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Christina Grimmie Owns The Voice

I wasn’t able to watch the season premiere of The Voice last night because I was too busy wasting my time on The Bachelor. When will I ever learn? It’s tough to choose between the two, but I discuss episodes of The Bachelor with my coworkers sometimes so I have to keep up with it. If it weren’t on though as the same time as The Voice, it would be another story.

I watch The Voice every season. It’s my favorite reality singing competition and I love that people that I used to listen to or smaller known singers are coming out and auditioning for it. Last night, Christina Grimmie appeared on the show and got all 4 chairs to turn around. No surprise there. We’ve been huge fans of Christina’s since 2010 when I first heard her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” She’s 19 now, but it is clear that her hard work has really paid off. As long as I’ve known her, she’s been a YouTube star and now I’m so excited for her to absolutely kill it on The Voice. After touring with Selena Gomez and performing on numerous shows and at a serious number of events, Christina will finally get to be recognized as an artist on her own.

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Look We Love:

In nearly every performance we’ve ever seen her in, Ariana Grande has always had her hair up in her signature ponytail. For this past weekend’s KIIS FM Jingle Ball, the songstress finally let her hair down for a more relaxed look…and we are loving it! The concert was full of technical difficulties for every artist with Ariana’s mic being completely turned off for her performance of “Right There,” but despite that, Ariana continued to sing and perform just in case the mic did turn on. Selena Gomez, however, wasn’t as lucky with her performance in which she was noticeably lip synching and dropped the f-bomb into the mic when she thought it was turned off.

I just don’t know why pop singers have to lip synch at all. #TeamAriana always.

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Selena Gomez x Flaunt Magazine

We’re 72% sure that Selena is just wearing a wig for this editorial shoot, but we love this look on her as it makes her look immensely different.

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Selena Gomez for Teen Vogue

Doesn’t it feel like Selena is on a Teen Vogue cover every year? I guess it doesn’t matter because regardless, she is still our favorite Disney show star.

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2013 MTV Video Music Awards

all photos via Fashionista

Miley Cyrus in vintage Dolce & Gabbana

Unfortunately, I was up in the air en route to San Jose this past Sunday while the MTV Video Music Awards was happening and had to miss ¬†the entire show! Just as I was getting into my seat a video was released of Justin Timberlake’s performance, but as expected I had to put my phone away RIGHT before the *NSYNC reunion. Just my luck. Coming home today, I was hoping to watch the show on my OnDemand, but reached another dead end when I saw that it hadn’t been released! So as I write this post, I haven’t seen anything, but I’ve heard lots of opinions regarding Miley Cyrus and some of the outfit choices. Here are some of the outfits worth mentioning.

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Selena Gomez for i-D

Cutest cover I ever did see…


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Happy Birthday Selena!

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez!

Our little Spring Breaker turns 21 today!!! Here’s hoping that she remains our little doll and doesn’t fall off the deep end :)

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A Collection Part 37

I love seeing the difference in A Collection posts between seasons. With summer, there is so much light in these photos, the idea that we have the capacity to do anything, and some weight lifted off our shoulders. I have so much hope for the rest of 2013 and my hope is that it will be better! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that these photos can do their best to inspire beauty and life into you!

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Music Video of the Day

A couple of months ago, Selena Gomez and her friends did some choreography to this video and I’m happy to see it made the cut! It’s actually pretty good for how simplified it is. Also, she makes a cameo in this music video as well.

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BillBoard Music Awards 2013

I typically never watch the Billboard Music Awards or any other music awards show for that matter, but last night’s events were so entertaining I couldn’t turn away. For one, Christina Aguilera was making a comeback with her new look and the whole world approved. Taylor Swift had some sass and we liked it. Justin Bieber got booed and it was hilarious because he openly said that he should be “taken seriously as an artist.” Kind of fell into that one, didn’t he? Miguel’s dramatic jump landed ¬†himself in a fan’s face and it was also a little bit funny. To top it all off, the fashion was on point. Here are my favorite looks:

Hayden Panettiere in Halston Heritage

Her introducing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was more than a little awkward, but it’s okay because she probably thought she was really clever with it. Do you Hayden.

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Taylor Swift Reacts To Selena Kissing Justin

Did we just want to become Taylor’s best friend after viewing this GIF? Oh yes, we did. And it’s because we’d probably give the same reaction as she did. Call it immature, call it whatever you want, it is what it is and at the end of the day when you say your best friend kissing their ex, it makes you just want to go “blagh!”

And … this GIF, it is just straight LOL.


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Selena Gomez Dance Rehearsal – “Come & Get It”

I’ve mentioned several times now how much I absolutely love Selena’s choreography when she performs this song. And now I can re-enact it in my own living room getting it 30% right.

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Music Video of the Day

Of course I love Selena’s new single!

See ya Justin!

I will say, however, that I do prefer her choreography in her performances of this song than in this music video.

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Song of the Day

Selena Gomez – Come & Get It

Is it just me or do all of her recent songs make it sound like she’s singing to J. Biebz? Who really knows though, right?

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