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Food For Thought:

One year ago today…KONY 2012.

Think about it.

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One Year Ago Today

- I gave advice to college students. [Source]

photo cred | The Coveteur

- My style icon, Louise Roe, became the Glamour Editor-At-Large. [Source]

- Yow Yow! had an insanely fun Song of the Day!

- I shared with you all my favorite eye liner of all time by Stila.

- Madonna tried to sway people to attend her show. It didn’t really work.

- We learned about what kids were learning from school. Not much.

- Our favorite internet memes become movie posters that we wanted to buy. [Source]

- We were given the Sasquatch 2012 lineup!

- I was impressed by Jeopardy.

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One Year Ago Today…

Facebook brought us Timeline and guess what?

We got over it.

Just like we knew we would.


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One Year Ago Today

- Seattle Restaurant Week began! This year, it runs through April 8-19. Check out the participating restaurants here.

- We viewed Death Cab For Cutie’s live music video for “You Are A Tourist.”

- We read some news and stuff.

- Madewell debuted their Fall 2011 collection and it was glorious!

- I got a little antsy about summer wedding season. Ashley and I spent 45 minutes watching wedding/proposal videos this evening.

- I wanted to buy some things. What else is new?

Most importantly, I discussed the 21 things I learned from my 21st birthday!

- There were a few things that I was obsessing over and they were awesome. Enough said.

- This infographic already told us what we already knew about the Pacific Northwest.

- This book was pretty cool.

- I wondered why Washington never had any cool prints made for them like this one.

- This is the best excuse I’ve ever seen.

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One Year Ago Today

- We admired Elie Saab’s 2011 Spring Couture Collection

- Dan Savage was reportedly getting a television show w/ MTV…

- We wished the Vera Project a happy 10th birthday! Now they are 11!

- The Song of the Day was Leighton Meester’s Summer Girl from Country Strong. I probably won’t ever see the movie, but I do love this song.

- H&M announced that they would be launching an e-commerce store in the US for 2012!

- We viewed a collection of posters that gave us no reason to watch the movies at all.

- The first Oscar promo video featuring James Franco and Anne Hathaway was released. We had high hopes for that, but unfortunately the entire show just let us down.

- These 175 photos taken at night look like they were taken in plain daylight!

- I reviewed The Pierces’ Love You More EP – the duo behind the Pretty Little Liars theme song.

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One Year Ago Today…

I was definitely on my winter break because the amount of content I posted would not have been possible during finals week or even a regular week. Random fact – this was not exactly a year ago, but give or take a few days, the new Facebook layout was revealed and now that same thing is happening to us once again with the Timeline.

Well, back to what happened a year ago…

- Mayor Mike McGinn announced that the Dale Chihuly Museum and the KEXP headquarters will be moving into the Seattle Center.

- We learned about the Seattle music scene from 12 local bands in the short series $5 Cover.

- I made up my winter quarter television schedule. RIP Hellcats.

- The Kardashians got serious for the holidays.

- E! never launched this show, thank goodness!

- We learned that a school’s library is a nice alternative for your own bed.

- Flavorwire let us know what our favorite 2010 movies said about us.

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One Year Ago Today

One thing that I’m extremely grateful for from WordPress is the archive function for my blog. Yes, I realize that many sites do have this. No, this is not the first time I am discovering it. Many times, what I have found in blog writing is that I write the post and then I’m done. I don’t revisit many of my old posts and many of them sort of get forgotten and left in the past. It’s funny because I wanted to create Yow Yow! initially so that I could remember everything that has happened within the past few years, but I haven’t made any effort to do that…until now.

On August 25, 2010 this happened:

- We learned that London would be hosting this awesome installation called Outrace

- We mourned the 9-year anniversary of Aaliyah’s death. Unfortunately, today will have been ten years since her death.

- Songs that we couldn’t get out of our heads were given to us one after the other on Unhearit.

- Gmail taught us how to take back an email that we didn’t really mean to send immediately after sending it. I still can’t figure out how to do that today.

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