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Wedding Mondays

Happy Happy Wedding Mondays! The more time I spend sifting through wedding videos, the harder it becomes to select ones that feel just right for Yow Yow! I’ve started to get a little bit picky. I root for the videos where both the bride and the groom are speaking, if the groom starts crying, if there’s a really good song accompanying the video, or if there’s a fantastic dance party. The thing is, wedding videos can’t incorporate every single aspect that I love. While those elaborate videos are the ones that tug at our heart strings, it’s the ones that are short and sweet that still manage to suck us in. For Marisa and Chris, I loved the vintage vibe and especially Penny & the Quarters – “You and Me.” It’s a classic wedding video song. Hope you enjoy!


Here is the accompanying wedding post by Ruffled. Thanks for transporting us to Long Island!

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Wedding Mondays

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and well-rested weekend. I’m really excited to be sharing Mimi and Allen’s wedding with all of you this morning. It was a pretty special discovery earlier this week and I love it for more than just one reason.

First off: the song. Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry is one of my favorites from this year.

Secondly, that dress. Have you ever seen anything more magnificent?

Thirdly, they had their first look on a carousel.

*mic drop*

That’s it! You don’t need another reason to love this wedding video because that about sums it up.

And as I’ve been promising, here is the full feature on Green Wedding Shoes. The pictures are stunning.

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Wedding Mondays

Having Ashley next to me watching wedding videos to see which one would make the cut for Wedding Mondays isn’t anything I’ve ever done with another person. It was interesting for us to collaborate and decide what makes a good video. Sometimes we have similarities and sometimes differences. Before we watched this video, we thought that it would be okay, but not that we would love it. We ended up loving it. The details were so on point. The couple just extremely beautiful in every way. We both are so excited to share this video with you all and Jennie – if you thought you loved last weeks, you’re going to love this one.

Here is the entire post by Green Wedding Shoes! Congrats Lauren and Kyle!

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Wedding Mondays

Good evening everyone! Kevin said that I was sluffing on Wedding Mondays today just because he didn’t have one waiting for him this morning. I forget a lot of little things, but I never forget what is supposed to happen on Mondays. We’ve been a little bit behind on the blog for the past couple of days, but I’ve been away! I just spent the second part of my birthday celebration in San Diego and because I was there, I had Ashley (another Wedding Mondays follower) by my side to help me pick out the next two videos (this ones and next Monday’s) Wedding Mondays video. I’m a huge sucker for long relationships and when I heard that this one spanned seven years, my heart was a flutter. The commentary and speeches from friends and family were so sweet and enough to make the cut for this week.


Enjoy! Here’s the rest of the post at Style Me Pretty.

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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning, everyone! We’re creeping up on what will be a very busy next couple of weeks, but I couldn’t be more excited. I’m thrilled to be celebrating my birthday in a new home this year, taking my first ever vacation in a job, and going on a trip with the people I enjoy working with everyday! It’s an exciting time to turn 24. I’m actually also very excited that the video I’m sharing with you today is kind of like a part of my life going full circle. Normally, I would prefer a wedding video, but this time we’re doing a slow-motion photo booth. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen because I think I’d like to be friend with every single person featured in it AND even more importantly the wedding take places in Seattle and features USnaps – another vendor that I have worked with previously in my college days. The slow motion photo booth was done by another company, but that’s okay – USnaps was still there to provide the instant snapshot.

And here’s the Style Me Pretty featured post here.

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Aaron Paul Makes Us Swoon

Actor Aaron Paul has been saying a dozen cute things about his wife Lauren Parsekian to the press lately and no, it’s not disgusting. In fact, it’s completely adorable. Can we have a husband like Aaron Paul?

He just loves her so so much and for good reason, Lauren is an incredible individual and the way they met and fell head over heels with each other? At a music festival.

In a recent article, he talks about their future kids:

“What lucky kids to have Lauren as their mother. I can’t wait,” Aaron told Us Weekly. “I just hope they’re all little girls — all little miniature versions of Lauren because it would be fun to watch her. They don’t need to be all Lauren, but at least one! A little mini Lauren. I would love to watch her grow up.”


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First Kiss by Tatia Pilieva

I generally try to ignore viral links passed around on Facebook by my Facebook friends because they’re things that don’t interest me and to put it simply, I think some people like to make a big deal out of nothing. I saw the “First Kiss” video yesterday appear on my newsfeed several times.

“This is so beautiful.”

“Ugh beautiful”


^were just a few of the comments I saw on the thread. WHAT? Am I a bad person for not feeling anything at all? I mean, I’m a huge romantic at heart and you would think that this kind of thing would hit me hard. Hello, Wedding Mondays, anyone? But I watched it and I mean I REALLY watched this – maybe I was trying too hard? and I didn’t see it.

