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Capitol Hill Block Party 2014 Partial Lineup


When I learned that the partial lineup would be released this morning, I had my laptop in… lap at 8:55 AM ready to go and not willing to miss a thing. The partial lineup isn’t the entirety, but it’s enough to hold us over and give us a tease of what’s to come. By the looks of it, if these are the names they are releasing now, then the rest of the lineup will surely not disappoint. I saw both Chromeo and Matt and Kim at the former Street Scene San Diego Festival years ago and have been itching to catch a performance of theirs ever since. I also was able to catch Beat Connection at Bumbershoot this year as a last minute filler to their lineup and am so excited about all of their new material.

Not bad Capitol Hill… but don’t make us wait too much longer for the rest. We’ll be waiting.

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Song of the Day

Kris Orlowski – Fighting the War

I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic for Seattle music today and featuring the latest video by Kris Orlowski that was also produced by Hollis Wong-Wear.

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Goodbye Piecora’s

The Capitol Hill that I had the opportunity to experience back in college is not the Capitol Hill it is today. When I first learned about the closing of the pizza place in my university’s neighborhood, I was instantly reminded of that Boy Meets World episode where Cory returns to his hometown to find that the restaurant he frequented – Chubbie’s – had undergone a complete renovation. It wasn’t the same and in a weird way it completely turned pirate themed. Piecora’s was a huge part of the Seattle University community. We always worked with them for events and they were so happy to work with us! I could always count on them for a slice of their amazing veggie pizza, salad, and spumoni. I still remember a night in college where I had given up on studying and dragged my then roommate – Anna with me so that I could get my fix.

Piecora’s has decided to sell to a developer – Equity Residential for $10.29 million. It’s interesting because Equity is one of the largest owners of apartments and was my home for two years. Piecora’s has been living at their E Madison location for 30 years and will close for good on Tuesday, April 15th.

I’m really going to miss this place.


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A Big Change for Bumbershoot 2014

After three years, the Bumbershoot organizers are giving fans what they really want – for the Main Stage to move out of the Key Arena and back into Memorial Stadium. Growing up, I’ve been a long time fan of the music festival and I’ve stuck by them because of how memorable the event always made my summer, but using the Key Arena as the Main Stage was not ideal.

The lines were endless and wrapped around the Seattle Center until you were dizzy. You always felt like you were walking into a sinking dark hole to see a concert when you were really supposed to be at a music festival. Lastly, it was just plain dangerous. Kids are crazy these days and I’ll never forget the time I nearly died at M83 when teenagers were jumping over the seats to try and get to the floor. I’m happy to say that I won’t have to do that again this year.

Apparently the reason for the move is that the WNBA will be holding their finals at the Key Arena on the first day of the festival – Saturday, August 30th. Bummer. Looks like it’s good news for us though! However, don’t expect the Main Stage to look like how it did 3 years ago. Apparently there will be two stages set up in the area with headliners and openers performing in between the headliners’ sets.

We are very excited about this news.


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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning, everyone! We’re creeping up on what will be a very busy next couple of weeks, but I couldn’t be more excited. I’m thrilled to be celebrating my birthday in a new home this year, taking my first ever vacation in a job, and going on a trip with the people I enjoy working with everyday! It’s an exciting time to turn 24. I’m actually also very excited that the video I’m sharing with you today is kind of like a part of my life going full circle. Normally, I would prefer a wedding video, but this time we’re doing a slow-motion photo booth. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen because I think I’d like to be friend with every single person featured in it AND even more importantly the wedding take places in Seattle and features USnaps – another vendor that I have worked with previously in my college days. The slow motion photo booth was done by another company, but that’s okay – USnaps was still there to provide the instant snapshot.

And here’s the Style Me Pretty featured post here.

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SXSW Seattle Send-Off!

Similar to CMJ, I always get a little excited when I hear that some of my favorite local Seattle bands are headed off to SXSW.

Congrats to:

  • The Flavr Blue
  • Hey Marseilles
  • Allen Stone
  • Barcelona
  • Cardiknox – okay so they’re in NY, but Thomas Dutton was from Seattle
  • Grieves
  • Kris Orlowski
  • La Luz
  • Mary Lambert
  • Sol
  • Tacocat
  • THEESatisfaction

Also – shameless plug, one of my favorite Seattle bands, The Flavr Blue is performing at Neumos for their SXSW send-off and if you’re not doing anything tomorrow night, then you should definitely be there. It’s only $5 and it will pretty much be the best time of your life. It’s not sold out yet. I wish I were home.

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A Gondola in Seattle?

