types of Asian Girls
  2. Yow Yow! Visits Molly Moon’s!
  3. 16 Reasons Why We Should Root for the Seahawks @ the Super Bowl 
  4. Our Beef With The Bachelor
  5. Coachella 2014 Street Style (sorry for the broken links!)
  6. The Way Way Back Home
  7. Ariana Grande’s Dance Moves (and broken YouTube link womp womp…)
  8. Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Are Engaged!
  9. Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Are Engaged!
  10. C. Lowe By Scarlet & Gold
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