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Gastown Walking

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset

Beanie – Wilfred // Coat – Topshop by Nordstrom // Leggings – Aritzia // Boots – Hunter // Scarf – borrowed from Mom

Remember the days when I was just too self-conscious to be posting photos of my outfit that we used a space helmet to make things a little bit easier? I’ve learned that when you’re traveling for work, it’s importnat to set aside time for yourself on your trips where you do things that are just for you. Taking advantage of being home in Seattle very recently, I decided to take a trip with my family up to Vancouver so that we could do a little eating and a whole lot of shopping. This was something that Kevin and I used to do when we were younger – taking day trips up to visit our favorite boutiques. Naturally, it was pouring and made for the most unpleasant experience. Shopping in the rain is the worst, but I’m glad I was able to return home with a few new pieces that I love.

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The Weekend: Last Weekend’s Seattle Trip

For the first time in a long time, I finally took a vacation! I was returning home for the wedding of my beautiful friend Natalie, but decided that a weekend just wasn’t enough so I tacked on a couple of extra days and tried to go off the grid from work. For someone who hasn’t really taken a true vacation (outside of company holidays) not checking email was extremely hard for me! I’m the only person on my team who gets a notification to my phone every time a new email comes into my inbox and it’s helpful in urgent cases, but causes me to have a sense of urgency 24/7. Having to ignore that on vacation was tough, but got easier as the long weekend went on. Here are just a few snaps from a very memorable return home.

Seattle greeted me with the most beautiful end of summer weather!

Every time I’m home, I find myself completely stretched for time and wanting to eat at all my favorite places and not enough home cooked meals as I would’ve wanted! I was supposed to catch up with a friend for happy hour at my favorite place in college – Cha Cha’s, but when I heard that he would be late, I made a very quick decision to sprint like 7 blocks down the hill to Taylor Shellfish for half a dozen oysters. That’s all I thought I would have time for! They must’ve thought I was crazy for running in and out of there and…by myself, but it was so worth it!

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Erin Fetherston Unveils Wedding Collection

Coralie Foiled Silk Chiffon Gown, $395

The summer wedding season may be coming to a close, but news of designers collaborating on wedding collections sure isn’t! Recently, we discussed on Yow Yow! how Lauren Conrad and her friend Maura McManus had unveiled their collection and now it seems like Erin Fetherston is joining the game as well in a collaboration with Nordstrom. This is something that we can completely get on board with it because every season, we’re always highlighting her collections. As you might imagine, the collection is full of delicate fabrics, a hue of pastels, and flirty and feminine pieces. Here are our favorites:

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In Fashion Start-Up News

I may be working at a tech start-up, but that makes me even more fascinated with start-ups that are directly related to my interests. Last week, two very big things happened. One fashion start-up got acquired while another with so much potential (so we thought) shuttered. So how does that happen? Competition? Because that’s just the nature of the game? I’ve been wondering about this for awhile and I don’t really have the research or the data to back it up, but I find it to be very very interesting.

Prior to Trunk Club getting acquired by Nordstrom officially, I had been reading about the rumors of this weeks before. Trunk Club is a shopping service for men who don’t like to bring themselves to shop at retailers or the mall. The Trunk Club man works closely with a stylist to share what his interests are and what he is most comfortable in and the stylist puts together a “trunk” – some of which you would find above and sends it straight to your doorstep. The items you like, you get to purchase while the ones you don’t can be returned back. I thought it was an incredible service. I witnessed someone receiving a trunk once and I wrote about it on Quora. There hasn’t been a really great equivalent for it for women other than Stitchfix, which I heard was a hit or miss sometimes. What I’m still trying to figure out is what being acquired really means. What will the Seattle retailer do with the Chicago start-up? How will Trunk Club change itself? How will Nordstrom incorporate themselves into Trunk Club? I have so many questions.