Even when I make a promise that I’ll stick to news about the Bay Area, Seattle slips in every once in awhile. Every local knows that trying to get through the city can be quite the struggle bus. With your one-way streets, bus lanes, and constant traffic, making your way through Seattle can be an absolute nightmare. One way to combat that is a gondola being built according to Great Western Pacific – responsible for Pier 57 and The Great Wheel. The gondola would connect the waterfront to the Convention Center via Union Street and would run a half of a mile.

Not only do I find the idea to be kind of a pretty design, but it would also eliminate so many barriers that Seattle locals have to fight through on a daily basis like traffic and parking. For more details on the plan, click here.

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A Map of Hip America

Some may call it a nightmare or annoying to have lived in a hipster nation for four years, but can I just say – I loved every second of it? The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is one place that I cannot shut up about. My only qualm with it recently is all the basic people that have started to overrun it around the time when I left. I’m a music snob and I’m somewhat of a hipster snob, unfortunately. At the end of January (good lord, it has taken me about a month to write this post) Kevin sent me this Gawker article about where to find neighborhoods like my favorite Capitol Hill all over the country.

Who wants to plan a road trip? I need to be with my people.

Check out the article here! Do you live in any of these places? Are they really that hipster? Did the Gawker do a good job or did they disappoint us?

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Music Video of the Day

Yesterday, one of my favorite Seattle bands, The Head and The Heart, unveiled their latest music video for their single “Another Story.” Not only does it tell a very sweet story about healing and moving past heartbreak, it also stars Pretty Little Liars’ actress Troian Bellisario.

What do you guys think?


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Sub Pop to Open Record Store At SEA-TAC

I know I said I would try and refrain from writing Seattle posts after I moved away, but who are we kidding? I’ve put a little distance between me and the Seattle blogs I read on a daily basis, but every once in awhile, some news will slip through and I know if I don’t mention it – no one else will. That’s not true. Someone else will write it, but I would prefer it if I did.

Today, I learned that my favorite SEA-TAC airport home of the very intense security checking and some amazing Mac and Cheese at Beechers is getting a record store sponsored by Sub Pop. Does YOUR airport have a record store? That’s what I thought. In Spring 2014, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will open up a new space within the airport to sell current and re-issued LPs from their artist roster along with some Sub Pop merchandise.

Seattle music is continuing to dominate once again. All my frands not from Seattle are going to get musical treats from me, maybe.


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Seattle Seahawks – World Champions

Okay okay, I know I said I was done with this, but I can’t help it. Every time I watch something about the Seahawks or read something about my team, I get the biggest grin on my face. It’s amazing how this video showcases just how many people doubted our team and our players, but yet we came out on top anyways.

We did it. 2015 – Round 2.

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Wedding Mondays

It’s pretty tough to keep up with Wedding Mondays y’all. If the wedding blogs that I frequently read aren’t showcasing any videos for me to become obsessed with at the time, the queue for Wedding Mondays becomes very very small. I’m down to my last one, right now! But that just means I have to do a little bit more searching. This video is perfect for today especially since I’ve been a little homesick for Seattle. I love Danielle and Jonathan’s ceremony in Post Alley at Pike Place Market! The entire look and feel of their wedding seems very personal and while I don’t know them at all – probably is true for their personalities as well.

Also, look at that crowd! How fun would it be to witness something like that as a tourist?

If you thought the video was amazing, take a look at their photos here on their feature at Green Wedding Shoes.

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“All We Do Is Win!”

I wish I could have written this right after we won the Super Bowl this weekend, but I was too busy celebrating. This win means so much to the city of Seattle and more than anything I wish I was home to be with the city and storming Capitol Hill like I know everyone else did. Every non-Seahawks fan called the game boring, but like…that’s because you weren’t dominating! I’m not sure what I would have preferred – a game that forces me to have a heart attack every minute or to rest easy knowing that you’re just going to win the whole damn thing.

I can’t even tell you for how long it has been that Seattle sports hasn’t been taken seriously – The Mariners, The Supersonics getting taken away. We needed this. Everyone said that we would never make it – that we weren’t the team to watch out for – that making it to the Super Bowl in 2005 was just a fluke, well what do you have to say about us now? We earned it.

I am overcome with this joy of having the best football team, the most driven and hungry players, crazy fans, and being from the city that backs all of this up completely.

Mandi and I couldn’t contain our excitement, clearly. After the win, we rounded up our crew and took on San Francisco with our Skittles and our Gushers (we love you Lynch and Sherman) and distributed our snacks to the best Seahawks fans in the city. We pretty much fed San Francisco.

Super Bowl 2015 – we’ll see you there!

Some of the the best articles came out yesterday after the win so here’s a roundup below:

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Performance of the Day

I like to keep the streak of blog posting high! I never get tired of this song. I remember posting the SoundCloud track when it first came out, then posting the music video when it was released, and now their in-studio performance with KEXP.

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