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Wedding Mondays

I couldn’t wait to get home from work today just so that I could share this video with you all. We missed out on having a Wedding Monday last week, but I think that’s partially because this one was too good. In fact, it’s so good it makes up for two weeks instead of one. There is nothing that I didn’t love about Darren and Yvette’s wedding from the Geronimo balloons, the first look, the sparkly bridesmaids dresses, and of course the groom shedding a few tears. Okay, more than a few. Everything about this wedding is so wonderfully sweet.

To view the rest of the feature on Style Me Pretty, click here!

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The Weekend: Lots of Things!

photo 4

It’s been two weeks since we’ve had one of these posts and so much has happened! I didn’t have time to post last weekend’s highlights so I’m combining it with this lovely holiday weekend. Some of my best girl friends from Seattle flew to see Ash and I for the long weekend and like any vacation we jam packed our days from start to finish. It’s interesting how the trips you plan when you are out of college and “more of an adult” shift from the vacation breaks you had when you were in school. Instead of traveling to cities where you plan on drinking constantly and sleeping in because of your hangovers, you’re waking up at 8:00 and getting your morning started. (Sort of like how the five of us would any day!) Instead of drinking, we put our money towards amazing meals and instead of going to bars, we went wine tasting in Sonoma. So there.

- also don’t those fireworks look great?! They went off Wednesday evening in San Francisco after the Giant’s game and they looked a whole lot better than the ones we tried to watch on 4th of July from this view.

photo 1

I did my first hike with some co-workers at Rancho San Antonio Open Space last weekend! There really are some gorgeous views here in the Bay Area.

photo 3

On Sunday afternoon, we caught a free concert from Yuna and Allen Stone at Stern Grove. We had never been over to this area before, but we loved how it was just kind of hidden in this park and large enough to hold a concert and fit THIS many people. It’s definitely one of the prettiest venues I’ve ever been to.

We’ve been watching episodes of this on Netflix.

We got athletic and competitive during our pre 4th of July company picnic with Bubble Soccer.

Happy 4th from the Seattle gang!

Visiting our Ash at Stanford

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Currently Craving:

I read about this new restaurant in the financial district in SF on Quora today called Sushirrito and HAD to check it out. They’re pretty much calling it a sushi burrito, but doesn’t it also kind of look like a sushi hand roll. Either way, I would be happy with it. I hear that the lines for this place around lunch time are around the corner and crazy. They don’t have a very diverse menu, but do they really need to? I think the one above is the tuna option and I’m so hungry right now I wish someone would Postmates this to me. Yum.

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Blog Roundup

- Garden State gets its own vinyl [Prefix Mag]

- American Apparel’s CEO Dov Charney gets fired [The New York Times]

- 13 Summer movies every guy should see [Cool Material]

- A photo series of “What the World Eats” [Trendland]

- Free outdoor movie screenings all over the Bay Area [Thrillist]

- How to set a table in 10 seconds

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In Things I Ate Yesterday

I typically try to photograph interesting (or really great looking) things that I eat, but I forgot to catch this one yesterday. Lucky for me, 7×7 happened to have it featured on their blog. Looking for a quick bite yesterday, we stopped in to Craftsman and Wolves where we picked up this muffin with an egg inside! Yesterday, was very egg filled themed. I don’t mind it.

This little gem is called The Rebel Within /  asiago, sausage, green onion, soft cooked farm egg and it’s pretty tasty.


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The Weekend: 5 Things

Tenzing’s first time eating In N’ Out! We went all out.

Happy 5th birthday party to my favorite company!

photo 1 (2)

Steven Alan eyewear. Of course I poked myself in the eye while trying on a pair.

photo 2 (2)

Space themed greeting cards at Steven Alan.

photo 3 (2)

Three strawberry-lemonades at Plow, please.

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Currently Craving:

photo cred | Jennifer Chong

I’ve eaten at Plow in Potrero Hill several times and each time I’ve always ended up with meals that I have been satisfied with, but haven’t stuck around to be a regular order. Today, was a game changer. At brunch with Mandi, she introduced me to the fried egg sandwich and it was pretty much the most amazing meal I’ve had in a long time.

fried egg sandwich   two eggs fried soft, cheddar, aioli, frisee, crispy potatoes  11  add Nueske bacon  13.5

In fact, I’m craving it HARD right now because I had dinner at 4 and now I am starved. Not only do you have the option to add bacon to your sandwich, but you can also add avocado which we all know is like the sprinkles of sandwiches. It’s a little messy since your second bite might make your egg crack, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s the best. Runny eggs. YES.