The second big piece of news is that Hukkster shut down last Friday. They had a pretty awful name, but a great idea and supportive backing. The star-up raised $4.5 million dollars in venture capital over the last two years. The start-up which allows users to save items they like on the websites of their favorite retailers and receive notification of when the price has dropped was founded by two former J. Crew employees. Additionally, it was backed by the Winklevoss twins. For an idea that would have gained so much popularity among people – women especially – I am surprised that it only lasted two years.

It’s not a bold statement by any means, but I think it’s clear that anything can happen in the start-up world. One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone. It’s amazing to be in this industry and I’m learning so much, but I can’t wait to see what will happen next in the years to come.

[1, 2]

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Monique Lhuillier Spring 2015 Collection

So we don’t have a Wedding Mondays video for you this week. I promise, I tried! I was behind for two weeks on two of my favorite wedding blogs and in those two weeks there weren’t any videos that I was dying to share with you all. I did, however, stumble upon a couple of other wedding posts that we think could be appropriate substitutes.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how Yow Yow! could transform over the years. There is never a shortage for what I want to do with it and the content. I may be busy with my new job, but I honestly can’t imagine a life without Yow Yow! And I’m really excited to continue on with this. Wedding Mondays is a huge part of what makes this blog and what I love about it is that it is consistent, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dive into other wedding details. Good lord, can you imagine how Yow Yow! will look when wedding moments happen in MY life? – ie) when my friends all start getting married or I become a bridesmaid and can give you a full insider scoop? I can’t wait!

We’re trying something different today. Monique Lhuillier recently released photographs to Green Wedding Shoes on their Spring 2015 collection and while I always thought I loved the very slim looking white dress, I’m starting to be open to new suggestions lately. These gowns are just too stunning to pass on.

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Proud Owner:

And now that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is live, I can finally share with you all of my purchases from this past week!

‘Maisie’ Top Coat for those blistering winds in San Francisco in the fall/winter and trips to Seattle!

topshop top

For nights out in the city and dress-up work days – Topshop Cutaway Wrap Back Shell. The draping is just the best part of this top.

suede booties

Grey Munro ‘Kara’ Suede booties – for the perfect long-sleeved dresses to wear with in the upcoming season!

I’m very fortunate to have had Ashley and Nadia save me by having the Nordstrom card and giving me early access to the Nordstrom sale this year, but who knows if I’ll have that special treatment next year. Looks like it’s time to apply for my own card :)

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Thank goodness I had Ash by my side this past weekend because I definitely couldn’t have walked away with my TopShop purchases from Nordstrom without her! Um. Hi. I need a Nordstrom card. If you haven’t been living under a rock then you know that it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! ie) the most celebrated time of the year for Ashley and I. Early access is great. It’s a privilege I don’t have, but need. If I had to wait until it was open to the public then I’m almost sure everything I wanted would have been sold out by then.

This movie is kind of insane.

photo 1

We threw an impromptu bachelorette party!

photo 2

We discovered these qt bears in a store in the Mission that turn into neck pillows when you turn them inside out. I would just keep it as the bear.

photo 3

I decided this morning that I wanted to embark on a journey of trying all of the “Fried Egg Sandwiches” in San Francisco. This one is from Market and Rye and while I loved the taste of their bacon, I didn’t really love their mustard aioli. It’s not their fault, I just don’t like mustard.


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Wit & Wonder!


Photo Cred | Nordstrom Seattle Instagram

If I could hoard anything in my life, it would probably be all of the goods from the Wit & Wonder! pop-up shop at the Nordstrom Flagship in Seattle. I made my first trip there when I was home for the holidays and ended up coming back with coasters in the shape of toast. Toast. Coasters. I haven’t used them once. Some people thought it was real toast. That’s another story though. The pop-up shop is full of goods that represent Seattle pride and are home to gifts that can be given to just about anyone in your life – friends/family/etc. I just saw this photo on their Instagram from today and discovered that the pop-up shop changes seasonally. Well, isn’t that the kind of news that I just dream of? I’ll be back for all of this next month.

Gimme gimme. Moar.

(I’m Britney.)