Here’s where I think people felt their heart strings were being tugged at -

  • Awkwardness – it’s relatable. We’ve all been there. We know what it was like to kiss someone new for the first time and it’s somewhat endearing to watch.
  • Black and White - it’s really very pretty, isn’t it?
  • Soft Music - Whoa, what is this light-hearted tune I’m hearing? I’ve never heard anything like this before on the radio?
  • Romantic Comedy Syndrome – Yeah, it feels like we’re watching one.

Last question – why is everyone featured in this so attractive? Is this real life? After watching this, are people going to have some sort of expectation about this and kissing strangers? I’ve got a lot of questions – was there a medical examination done after selecting the strangers?

What does everyone else think about this video?

To be continued…


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Old Loves

I stumbled across this Tumblr the other day called “Old Loves” and for some reason found myself perusing it for nearly 20 minutes. There’s something really endearing about vintage photographs of old celebrity relationships. I know I have my favorites – Vanessa and Zac, Rachel and Ryan, Rachel and Adam! This list could go on forever. Sure, these were the couples of my time, but some couples date back even further before I was even born.

Oh memories.

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Wedding Mondays

It was recently brought to my attention that my brother’s friends are pretty entertained with our Yow Yow! series “Wedding Mondays.” In a word, I am flattered. Some of our series have kind of fell off the wagon like “Take Me There,” but I am fully committed to Mondays and sharing some of the best wedding videos with all of you. On a side note, I recently became exhausted with “Take Me There” because I was tired of trying to discover new places that I wanted to go to. Right now, I’m perfectly content with where I am.

Wedding Mondays is really near and dear to my heart and it’s fantastic to know that people are looking forward to it! I actually love watching these videos and making sure they are good enough to post on Yow Yow!

The one featured today is not like anything we’ve seen before. I know I’ve thrown that out a few times, but…seriously. The style of filming is all different. The transitions are on point. And additionally – good lord, that dress and the most attractive couple ever! Happy Monday everyone! It certainly feels like summer already here in the Bay – apparently we skipped spring.

And here’s the accompanying post on Style Me Pretty!

Hi Heing
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Wedding Mondays

Happy Wedding Mondays and almost slightly more importantly – happy March! It’s my birthday month and this year I’m celebrating it in my new home. I’m also jetting off to San Diego to celebrate with my best friend. As always, the birthday never really does stay contained for one day. I used to have a handful wedding videos in my queue ready for whenever Monday came around, but I’m not sure if the popularity of wedding videos has diminished or if my favorite blogs just are featuring them less. I somehow always manage to find one just the night before. I know Ashley and Jennie wouldn’t be too pleased with me if I had skimped out on a Monday.

The video above from Veronica and Shawn’s wedding is an absolute dream. When  I first saw that it was 9 minutes, I was hesitant. Ain’t nobody got time for that! To my surprise, I ended up watching the entire thing from start to finish. Worth it. The first half was split up into the “getting ready” and the ceremony while the last half was the entire dance party. Whenever I give advice about weddings, I usually tell people that you could do away without a photographer for the dance party. Why? Because people don’t tend to look so hot when they are in motion and dancing. Overall, it just makes for an unflattering photograph. I do, however, support videographers at the dance party. This is, by far, the best example. Look at how much fun everyone is having. Don’t you want to BE at this weeding? Don’t you want these guests to be your friends? The answer is just “yes” to all of those questions.

Here is the post from Green Wedding Shoes – Enjoy!

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Photo of the Day:

The Oscars aren’t even over yet, but we couldn’t help ourselves. This was the cutest photo of the evening so far (or that I have seen circulating the interwebs) Olivia and Jason could have found a stunning photo of Olivia the next morning from the paps, but he’s such a proud husband and a soon-to-be proud Papa that he just had to have this snapshot for himself on his phone. We like these kind of celebrities.


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In Engagement News Today…

Girls’ actress Allison Williams (25) who plays “Marnie” on the show is engaged to her boyfriend of three years Ricky Van Veen who also happens to be the co-founder of College Humor. The two met through mutual friends. Marnie’s love life on the HBO series hasn’t always been as seamless as we had hoped it to be, but we’re thrilled that she’s in love in real life!

Additionally, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are ALSO engaged! They were never really my favorite couple in television, but we love Mila Kunis so if she’s happy – we’re happy. She stepped out recently with a rock on her finger and E! finally confirmed today that she is indeed engaged.

1 2

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Troian Bellisario and Patrick J Adams Are Engaged!

