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The First Two Episodes of The OC

This photo above is not from the first season, but we love Christmakah so much that it seemed like the perfect picture to include. Mandi and I were all set to have a night out yesterday in the city, but after settling in after a weekend of Thanksgiving festivities and a home cooked meal, we #optedinside for a viewing of the movie Dope and the first two episodes of The OC! Yes, the classic television series is now streamable on the CW Seed. We didn’t know what that meant either, but it worked and if we didn’t have an early morning today, we probably would’ve gotten through half the season. It’s been years since we fell in love with this series and now watching it when we’re much older and not pre-teens we seem to have noticed a few things we didn’t recognize before.

  • Seth and Ryan are the cutest best friends
  • As much as you kind of hate how dramatic and silly Marissa Cooper can be, you kind of love her. You root for her because she’s so troubled.
  • Summer was awful in the first two episodes. Terrible lines, terrible personality and she left Coop laying at the front of her door blacked out
  • Sandy Cohen was the best chracter on the show that was a parent.
  • Why does Seth think that he can sail to Tahiti on Summer Breeze?
  • The pool house is better than Seth’s bedroom. Ryan had it made.
  • Did we ever see the Cooper’s dog again after the first episode?
  • When Seth throws Ryan under the bus and outs him for his Chino past at the party – that was a lame thing for him to do.
  • “This is how it’s done in Orange County!” Classic.

Mandi is originally from Orange County and I just got back from there for Thanksgiving so we were having a moment, clearly.

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73 Questions w/ Emily Ratajkowski

I really like this cheeky Vogue series that they’ve been doing with celebrities. It’s kind of nice to see them in a low-key intimate environment, but still allowing viewers to get to know them in a different setting than you would on a red carpet. I’ve been following Emily on Instagram for a little while now and I find her to be pretty fascinating. She’s come a long way from being “just the girl in the Robin Thicke music video” and I’m excited to see what’s next (especially since her last movie was a bust.)

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Ask Me Anything!

Readers –  I am loving that I get to spend a lot more time on my blog lately and as of recently have been feeling a huge burst of creativity and inspiration in the types of posts we can create for Yow Yow! I’m also digging on the engagement with more comments and interaction with you all. I wouldn’t mind getting a little bit more personal on Yow Yow! though so I’d love to invite you all to ask me some questions that I can answer for you in an upcoming post.

Feel free to leave a comment with your question or shoot me an email at Katie@itsyowyow.com

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Blog Roundup

– 5 of the best spots in Seattle to get your mac and cheese on [Seattle Refined]

– The profession that will get you the most dates and the professions that are attracted to each other [Refinery29]

– Careless tweeting and how it can change your life…for the worse. [NY Times]

– The time Taylor Swift gave breakup advice to a fan. [BuzzFeed]

– 9 Questions you wish you could ask Ariana Grande [Vox]

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Vogue’s 73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has always perceived as the iciest Spice Girl, but I actually found her sense of humor in this video to be quite refreshing. Who knew she could be so cheeky!

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SF’s Late Night Foods

I haven’t spent as many nights out in the city as I should be and last night happened to be a very unexpected late night. When I’m in Seattle, I know my go-to’s for food – Dick’s Drive In, street meat, Hot Mama’s pizza or Pita Pit (RIP.) However, I haven’t been around the block in SF to know what’s good around here. The people I was with last night introduced me to this very vibrant and colorful eatery called Coco Bang – the perfect stop for Korean bar food and open until 4:00 AM. Christ, can you imagine staying out that late? I’m pretty much a granny. After a night out, a shared meal of fried chicken, kimchi fried rice, and marinated beef was the perfect end to the evening. What I wish I would have tried? The cheesy corn that I’ll remember for next time!

So out of curiosity – SF locals – where do you go for your late night eating?

*note the photo above is not from Coco Bang, but just of kimchi fried rice for reference
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How Do You Unwind?

For the past couple of months, I have been noticing that it has gotten more and more difficult to get out of bed. When I first started my job, I was up at 7AM every day and though I wouldn’t get into work until a couple hours later, I would get ready in a timely manner and then spend an extra 30 minutes on Yow Yow! At that time, I remember thinking to myself – – wow, this is the life. I can have a job that allows me to put time into Yow Yow! before AND after work – (something we all know I struggled with prior)

As of late though, I let the alarm go off (just the sound of the radio turning on – I’m so old school like that) and it runs until I hit a song that I just can’t stand to listen to in the morning or that won’t allow me to dream daze through. This usually happens between 15-45 minutes after the alarm originally gets off. The process of getting ready for work and putting my face on gets slower. I don’t have time to blog in the morning. Instead I just listen to more music to help soundtrack me getting ready. Hardships of a 24-year old y’all!

So the last two days I’ve been changing up my routine a bit before I go to bed. My co-worker Nadia told me that if I want to get a healthy night of sleep, I need to completely shut down 30 minutes before. No television. No laptop. No phone. And definitely no work. It’s impossible for me to even try that idea because that’s something that I’ve never done.