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Design Your Own DV by Dolce Vita Sandals

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 7.28.31 PM

I don’t think I have ever been this excited about shoes. I’m absolutely obsessed with DV by Dolce Vita sandals and after making my first purchase for wedges last summer, I’ve been on track to continue buying them on an annual basis. While in San Diego, I finally purchased a pair of flat sandals that I am wearing as we speak. When I received an email in my inbox from Nordstrom this week announcing that you can customize your own DV by Dolce Vita sandals, I nearly jumped out of my seat – and by seat I mean I squirmed in the corner section of my sectional at home. Granted, any pair you customize yourself can actually be bought online as is, but it’s so much more fun to feel like you created your own. Currently, I am deciding between the one pictured above (tan+yellow) or (tan+blue)

To view all the options you can create, click here.

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The Way Way Back Home

It’s a weird experience to be coming home for the first time. The city that you once had infinite time in is now limited and there’s a little bit of anxiety surrounding it because you want to do everything you can in that time fame, but you always want some time to yourself. There is really no happy medium. I now know what it’s like though to be on the side of it when my friends from out of town would visit and couldn’t see me every time they were here. I don’t think I have ever taken Seattle for granted, but this visit as well as my visit from Thanksgiving has made me appreciate so many of the little things that I once loved about my hometown.

Driving on I-5 into the city with traffic or no traffic is still one of the most peaceful and calming rides that I would choose to take any day especially when it comes to driving North on 280 to San Francisco. The Space Needle is still the prettiest overrated tourist spot in the city but the surrounding skyline is the absolute best. Capitol Hill is just as cool as I left it. The sushi in Seattle trumps the sushi in San Francisco any day.

It may not be “home” anymore, but it is still very much a part of my life and Yow Yow!

My first night wouldn’t have been complete without a meal from the Nordstrom Cafe with Ashley. Confused by what our meal should be, we opted for a child’s pasta and Creme Brulee. How adult of us. ^^

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Yow Yow’s Yearly Recap

Wowowow. What a year it has been for Yow Yow!

I’m not all that sad to see 2013 go because I am so looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us. 2013 was a big transition year for Yow Yow! Postings became a little bit more consistent because I was no longer in school and it started to become predictable that I would just log on right after work. It’s nice to be able to have a set schedule to be honest. When I was in school, I would post any free moment I had, which was great because maybe sometimes I would be inclined to write a post about something because it was convenient. However, I appreciate now, that I get to wait until the end of the day to sort out my thoughts and to spend some time thinking a little bit more about what I am writing. Yow Yow! has turned 5-years old! It’s hard to believe that this blog has been with me for that long and that some of you have watched me transition, grow, and hopefully write better content in that time. Thank you x 23984298 to everyone who has supported the blog during this time. If I didn’t have that, I may not still be writing today. We know for sure though that Jennie and Ashley have at least helped me keep Wedding Mondays alive.

Stats from 2012 will be on the left and italicized while stats from 2013 will be right and bold.

1,130,911 total visits to Yow Yow! – – – – – – – – – – –  1,294,886 total visits to Yow Yow!

*In just 2013, there were 163,975 visits to Yow Yow!

7,067 Posts, 2,187 Comments 10,229 Tags – – – – –  9,167 Posts 3,152 Comments 12,122Tags (cumulative)

Top Post of 2013 – “Hipster Disney Princesses In Real Life” – 15,726 views (written in 2012)

Top Post Written in 2013 – “Meet: Hollis Wong-Wear” – 2,071 views

Busiest Month in Terms of Views – October 2012 (49,821 views) – – – – – January 2013 (24,905 views)

Highest Average Visits Per Day – October 2012 (1,607 views) – – – – –  – January 2013 (803 views)

*Busiest Day – October 5, 2010 (4,239 views)

Credits + References

Worked with

  • Gilt City
  • Postmates
  • Dry Soda
  • Gratify
  • Nordstrom Wedding Suite at the Seattle Nordstrom Flagship

“Women Who Are Making It” Series:

  • SuChin Pak
  • Molly Young
  • Kendall Herbst
  • Hollis Wong-Wear

Top Referring Sites in 2013 Were:

  • Pinterest.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Android.pinterest.com
  • holliswongwear.com

Most of My Visitors Came From:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom

Music Festivals Covered:

  • Capitol Hill Block Party
  • Bumbershoot


*We started a new series on Fridays called “Take Me There” and “Truth and Words” Sundays

*We ended the series “Thought Catalog Roundup.”

