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And now that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is live, I can finally share with you all of my purchases from this past week!

‘Maisie’ Top Coat for those blistering winds in San Francisco in the fall/winter and trips to Seattle!

topshop top

For nights out in the city and dress-up work days – Topshop Cutaway Wrap Back Shell. The draping is just the best part of this top.

suede booties

Grey Munro ‘Kara’ Suede booties – for the perfect long-sleeved dresses to wear with in the upcoming season!

I’m very fortunate to have had Ashley and Nadia save me by having the Nordstrom card and giving me early access to the Nordstrom sale this year, but who knows if I’ll have that special treatment next year. Looks like it’s time to apply for my own card :)

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think and ink

You know how people kind of hate the nails on a chalkboard sound? That never really happens in real life, but sounds similar to that one have a tendency to make me absolutely cringe! I’ve been using my Apple mouse on my wooden desk at work for about 9 months. Up until recently though, I was really starting to feel the metal at the bottom of the mouse scratch across the wood to the point where my shoulders would perk up and my whole body would tighten. Last week, I had my last straw and realized I just HAD to buy myself a mouse pad. It came today and it’s from Think & Ink Studio. Super cute right? It looks great with the desk and wasn’t all that expensive. To check out some of their other products, click here.

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Prospect Goods

I may not always be the best “maker” or the queen of DIY, but when I see other people making cool things, I want them. I’m a child at heart so I love all things tassels, confetti, pinatas, and noise makers. Confetti System and Geronimo Balloons? Those are right up my alley! I’d want them for every future party I throw and my dream wedding if I could. So when I discovered recently another company that does exactly that, I knew I had to share it with all of you. I discovered Prospect Goods through my Instagram feed and I guess you could say I made a pretty immediate follow decision. Since I’ve started following them, I’ve been glued to their photos more than I would imagine.

Can I just purchase a pinata to use as a decoration? I just want to hang it up in my home.

Actually, this seems to be a reoccurring thing happening for me. I purchased “Ralph” for my birthday to be smashed during my birthday week and today he is still sitting and smiling at me from the desk across.

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The Sill x Madewell

I’m such a huge sucker when it comes to all things decorating my desk. I constantly feel like I have so many ideas for it, but given my role at my workplace, I sometimes feel like I am swimming in papers. Last year, I was given a succulent from my co-worker which didn’t survive. And ever since it died, I’ve been itching to have another one. The Sill is a start-up out of New York that I blogged about back in November and now they’ve gone ahead with a collaboration that is making me love them even more! Working with one of my favorite retailers, Madewell – The Sill has created an exclusive line of planters that I absolutely need to have. If only they could ship it to me…

How great would this look on my desk though? Or even… your desk!


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C. Lowe by Scarlet & Gold

I am someone that has somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with greeting cards. You won’t find me hoarding them in my home, but I could be posted up in a bookstore, a gift shop, or a boutique just gazing through all of them for longer than the average human. If I were an adult collecting things, greeting cards would probably be it. One of my favorite Bachelor winners Catherine Lowe recently unveiled her new line C. Lowe for Scarlet and Gold including “Lowe Notes” and placemats. I find these to be quite cheeky. And now I want to send them to all my frands! To view all of the products, click here to visit Scarlet & Gold’s online shop.

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Kids Will Build Sushi

When I was a kid, I just played with Legos, Polly Pockets, Barbies, and was serious collecting Beanie Babies. There was little building in my childhood, but who knows – kids can grow up to be anything these days even sushi chefs! How adorable is this wooden sushi set?! The set was designed by Japanese design firm Plapax and contains 45 wooden pieces. So how much does this cost exactly? Only 7,400 yen. Worth it.


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Herschel Supply Co. “Fine China” Collection

Herschel unveiled their new “Fine China” collection today and it is every girly girl’s spring dream. With a burst of dark floral patterns in a mixture of both soft and vibrant colors, these bags are easily going to win over the hearts of many. This floral print can be found across a wide variety of their bags including the Little America Backpack and the Novel Duffle.

Can you imagine traveling with this gem? Lovely.

The collection is out now and can be purchased from Herschel.

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Knitted Comfort Food

Two things warm my insides. Comfort foods. And knitted things. Jessica Dance and David Sykes have accomplished both of those things with their latest series of knitted comfort foods. Awwww!

