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Performance of the Day

So I missed Sia’s performance of “Elastic Heart” last night, but it’s a performance that I was looking forward to all week because Maddie Ziegler was going to be perofrming choreography alongside her. As expected, it didn’t disappoint. Is it weird that I felt like my eyes were glued to her moves rather than Sia herself? I guess that’s not so surprising because Sia herself was in one position the entire time and that was maybe done on purpose to give Maddie more of the attention.

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Performance of the Day

Kendrick Lamar – I

I’ve been jammin’ to this song for the last couople of weeks so I was so excited to be able to catch Kendrick performing this song on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The only thing that creeped me out was his blacked out contacts. It made me feel like the kid from The Grudge was performing this. Kendrick is an amazing performer though. I caught him a couple years back at Bumbershoot and had an opportunity to work with him when I was doing some booking long ago. It’s great to see how far he’s come though! You may have to watch this video by clicking the link and opening a new window. Sorry – but worth it!

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Ariana Grande’s Performance on SNL

This was her first time performing “Love Me Harder” live on TV and it was nice to see The Weeknd join her for it. This is slated to be her next single released. Also The Weeknd totally outshines her on this performance. It feels like she’s really holding back and relying on the backing track for most of this song except for a few rifts.

I also loved how she started out with “Break Free” and was hoping that she would almost continue doing the whole song in this arrangement. Was it just me or did it seem like she was really tired when the song started picking up and she had to mildly dance along to it?

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Sam Smith x Saturday Night Live

I missed last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live featuring Louis C. K. and Sam Smith so when I saw that YouTube videos had been uploaded of his performance, I had to watch it first thing in the morning. Sam Smith is such a talented musician. I remember listening to him over a year ago and wondering where he would be a year later. It’s wonderful that his music has brought him onto Saturday Night Live. The first single “Stay With Me” isn’t one that I have heard very much. “Lay Me Down” though was my entire early 2013. I remember just listening to the song getting ready in the morning and shouting his lyrics at my computer screen.

You guys, I’m like a really good singer.

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SNL: Before They Were Stars (Hip Hop Artists)

I missed SNL this weekend with Drake hosting, but was planning on catching up with it later. Here’s just a clip though to either a) hold you over or b) give you a taste of what Drake hosting was like. We think it’s pretty great.

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One Direction Concert Line- SNL

It’s amazing that I was able to stay up for Paul Rudd hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but I knew that with him on the show there were definitely going to be a few surprises. And I was right! Hello cast of Anchorman singing “Afternoon Delight” alongside One Direction. It was a pretty great episode and I found myself enjoying this skit above the most. Second most favorite part of the episode? One Direction performing “Story of My Life.” I finally get the appeal behind One Direction and Harry Styles. *Small swoon.

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Photo of the Day:

For the past two days, my co-worker Nadia has been asking me if I have started watching the television series “Scandal.” Truth? I’ve been meaning to…for the last three seasons! I can’t believe they are already that far along. Kerry Washington has been on my radar for years as a style icon and when I first learned that she would be in ABC’s “Scandal” I thought that it would be a show that I would catch on to. Now, I’m thinking I might have to start sooner than later because of these amazing cupcakes she sent to the staff at Saturday Night Live after her hosting gig. This is why we love her. For reference, the text on these cupcakes were from her parody of “What Does the Fox Say” from Saturday Night Live. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to.


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“We Did Stop (The Government)” – Saturday Night Live Parody

Is it weird for me to say that I actually was entertained by this? I thought it was funny! I missed Miley on Saturday Night Live last night, but am planning on watching it later this afternoon. How did she do?

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Supercut of SNL Actors Breaking Character

I always like watching SNL and seeing the actors get a case of the giggles in the middle of a scene. It’s kind of refreshing to see them laughing with each other or… at each other.


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Seth Meyers to Replace Jimmy Fallon On Late Night

It was revealed recently that Jimmy Fallon would replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show when Leno retires in Spring 2014. But the question remained, who would fill Fallon’s shoes on Late Night? Well, it looks like that man is none other than Seth Meyers! Seth is by far one of my favorites from Saturday Night Live. I’m excited to see which direction he will take this show in, but I have no doubt at all that he won’t disappoint.


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Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom Engaged

My favorite funnyman is apparently off the market! Former Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg has proposed to musician Joanna Newsom. The two have been dating for five years. So cute – especially this photo!


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Justin Timberlake In Full Force

Looks like I’ll be staying up later this whole week if my BB Justin Timberlake is joining my other BB Jimmy Fallon! Please please please can there be another History of Rap pt. 4?

When Justin Timberlake said he was making a comeback (I actually don’t even know if he said this) he really makes a comeback! New album, new tour, television appearances, and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Justin Timberlake will also host and be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this coming March as well.

It’s a Justin Timberlake world, we just live in it.


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In The News…


– Fashionista documents the best looks from Pretty Little Liars [Source]

– Marc Jacobs’ new makeup line will hit Sephora shelves this fall. [Source]

– Stella McCartney is launching a collection of eyewear and it’s pretty spectacular. [Source]


– Justin Bieber will host and perform on Saturday Night Live’s Feb. 9th episode. [Source]

– Paramore ain’t over y’all! A new album is on the way. [Source]

– Mariah Carey is hilarious in an interview with Barbara Walters in which she says she didn’t know Nicki Minaj sang…”I thought she rapped or whatever. [Source] Trollin’


– “Girls” actress Lena Dunham was criticized for having a ‘blobby body’ in a review. Uhhhhhh girl can do whatever she wants, she’s fantastic, okay? [Source]


– Aladdin will be on Broadway in Spring 2014. [Source]

– Joseph Gordon Levitt and Josh Brolin join the cast of the Sin City sequel. [Source]


– This is how Taylor Swift looks post split from Harry Styles. Haylor is no more. [Source]

– Khloe Kardashian is selling her old workout clothes on eBay. Sick. [Source]

– Anderson Cooper has been named Gay “Man of 2012” by Out readers. [Source]

– Snooki wants a baby. I think everyone had their doubts, but now that she’s proving everyone wrong no one really care. Go on with your bad self and have another baby Snooki! [Source]

– The White House has banned the paparazzo images of Sasha and Malia on the beach. [Source] um duh! Block that ish.

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