*New graphics and headers by Leanna Robb! [Facebook, Twitter, Blog]

* We made a Facebook page! Like us.

*We packed up and moved to the Bay area! [Seattle, forever <3 – I promise]

*Veronica became an official part of Yow Yow!

*We received our very first press passes for Yow Yow!

*We started “Conversations From 20-Somethings.”

*We hit 1,000+ subscribers!

*We followed-up with some of our previous guest writers from a year ago:

*We made some videos! Like this unveiling video below:

and one last hoo-rah with Space Girl

*We had a memorable Twitter interaction:

Here’s to what we hope will be a very exciting 2014!

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“You Look Very Coachella Today”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

(ASTR dress, American Apparel pullover, mother’s belt, mother’s shoes, Forever21 headband)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had an outfit post sans Space Helmet, but we’re bringing it back! I don’t think I could have ever pulled this outfit off in Seattle during November, but luckily that’s just not an issue in the Bay. Inspired by an outfit I saw last night on Pinterest, I decided to pair together some of my favorite pieces, but that have never actually been worn together. The last time I wore this dress was when I was wine tasting up in Sonoma, but it’s a pretty perfect dress to wear for any summer wedding. Since I missed my chance, I was determined to find a way to make it into this season somehow. The story about how this dress came to be in my closet is quite interesting. I was shopping for a garden-party themed dress for my going-away, but I didn’t think that it was the most appropriate. While tribal boho chic, it didn’t scream garden party. I must have come back to this dress three-four times during my shopping trip because I couldn’t make up my mind, but ultimately I decided that if it didn’t work out for the party, it might for another occasion. I didn’t regret my decision!

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Proud Owner:

Madewell Leafstitch Crewneck

I’m not a blogger that writes about her shopping hauls, but I actually kind of had one, myself, last weekend. Having been living in the Bay for about a month, I came to the realization that the way that I was dressing in Seattle was going to be significantly different than how I would dress here. A shopping trip was just necessary.

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Seattle Trying to Be San Francisco

seattle fog

photo cred | Nordstrom Instagram

Yesterday, I had what we call a “Seattle moment.” I threw on my flannel, listened to The Head and the Heart album and grabbed my usual at the nearby Starbucks. Actually, yesterday was kind of a big deal because it was the day the barista finally acknowledged me as a regular. I love when this happens. Since I’ve moved, I haven’t really missed Seattle other than the food and like you know – friends and family. I didn’t even miss it yesterday, but internally something in me was longing for Seattle. So when I came home to catch up on my tweets and Instagrams I saw that Seattle had gone through some kind of a fog ordeal and that’s when it hit me. Seattle and I were in sync yesterday. We were thinking of each other.

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Nordstrom Wedding Suite

Editor’s Note:

In 2011, I told a professor of mine that I wanted to drive Yow Yow! in the direction of collaborations. Since then, the Nordstrom Wedding Suite has always been my number one. Founded in Seattle and my favorite brand since I was a little girl shopping alongside my mother, I respected the brand’s innovative ideas, responsibility and urgency in customer service, and company values. With an exquisite reputation recognized in the Northwest and across the entire country, Nordstrom is a company that continues to expand on their core competencies to deliver quality and style. With the weekly Wedding Mondays and occasional Wedding Wednesdays, I’m sure all of you know by now how much I think about this topic on the reg. A long time dream of mine to work with the Wedding Suite, I knew that I couldn’t leave Seattle without this collaboration. Thank you so much to Sarah and Cara for not only being flexible in scheduling so that I could visit before I moved, but having Veronica and I visit and sharing your space with us. You’ve truly made a dream come true!