For two more nomz, click here.

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Wit & Wonder!


Photo Cred | Nordstrom Seattle Instagram

If I could hoard anything in my life, it would probably be all of the goods from the Wit & Wonder! pop-up shop at the Nordstrom Flagship in Seattle. I made my first trip there when I was home for the holidays and ended up coming back with coasters in the shape of toast. Toast. Coasters. I haven’t used them once. Some people thought it was real toast. That’s another story though. The pop-up shop is full of goods that represent Seattle pride and are home to gifts that can be given to just about anyone in your life – friends/family/etc. I just saw this photo on their Instagram from today and discovered that the pop-up shop changes seasonally. Well, isn’t that the kind of news that I just dream of? I’ll be back for all of this next month.

Gimme gimme. Moar.

(I’m Britney.)

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The Weekend: 5 Things

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My boss had a moving rummage over the past weekend and having been an avid collector of vintage trinkets and lots of dinnerware, I inherited a set! I don’t cook very much anymore, but someday I will start it up again and when that happens, I’ll at least have this very pretty set for my guests.

I somehow convinced him that he was going to love this movie. Bachelorette is one of my favorites and is totally underrated. I think I discovered it last year with my girlfriends last summer and while I loved it, he did not.

My coworkers and I got a DJ set by Questlove on Saturday night at the Mezzanine and it was pretty rad. There were some on/off moments during his set, but it’s Questlove so can you really hate on anything he does? Of course not. I wanted to be best friends with him obvi.


I have a slight obsession with greeting cards. We stopped by The Museum of Craft and Design in the Dogpatch Sunday morning, but didn’t really make it into the actual museum part of it – just the gift shop. We were entertained for a solid 15-20 minutes. These cute little greeting cards caught my eye, but unfortunately, I didn’t make any purchases.

welcome stranger

I can’t know this for sure, but I’m guessing the best part about being a boy is probably being able to wear all of these amazing pieces. As much as I love women’s fashion, there is a fascination that I have for menswear as well. I was introduced to Welcome Stranger on Sunday in Lower Haight and wish I could’ve picked out a few for myself. Well, in some ways I got to do that, but I just got to pick them out for someone else. :)

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Too Cold Too Hold Drink Sleeve – $5

I recently stumbled upon ban.do online and haven’t been able to take my eyes of their products. Every Instagram photo of theirs is adorable and the products on their website ooze of cuteness. They all would make some of the most perfect gifts for my girlfriends. Have any of you heard of them before or even purchased any of their products? They’re a shop that I am really excited about. Here are just a few things that I would want for myself and to give:

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Madewell Leather ID Bracelet – $24.50

It took a vacay to San Diego for me to face a long-deserved shopping spree. I was a little bit nervous about how much I was spending down there in comparison to food, but it seemed to work out and I am still pretty content with all of my purchases and ultimately ended up being well-fed. But…more on that later! Anyone that knows me knows that I never wear jewelry other than the gold hoops in my ears that I never take out. Since I was in elementary, I have always had hairties on my wrist and that’s as far as accessorizing goes for me. Being with Ashley though, I was a little more inclined to try something new. I am in love with my new bracelet and since it’s black and gold, it’s easy to match with most of my outfits.

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photo (1)

My co-workers always manage to introduce me to the latest trends here in the Bay Area and I’m super grateful to them for it. A few months ago, Nadia mentioned “Twistbands” to me, but I was reluctant to try them out since I’m so used to having just my standard black hair ties wrapped around my wrist since 5th grade. The only time I ever replaced them was when I lost one of them. This past weekend in San Diego though, I fell in love with a gold and black Madewell bracelet that I opted to wear instead of my hair ties. Obviously, this was a pretty quick transition. Not only are they super cute and come in fun colors and prints, but they also make it so that when you tie your hair up, there aren’t any creases.

When Nadia told me last week that she was placing an order for Twistbands, I decided to give it a try. I selected one pack and when they arrived today, I couldn’t have been more excited. Technically you should wear them as hairties, but I love having them just on my wrist as bracelets. With an all-black outfit today and my DV by Dolce Vita wedges, these Twistbands couldn’t have matched any better.

To browse Twistbands and possibly make a purchase, click here!

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