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SoundCloud’s New Berlin Office

In my previous job, I dreamed of the days when I would no longer have to work in a cubicle. Even when I was in finance, I had the privilege of working in an open desk environment. I could literally see nearly every person within my view on my floor. There were no offices for VPs, managers, or the CEO and the reason for that being was because they wanted to establish some kind of equality and a platform for people to be able to share and receive feedback and foster open communication. Cubicles don’t really do that. In fact, all they do is make people hide. I’m super fortunate now that I am back to that open environment again. Before my company moved into the office we are at now, they actually stripped away all of the carpet, broke down a few walls and reconstructed the entire two floors that we own to make it something even better.  So when I learn that other companies are basically doing the same, you can bet that that will catch my attention. Take a look at SoundCloud’s new office in Berlin:

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A Day in the Life of a Tech Worker: LA vs. SF

This infographic is awfully cute. And yes… it’s better in the Bay Area than LA.


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Blog Roundup

- The Burger Bucket List [Cool Material]

- SF hotel pools you can maybe sneak into [Thrillist]

- Quick fix: your dried-up mascara [The Beauty Department]

- 31 awesome graduation caps [Buzzfeed]

- Facebook multimillionaire explains why adversity is good for kids and her success story [Dallas News]

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Some of my co-workers and I took over a space in the Mission this past Friday for a WF-San Francisco day. The patio was littered with pretty plants! As much as I love my office, it’s really nice to be in a different space sometimes.

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Bay Area Eats:

bar crudo oysters

There’s a certain kind of panic you start to feel when you get nervous that you’re going to miss happy hour. That’s how we felt last Saturday when we arrived to Bar Crudo packed at 5:30 with a predicted 45-minute wait to get a table. Happy hour was from 5-6:30.

We’ve been dying to have the oysters at Bar Crudo for weeks and after multiple reschedules, we finally reserved it for last Saturday. After 15 minutes, we got our table and decided that our dinner would pretty much consist of everything off of the happy hour menu. Oysters – Washington Pickering – of course were just $1 an oyster during this time. Quickly going through our first dozen, we ordered a second. We could’ve had a third round, but decided to not push it since we had other plates coming out afterwards.

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Currently Craving:

I woke up this morning and one of the first images I see on my Instagram feed is a hearty bowl of congee. It’s supposed to be 95 degrees today which isn’t ideal for what I actually want, but it is what it is. Rice porridge was one of my favorite meals as a kid and I haven’t had it since my Mom stopped making it for me. I think they have a version over at Samovar in San Francisco so the next time I’m up there (probably this weekend) I’ll have to snag myself a bowl.

It would’ve been so perfect to have this for breakfast. womp womp.

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The Weekend: 5 Things

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

It has been a long time since I’ve had a jam-packed weekend like this one. We were talking about everything we did this morning and already what we did on Friday seemed like it happened last week. We spent our Saturday exploring The Mission, which in a way feels like home to me because it is so similar to Capitol Hill. Since we were in the neighborhood I consciously found myself craving an Earl Grey Milk Tea. Oh and we happen to be in the same neighborhood where Boba Guys is located? How convenient…

Boba Guys doesn’t double up as a shoe start if this photograph confused anyone. We also stopped by Shoe Biz.

Fellow Barber

Somebody needed a hair chop so we took a number at Fellow Barber. This little doggie was too cute.

urban putt

Last week, I wrote a post about Urban Putt – the new indoor mini golf course located in The Mission! As a surprise to my friends, I organized a get together for us. Since it was their first weekend open they were in “Beta Mode” and instead of charging $12 per person, we only had to pay $6 per person. Not a bad deal. The golf course was interesting and full of San Francisco character. Our wait was 40 minutes when we got there at 7:30, but understandable since it was opening weekend. The beers were cheap and the place was packed. Unfortunately, we only got about five holes before we decided to throw in the towel. We have commitment issues.

urban putt1

Classic photo bomber.

If you’re looking for something to watch on NetFlix, I highly recommend Short Term 12. I actually blogged about this film last summer when I first came across the trailer and now that I’ve seen the film I think it is extraordinary. If you’re going to watch it, make sure you have a box of tissues next to you. I found myself curled up in a ball weeping over Brie Larson and the rest of the people in this film.

Sometimes, you just have to let it out.

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