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Animated Characters Transformed Into NYFW Attendees

New York Fashion Week has completely taken over my Instagram and Twitter feeds! One of the best things to come across while blogging this week though is these animated characters from our childhood transformed into New York Fashion Week attendees. Sailor Moon is working Rodarte. We wish we came up with the idea of her being the best face for the brand first!

For more, click here.

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Fighting Evil By Moonlight…

Happy 20th Anniversary to my favorite anime characters: The Sailor Scouts!

RIP Sailor Moon key chain from San Francisco. I miss you dearly.

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In the News…

- It’s official. Joe Jonas has put Demi Lovato behind him and moved on to Twilight sweetheart Ashley Greene. Joe Jonas is one notorious dater.


- The Batman Beyond series will be released on DVD. It will include all 52 episodes and bonus features. This used to be my favorite – next to Sailor Moon of course. [Source]

- Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have a supposed sex tape and Spencer is threatening to release it. Shocked? Not really. Publicity stunt? Probably. [Source]

- Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla thinks that her mom’s name is “Halle Blueberries.” Cute. [Source]

- Cheryl Cole will officially be divorced from husband Ashley Cole this October. [Source]

- The Social Network receives it’s first review and it’s…good? [Source]

- Sufjan Stevens released their new EP today “All Delighted People.” Purchase a copy of it here for $5.

- Even though I posted the photo shoot of the cast of The Romantics modeling J. Crew a couple of months ago here it is somehow making the news once again. Here’s a solo shot of Adam Brody – just because.

Megan Fox is running out of clothes to wear – opts for stepson’s shirts. [Source]

“Today’s NY Post says I was spotted in NYC dining with Maury Povich and Connie Chung. Whoever’s impersonating me–aim higher.”– Conan O’Brien, setting the record straight on Twitter

The above video contains NSFW language so you might want to use headphones. The viral marketing team for the new film The Last Exorcism have decided to use good ol’ Chat Roulette as one of their outlets. Watch the video for reactions. Oh teenage boys… guess they’re getting what they deserve for creeping on girls.

In Seattle news…

Cupcake Royale is opening up a new shop in Bellevue! [Source]

Lady Gaga will be here TONIGHT. I’m sure the show will be a life-changing event for fans. However, the organizers have sent out a press release regarding costumes. You are welcome to dress up, but you must not have anything that looks like a weapon even if it is part of the costume. If you would like to use aluminum cans, they must be empty. Sounds simple enough. [Source]

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Snuggies For the Win

Unlike Twilight, I actually don’t mind hearing about the Snuggie. Especially when they come in THIS form. I’ve heard that these are being sold at Hot Topic, so Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans you better jump on this quick! They’re only $28 and you can buy them online as well.

Seeing this brings me great hope. If they can make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggies, they are one step closer to Sailor Moon Snuggies. Can ya dig it?

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Get the eyes of an anime character

GEO lenses has recently created extra-wide contact lenses that are designed to give you the appearance of an anime character. Not only are the lenses tinted unnatural colors but they also are heavily tinted beyond the normal rim of your eye.  I feel like this could easily creep me out really quickly…just because someone wearing these contacts would remind me of someone straight out of Pokemon or Sailor Moon and I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet… to encounter a “Misty,” down the street.

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