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What We’d Wear To Ring In The New Year 2012

With the holiday parties coming in before New Year’s Eve, we often times forget about what we’re going to wear to the big event. Well, we either forget or it turns out to be a last minute buy and for an event this big, it deserves our attention doesn’t it. Who am I kidding? Even this post is a little bit late because you’re going to be a little bit scrapped for time purchasing a dress now – but hey – I’m here for you. And I’m a hypocrite because I bought my New Year’s Eve dress last Sunday.

I’m sorry.

Let’s get started – we can’t waste anymore time.

Zara Dress with Faux Leather Waist – $49.99

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What New Year’s Eve Party Are You Going To?

pic cred: The Daily What

Oh…this one!

Just kidding, I don’t actually have my New Year’s Eve plans figured out yet. This fake New Year’s Eve flier was passed around the interwebz today and as funny as it is reading it, we all know that there’s an 80% chance of these scenarios happening.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the holiday. In the past couple of years, my celebration has been pretty tame. Last year, I was sick. Two years ago, Samantha and I played third and fourth wheel to our best friend and previous boyfriend’s evening. There was some dinner at a nice restaurant involved and a showing of a British or Australian zombie movie on TV with a title that could have been confused with a porno.

This year, I’m going into it with no expectations or at least lowered expectations. New Year’s Eve is a classy holiday, but yet I always find that it is ruined by schmammeredness and dresses that are not fit for the evening or – dresses that just don’t fit (right). My plans may be up in the air right now, but I’ll do you a solid and make you proud.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Ring In The New Year With These Dresses

Anytime alcohol is combined with evening wear, there is a chance of something going wrong. Your biggest concern should not be what you will be wearing the night of New Year’s Eve, but it should be to make sure that the dress is intact and shines throughout the entire night. We all know my personal stance on how alcohol can ruin a decent dress by making you look like a mess so I hope all of you will keep that in mind when you go out this holiday. And remember, the best accessory to wear with your dress is your confidence. A classy lady who knows how to have a good time without being too schwasted is a girl that will turn heads.

Milan Cutout Dress – $58

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In Movies Kevin and I Won’t See

New York, I Love You and Valetine’s Day.

I know some people really enjoy movies like these, but they are such disorganized messes that not even an all-star cast can save the actual film.

We are so over your ish.

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In the News…


- Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj will be the new spokespeople for MAC Viva Glam in 2012. [Source]

- Alexa Chung will host a new fashion reality television show on Lifetime similar to Project Runway, but with a new batch of contestants in each episode. [Source]

- Karl Lagerfeld is collaborating w/ Macy’s this fall with a collection just in time for back to school shopping at their downtown location.[Source]

- Rumored Grace Coddington has sold her memoir for $1.2 Million. [Source]


- Feist’s new album “Metals” will be out October 4, 2011. [Source]

- Seattle native and musician Stacie Orrico is working on a new album. [Source]

- Kanye West and Jay-Z on tour here.


- Ryan Murphy clarifies his statement about Cory, Lea, and Chris leaving by saying that they are only “graduating,” but not leaving the show completely. [Source]

- Chord Overstreet will not be returning to Glee and has declined the show’s offer to be on for a portion of the season. [Source]

- The Arrested Development movie is totally happening. [Source]


- I really don’t enjoy movies like these, but I figured some of you did. So here’s the trailer for New Years Eve featuring your fair share of overrated celebrities.

- Could it be? Sex and the City prequel rumors? [Source]


- Congratulations THEEsatisfaction who just signed with Sub Pop! [Source]

- Seattle bars may extend hours for certain bars. [Source]

-Izilla Toys on 12th Ave closed today. [Source]

- How are the Mariners doing this season? And…every season? [Source]

- Capitol Hill will host a Seattle vs. New York Turntable.Fm smack down! [Source]


- Prince William has gifted Kate his mother’s favorite earrings. [Source]

- Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are no longer longer engaged. [Source]

- Jesse James and Kat Von D are over. Wait…didn’t that already happen? [Source]

- An Arkansas high school chose two valedictorians because the first valedictorian was black. The second valedictorian chosen was white and was selected because the high school believed parents would be upset. WHY does this STILL exist? [Source]

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Snooki’s New Years Eve Drop

Little Snooki will be inside a ball that will drop on New Year’s Eve at midnight in Times Square. All Jersey Shore members will be present at the televised event, but only Snooki will be the one to break the world record. Comedian Whitney Cummings will be hosting while Flo Rida will be performing.

Oh Snooki


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