“It’s so much like Say Yes To The Dress!” shouts Katie when we walk into Nordstrom Wedding Suite’s fitting room. We were fortunate to get a glimpse inside the Wedding Suite before opening hours a few weeks ago. A Yow Yow! dream for ages, we luckily had a chance to sit down with Stylist, Sarah Walton after touring the suite.


Just a little over 2-years old, the Nordstrom Wedding Suite began as one of the brothers’ vision that began in Bellevue before it moved to the flagship store in downtown Seattle. Since then, there are 18 suites across the country with the flagship store suite being the only one in the Pacific Northwest. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Nordstrom is renowned for its exceptional customer service and it doesn’t disappoint in the world of weddings. With several exclusive designers, style concierge, and a love of making brides happy and satisfied with Nordstrom’s reputation for customer service, the Wedding Suite is more than just a gown boutique; it’s a commitment to unparalleled wedding services. Here’s a small glimpse into Sarah’s everyday life at the suite: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Katie: How do you define the Nordstrom bride?

Sarah: Every bride is so different! Truly. I’ve seen every kind of bride. I’ve seen a budget bride, I’ve seen a bride with no budget. I’ve seen everything in between. It really varies, but they do expect that customer service and that’s why they come here for that. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Katie: What would you say are some of the best summer wedding trends you’ve seen this year?

Sarah: As far as bridesmaids go, doing the different styles, different colors – that eclectic mix. As far as brides, a lot of brides don’t want the full dress, they want something fitted like the mermaid style. They want the lace, something simplistic, not over-the-top, but really elegant and effortless. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Katie: There are several wedding boutiques around here in Seattle, so other than customer service, how do you feel Nordstrom sets themselves apart?

Sarah: A lot of the designers that we carry aren’t offered at other boutiques. Some of our designers are Nordstrom exclusive. If there’s a particular gown [brides] want, they know they can get it here. Another thing we’re able to do is certain designers, even if we don’t carry their style here, we can look into bringing the style from the vendor so there are options. We can’t do it with Vera Wang unfortunately but we can with other vendors. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Katie: For fall wedding trends, what are you looking forward to seeing this season?

Sarah: Again, lots of lace. The fall color palette for the bridesmaids are gorgeous. Lots of jewel tones, lots of cranberries. It’s rich colors.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Katie: I think I’d want to see for fall, a burnt orange a little bit. I feel like that hasn’t shown too much or been showcased at all.

Sarah: I have a bride that’s getting married next month who’s maybe doing a burnt orange. So we decided in her hair, instead of doing a headpiece she’s going to do orange dahlias.  And then we styled her fiancé in the men’s department and he’s doing a grey suit with a burnt orange pocket square and a light baby blue shirt to kind of tie in those colors.


Katie: I love that new brides and couples are actually drawing away from the traditional scope and kind of playing around with it and making it more their personal styles. So just a few opinion questions now, headpieces or veils?

Sarah: Probably a headpiece but sometimes both.


Katie: You can wear both at the same time? How does that work?!

Sarah: I had a bride recently who did an art deco themed wedding. She had an original 1920s headpiece that she paired with a Vera Wang veil that her aunt had actually kind of bustled. So she sculpted the veil and added the headpiece overtop it and it looked absolutely incredible.


Katie: Would you prefer a first look or wedding until the ceremony?

Sarah: I’m a big advocate for at the ceremony. You can capture that moment of genuine surprise, you know? It’s a really authentic moment and I think it’s worth waiting for.


Katie: In the next few years, where do you hope to see the Wedding Suite go from here?

Sarah: Wow, I just think that this has already seen such immense success that it’s just going to keep growing bigger and bigger. We’re going to reach more brides and I think we’re going to see a presence in more cities as opposed to now we just have 18. I definitely see that number growing. I think a lot of women don’t think to come to Nordstrom when looking for wedding gowns and I have so many brides who say, “Wow, I didn’t even know this existed!” 

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