People Magazine is reporting today that Pretty Little Liars’ actress Troian Bellisario and Suits’ actor Patrick J. Adams are engaged! The two have been in Paris together while Adams has been filming “Rosemary’s Baby.” I’d say before this whole Adam Brody and Leighton Meester thing came along, they were my favorite couple from an opposite television series.  The two have been dating for three years so congrats to the happy couple! As much as I think it’s great for celebrity couples to be in secret, I also really enjoy the way that they have held their relationship. It’s really cute to follow both of their Instagram accounts and to see the kinds of adventures they have together.


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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning everyone! It’s supposed to be around 73 degrees today and it’s still February. You would never see anything like this in Seattle. It’s pretty nice to be able to start your morning off with a sunny day…and a Wedding Monday. Earlier this week, I received a “Save the Date” from Natalie’s wedding in September so that put me on a wedding high all week long.

I’m so excited to share with you this gorgeous Washington wedding today from Kristy and Kelly. In the past, we’ve showcased Washington weddings taking place right in the city of Seattle, but I think it’s important to highlight all aspects of my home. In addition to having a major city, we’re also known for our outdoors – lush greens, woods for days, etc. Along with this video, we’ve also got the feature from Green Wedding Shoes.

Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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Our Beef with The Bachelor

I’ve been holding off on writing this post for awhile and that might be for two reasons:

a) I’m waiting for Juan Pablo Galavis to become more likable (he hasn’t.)

b) I’m waiting for this season of The Bachelor to stop sucking.

I just assumed that redemption was on its way and that I wouldn’t have to write this post at all, but I’ve given it a few weeks, a whole lot of thought, and now we’ve got something to say. I actually met Juan Pablo Galavis last month when he visited my company and I thought on the surface, he seemed quite nice. He posed for pictures and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. We didn’t exchange very many words and I’m okay with that. Shortly after, news broke out that he thought it would be “perverted” if there was a same-sex Bachelor season. Hearing that made me cringe. In no way shape or form is it ever okay for someone to say that. Furthermore, he tried to cover his tracks by playing the “English is my second language” card, but we all know that “perverted” in English isn’t that much different than “perverted in Spanish.”

Strike one. 

A couple of episodes ago, Juan Pablo made it known that he was refraining from kissing both Renee and Cassandra because they were both moms and he wanted to make sure they were being an example for their children. Juan Pablo, on the other hand has no problem sticking his tongue down the throats of Sharleen, Clare, or Nikki. And if you didn’t know it before, Juan Pablo himself is also a father so isn’t this kind of hypocritical?

Strike two. 

Lastly, we’re not a fan of Clare and we don’t have any problem saying that. She doesn’t seem very likable or nice for that matter and every time she looks at Juan Pablo, she looks like she’s about to eat him. Everything about her face tends to be seductive in front of the camera and we’d like for her to just stop. In a very specific episode, Clare doing what she does best, scampers over to Juan Pablo’s room late at night for a frolic in the warm water. She calls it “swimming in the ocean,” but if you watched the episode at all, you will know that “swimming in the ocean” is code for something  more inappropriate than that. We know this because Juan Pablo confronted Clare about it and TOTALLY slut-shamed her. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little bit annoyed that guys continue to do this to women by placing the blame on them. It takes TWO people to “swim in the ocean.” Juan Pablo, are you aware of the example you’re setting for YOUR daughter? If you’re going to regret what you did then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place and if you’re the one so concerned about what your daughter is going to see on television, shouldn’t you take some responsibility for your own actions?

The Frisky did a pretty good job of summing this up:

At the rose ceremony a few days later, Juan Pablo took Clare aside, in front of the cameras, to tell her he essentially regretted their little tryst. But instead of taking equal responsibility for their actions, and personal responsibility for the regret he was feeling, Juan Pablo shifted the blame to Clare, implied that she either pressured him or he had no choice. “You wanted to thank me for the day,” he responded when Clare asked why he followed her to the ocean if he didn’t want to. As if Clare has been trying to pay him for the nice one-on-one date they had, and he couldn’t refuse. Having had his cake and eaten it too, Juan Pablo is back to worrying about the example he is setting for Camila — but he also hinted at having reservations about the impression Clare might be making as well. Clare was naturally mortified and undeservedly ashamed, when the only person who should be mortified by their behavior is Juan Pablo, for having sex with a woman, regretting it and then shaming her for both of their action the next day.

Strike three.

Juan Pablo is not an example. He’s not likable. He’s not a great Bachelor and I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t wish that this Clare scandal didn’t come out during the show and all of the girls just up and decided to quit. While I’m completely over the season, I need to continue watching to see who wins. I’m rooting for Andi because she seems like she’s the only one with a brain, but I already know that she doesn’t win so oh well. Can we just get this season over with already?

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