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Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Almost Back

They’re almost here! August 25th to be exact. As much as I would love to say that having the Pumpkin Spice Latte year around would make me a happy girl, I know that I just wouldn’t be as excited about them if they weren’t a limited novelty. We certainly wouldn’t write posts about them like this on a yearly basis. I am very pleased about the return though and happy that it is coming sooner than the fall. It will still be the summer because I live in California and technically it is summer the whole year round.

Yum. I am going to drink you every single day.


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Starbucks Evenings

Seattle coffee chain Starbucks is introducing a new concept to their stores called “Starbucks Evenings.” We all know what it’s like to arrive at our own local Starbucks for the morning rush, but it looks like the chain is hoping to bring either a new crowd or that same crowd to their stores after work as well. Unveiling in major cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Portland, Starbucks will begin to sell alcoholic drinks and offer up appetizer and dessert menus to customers after 4PM. Food items will include chicken skewers, macaroni n’ cheese, and chocolate fondue with a selection of wines and beers varying at different stores.


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Currently Craving:

It’s pretty rare for me to eat breakfast outside of the office during the work week, but this morning I woke up with a very intense craving for a Tomato and Cheese Square (formerly called croissant) from Starbucks. Back in Seattle, I used to have this for breakfast once a week. It’s basically having a slice of pizza in the morning, which is not the worst thing in the world, right? I feel silly for saying that I want breakfast from Starbucks since it’s not something they specialize in, but the sweetness of the sauce and the flaky pastry are enough to get my mouth watering. My former roommate Heather is a Starbucks employee and when the company announced their collaboration with La Boulange, she mentioned to me that she had the opportunity to sample a lot of the food items before they were released. The reason why the squares are so tasty is because they include a hint of wine in them. Yum. I’m forgoing the coffee this morning and picking up myself a square.

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Happy November!


Halloween has come and gone and November has quickly followed! To celebrate the first of November yesterday, we celebrated with the arrival of red cups at Starbucks! Coincidentally, I knew that this would happen and decided to match my outfit in the morning.

Much excitement, y’all.

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So Good It Gets Two Posts

But seriously you guys, #starbucksdrakehands was too good and it was the best thing that I saw on the internet this week. Can  somebody find the identity of this guy? I think we could be friends.

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A guy went up to a girl at Starbucks in Los Angeles and started hitting on her. She reluctantly gave him her number.
Later that day, she received this video.

How one bro’s  seductive video selfie turns into an outrageous internet movement. I watched every video in this BuzzFeed post this morning and had tears in my eyes. Can you imagine what you would have done if you had gotten the original  message? …probably taken it viral like the girl’s friend did.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Click here for a post that is going to make your morning.

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Currently Craving:

Both…the cookie and the drink.

Looking forward to ordering this drink the next time I’m in my favorite Starbucks:

Try this: Grande Chai Crème Frappuccino with soy milk. 3 pumps of Cinnamon Dolce syrup. Top with whipped cream and Cinnamon Dolce sprinkles. #treatreceipt #snickerdoodle


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Starbucks Introduces New Summer Refreshers

Today from 3-5PM you can try these new flavors for half off its original price! What a deal, right? Check the website for a full list of participating stores. The promotion starts today and will run until June 29th.

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Starbucks’ La Boulange

When you live in Seattle, you have to pick a side. You’re either a Starbucks  customer or a frequent local coffee shop go-er. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love supporting the locals more than anything, but when it comes to Starbucks, we get a little personal. I had my first Starbucks drink when I was eight years old. I played hooky from school so that I could join my uncle  for “Take your son/daughter” to work day. Yeah – whatever my parents didn’t want me following them all day so they let me tag along with my uncle. I like to call this my “first job.” I shredded papers. But before I hit the work day, my uncle took me to Starbucks and bought me my first drink – a tall hot chocolate. Because of this sweet memory, I’ve never truly been able to look back or move on from them! I don’t know if I ever could.

I’ve got a special crush on Starbucks and now that crush is about to become full-on lust. Tomorrow, the chain will be releasing their new line of pastries called La Boulange, which includes my favorite pastry of all – the chocolate croissant! Watch me buy out all of them at 8:20 AM. Check out the full listing of goods here.

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Thought Catalog Roundup

Sometimes we need to see things from another perspective…

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Wooden Starbucks Card

photo cred | Starbucks

Yow Yow! is full of Seattle love today! I think we’re going on five posts with this one. Last month, Starbucks revealed a very special Starbucks card made with wood! If that doesn’t scream Seattle, then I don’t know what will. The special edition card is available in stores for a limited time and will follow the same rules as the standard Starbucks cards – which means you can register and reload it over and over again to continue earning all of those great rewards.

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Currently Craving:

The new Starbucks Hazelnut Macchiato

It’s spring so…we can stop counting calories now, right?! Yum. I wonder how much willpower I have to keep me from trying this drink. Not that much.

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Woman Plans To Only Eat And Drink At Starbucks For A Year

I love Starbucks, I really do. I’m a Seattle native so it’d be crazy of me to not like it, but when it comes to what I just read this morning about another Starbucks lover, I am throwing in the towel. One woman named Beautiful Existence (seriously, that’s her name.) plans on only eating and drinking Starbucks for an entire year. This is probably worse than the Supersize Me guy because at least that was only for a month.

I feel so sad for all of the other great food that she could be eating that doesn’t come from Starbucks. Anyways, god speed to B.E. Being a Seattle local herself, she definitely has quite a few more options and stores to visit, but she certainly has a challenge ahead of her.

Of course, she’s blogging her entire journey here.

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Blog Posts Roundup 1/3/13

There were just too many fantastic reads today that I couldn’t make a post about every single one of them.  Seriously, they are taking up all my tabs so I decided to turn them into a roundup post for your viewing convenience.

1. Facebook Prototype – Swedish designer Fred Nerby created this awesome prototype of a possible Facebook user interface that looks nothing like Timeline. Instead it resembles something more of the renovated MySpace, but damn, this looks. good. If you want to see the details clearer, watch the Vimeo in full screen. [Source]

2. Saving Your Instagrams – – – > Instaport

3. “Why I Left My Fancy Magazine Job” – Former Fashionista Editor Lauren Sherman explains why she left a gig at Lucky Magazine that many aspiring young women dream of.

4. Pinterest Acquires Punchfork – Pinterest makes its first big move in 2013 by acquiring one of my favorite recipe sites. [Source]

5. Seattle Music Ruled Today – Allen Stone performed on Ellen and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” went platinum.

photo cred | Michael Clinard – Seattle Met [Russell Investments office]

6. Modern Style Offices Thrive in Seattle – I couldn’t agree more that this open floor plan does wonders for productivity. [Source]

7. The 5 Innovative Social Media Campaigns of 2012

8. Starbucks is revealing their new $1 reusable cup. Will it catch on? [Source]

9. Man moves back in with his family to allow a homeless family to live in his home – such an amazing story about kindness and generosity. The video to accompany this post is a must-see. [Source]

10. McDreamy wants in on the Tully’s on Broadway in Capitol Hill. [Source]

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