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MTV’s “No Cameras Allowed”

I’m totally interested in watching this. MTV just made a documentary about a guy who has been sneaking into major music festivals and capturing his entire experience. You can watch the full documentary here. And I’ll probably watch this when I have time next!

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A Collection Part 40

As the years go on, the “A Collection” posts get farther and farther apart from each other! When it comes to the end of summer, I always feel like it’s the most appropriate time to wrap things up. I started this post back in April, can you believe it? It’s about time we got this published!

Goodbye summer. Hello fall! We’re so excited to be in you!

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The Weekend: 5 Things

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It’s been some time since I’ve had a weekend of eating, but that’s exactly what this weekend was for me. Ashley completed her 8-week internship at Stanford and to celebrate, we filled our stomachs with the most delicious food. Her younger sister was also in town so we made sure to take her to all of our favorite spots in the South Bay.

First off, My Lovecats ring finally arrived and I haven’t taken it off since…except in the shower because I am terrified of getting it wet. It is the most darling little ring I have ever purchased for myself and I am even thinking about making the move to additional stacks.

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Blog Roundup

- The Best and Worst Foods to Cure a Hangover [Greatist]

- Some things we don’t really like about San Francisco (don’t worry, we like the rest!) [Refinery 29]

- Cocktails Inspired by Wes Anderson films [Paste]

- What you should never wear to a wedding [WhoWhatWear]

- “I Found Out The Hard Way That My Cousin is a Porn Star” [The Hundreds] Wow – best thing I’ve read in a long time.

- Nicole Richie tells Oprah about the easiest and hardest part about marriage. [Refinery 29]

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Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Well what kind of blog would we be if we didn’t post this trailer as it was released today? I don’t really understand the hype around this movie or these books. Though I haven’t read the books myself, I had a number of people tell me that it wasn’t well written and that they didn’t enjoy reading it. That’s what my friends said about Twilight too, but there were still so many people watching that. I had to watch the trailer because I was intrigued. I figured if it was being released on The Today Show that this had to be a big deal. After watching the trailer, my views on it haven’t really changed. The film is being released on Valentine’s Day of next year – nearly 7 months from now! This was just a 2:25 minute trailer and everyone went nuts. There’s not much else to say about the weird sounds at the end… didn’t that just remind you of some kind of a horror movie?

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Snowpiercer As A Children’s Book

Well, the cover of this book definitely looks a lot happier than what the movie actually was.

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Thank goodness I had Ash by my side this past weekend because I definitely couldn’t have walked away with my TopShop purchases from Nordstrom without her! Um. Hi. I need a Nordstrom card. If you haven’t been living under a rock then you know that it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! ie) the most celebrated time of the year for Ashley and I. Early access is great. It’s a privilege I don’t have, but need. If I had to wait until it was open to the public then I’m almost sure everything I wanted would have been sold out by then.

This movie is kind of insane.

photo 1

We threw an impromptu bachelorette party!

photo 2

We discovered these qt bears in a store in the Mission that turn into neck pillows when you turn them inside out. I would just keep it as the bear.

photo 3

I decided this morning that I wanted to embark on a journey of trying all of the “Fried Egg Sandwiches” in San Francisco. This one is from Market and Rye and while I loved the taste of their bacon, I didn’t really love their mustard aioli. It’s not their fault, I just don’t like mustard.


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Snaps for A Snapshot

Who: Nicola Peltz

Wearing: Stella McCartney bodysuit w/ a Dolce & Gabbana lace skirt.

Where: “Transformers: Age of Extinction” press tour in Berlin, Germany

We don’t normally feature someone for “Snaps for a Snapshot” nearly twice in one month, but when you dress as well as Nicola Peltz, how could we not?! The 19-year old has definitely caught our eye while on her tour promoting her recent film and while we hear the film isn’t really good, she’s totally nailing it with her outfits on the red carpet. I love how she paired a skirt with this body suit and kept it classy. The cutouts on the side add a little sexiness to this all white outfit.