Instead, two nights ago I did work on my laptop (Yow Yow! stuff) in my bed! When I got bored, I called it a night at 11:30 which I find to be reasonable. This was different for me because I eliminated what I usually do which is work in front of the TV on my couch.

Last night, I decided to work to the tune of softer music. Quadron. It ended up with me just singing at the top of my lungs to her entire album. Sorry neighbors. So instead of “winding down,” I just got all wound up! I can’t win.

Readers, I’m so curious – how do you unwind at night before bed? Do you snack? Shut off completely? I need to know.

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Should You Move to SF?

move to sf

This is a question that is constantly being debated among my co-workers every time someone’s lease is up. I actually found myself answering this question for a friend in Seattle who was considering the move. It’s not an easy decision. It is one that I have also had to make myself, but back then, I didn’t have this handy dandy flowchart by The Bold Italic. Think you have what it takes? Put yourself through the flow of flows.

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Conversations From 20-Somethings

What’s in a first date?

After a week of being sick, I finally made my way out of my home last night for a drive up to the city for dinner and drinks with some pretty great company. The best part about moving to another nearby major city is that people you know are ALWAYS visiting and honestly – nothing makes me happier. My brother’s friend Ryan was in town earlier this week and through this weekend from Seattle and he brought with him two friends – one also living in Seattle (Neal)  and the other in New York (Blake) – all of us working within tech. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a “Conversation From 20-Somethings” post, but these are some of my favorites.

As we’re dining over our six plates at Nopalitos, the topic of relationships naturally comes up (doesn’t it always?)

“A first date is always coffee or drinks, but NEVER a meal.” – Blake (while Ryan agrees)

“Wait, I never look at coffee as a first date. In fact, that’s kind of like the express lane to friend zoning, isn’t it? Or just indicating something…friendly and casual.”

“No, the great thing about coffee or drinks is that there’s not a whole lot of commitment there. When you get dinner, you are committing to an hour or more of your time with this person regardless of whether or not you know it’s going to go well.”

“For a girl, when a guy says dinner – that’s a date. When it’s coffee or drinks it gets lost in translation or it’s not clear.”

“If I ask a guy on a date for coffee or drinks I just say, ‘let me buy you a drink.’ That’s a date. I don’t have to actually say, ‘this is a date.’

So readers, I’m so curious, how do you determine a first date? Are you okay with coffee being a first date option? For the record, I’d like to share that the one time I went on a coffee date, I considered this pre-dating before the dating and that while I believe when someone asks you to dinner that that is a date, I used to always revert to coffee or drinks first because I just didn’t particularly like going out to dinner as a first date. College me didn’t know anything about dating. Current me still doesn’t know that much.

Edit: I’ve never been on a dinner date where I didn’t know the person pretty well. So that’s where Blake and I kind of came to terms on that. I am in agreement with him though that maybe if I didn’t know someone or recently met them, drinks and coffee are a much safer bet.

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What Does Home Mean To You?

For nearly five years, we’ve been covering projects on Yow Yow! and while we’ve seen a shortage in them recently, they are still some of my favorite posts to write about. Keep in mind that I got into the business of Yow Yow! because I wanted to share things with others. I wanted to talk about things that were happening outside of the Seattle bubble and in that time we’ve been able to work with The Buried Life, learned about Someone Once Told Me, The Glow, and many others. With the holidays so close,  this project of having people define what “home” means to them seems appropriate. Kim Thomas has traveled all over the U.S. to ask people this question and not only is she getting an interview for the answer, but photographs for support. Questions as general as this one are ones that anyone can answer and one that probably will give you a variety of answers. I’m excited to see the responses.

You can follow Kim’s project here.


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Which State Matches Your Personality?


My result seems completely off as it put me opposite of Washington, but what can you expect from a 10-question survey? According to my personality, I belong in Florida – yikes – who wants to be there, right? Curious about where your personality will match you? Take the survey by Time Magazine here.

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How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

My coworker Tommy who is equally as obsessed with space as I am introduced me to a new website tonight at dinner. How Many People Are in Space Right Now not only provides you with the answer, but also gives details as to who these people are and how long they have been up there!

You better believe I bookmarked this website.

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Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Split After 22 Years

Sometimes…Yow Yow! can look like a tabloid. We like to keep you on your toes with what we’re going to post next and … well let’s be real, I’m sure most of you knew that I had SOMETHING to say about this.

Let’s just sum this story up with not facts, but what we’re all thinking:

  • We’re not shocked.
  • Can Kendall and Kylie get their own show already?
  • Will E! do a spinoff of Bruce Jenner’s face?
  • Who will Kris Jenner date next? Someone Brody’s age probably.
  • Are we finally done with seeing Bruce on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (we sure hope so.)


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