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Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Nicola Peltz

Wearing: Giambattista Valli

Where: Shanghai premiere of “Transformers: Age of Extinction”


I really loved her Bates Motel. I’m excited to see what’s up for her next after this film.

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Blog Roundup

- Garden State gets its own vinyl [Prefix Mag]

- American Apparel’s CEO Dov Charney gets fired [The New York Times]

- 13 Summer movies every guy should see [Cool Material]

- A photo series of “What the World Eats” [Trendland]

- Free outdoor movie screenings all over the Bay Area [Thrillist]

- How to set a table in 10 seconds

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The Week: 5 Things

There was one more notable thing that happened during the week that I felt should be included in this post. Earlier this week, our interns and employees went on a short train ride over to Menlo Park for Off the Grid! I’ve only ever been to the one in Haight with my friend Sam a few years back so I was excited to try a different location. The first truck I made a beeline for was The Chairman, which I remembered from the last time I was at Off the Grid. The Pork Belly Bao is the most delicious bite (or more than a few bites for me!) After this, I went on to have a warm Empanada. The best thing about Off the Grid is that there is always so much variety and so many different things to try. I’m looking forward to my next trip there or even … the Fort Mason off the grid with 30+ vendors!

This movie.

photo 1

By Friday, things start to get a little wacky.

photo 2

Oyster shucking in the office! We shipped 100 oysters over from Boston – some of the best oysters I’ve ever had.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Three juices purchased for three meal substitutions this week! The third one was my dinner tonight. We survived. By we I mean me and my stomach. We’ll make a separate post for this later once I’ve finished.

photo 4

And a bonus 6th photo of some grumpy diners at Pizzeria Delfina.

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Ice Cube Says Nice Things Angrily

Did anyone catch 22 Jump Street this weekend? I watched it last night and absolutely loved it. Ice Cube was too good.

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What If…

Daniel Radcliffe gives romantic comedies a try! I don’t know how I feel about the plot actually, but I’m a fan of Zoe Kazan and am interested to see her in it.

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Some of my co-workers and I took over a space in the Mission this past Friday for a WF-San Francisco day. The patio was littered with pretty plants! As much as I love my office, it’s really nice to be in a different space sometimes.

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

It has been a long time since I’ve had a jam-packed weekend like this one. We were talking about everything we did this morning and already what we did on Friday seemed like it happened last week. We spent our Saturday exploring The Mission, which in a way feels like home to me because it is so similar to Capitol Hill. Since we were in the neighborhood I consciously found myself craving an Earl Grey Milk Tea. Oh and we happen to be in the same neighborhood where Boba Guys is located? How convenient…

Boba Guys doesn’t double up as a shoe start if this photograph confused anyone. We also stopped by Shoe Biz.

Fellow Barber

Somebody needed a hair chop so we took a number at Fellow Barber. This little doggie was too cute.

urban putt

Last week, I wrote a post about Urban Putt – the new indoor mini golf course located in The Mission! As a surprise to my friends, I organized a get together for us. Since it was their first weekend open they were in “Beta Mode” and instead of charging $12 per person, we only had to pay $6 per person. Not a bad deal. The golf course was interesting and full of San Francisco character. Our wait was 40 minutes when we got there at 7:30, but understandable since it was opening weekend. The beers were cheap and the place was packed. Unfortunately, we only got about five holes before we decided to throw in the towel. We have commitment issues.

urban putt1

Classic photo bomber.

If you’re looking for something to watch on NetFlix, I highly recommend Short Term 12. I actually blogged about this film last summer when I first came across the trailer and now that I’ve seen the film I think it is extraordinary. If you’re going to watch it, make sure you have a box of tissues next to you. I found myself curled up in a ball weeping over Brie Larson and the rest of the people in this film.

Sometimes, you just have to let it out.

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