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Michelle Obama Interviews Richard Sherman

In a new video supporting her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign, Michelle Obama interviews Richard Sherman who along with the Seattle Seahawks sous-chef cooks up an example of a healthy meal for children in school. The best part of this video? Richard Sherman responding to Michelle Obama spoofing his very controversial post-game rant from last season. How can we forget?

He is just the best.


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Blog Roundup

  • The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter raised $1.5 in less than 24 hours. [Source]
  • Snapchat’s CEO is nailin’ it. [Source]
  • Apple acquires Beats Electronics for $3 Billion. [Source]

  • 25 Things you didn’t know about Boy Meets World [Source]

  • This previous hotel lobby is now a gorgeous 2 Bedroom Loft in Seattle [Source]
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Kids Will Build Sushi

When I was a kid, I just played with Legos, Polly Pockets, Barbies, and was serious collecting Beanie Babies. There was little building in my childhood, but who knows – kids can grow up to be anything these days even sushi chefs! How adorable is this wooden sushi set?! The set was designed by Japanese design firm Plapax and contains 45 wooden pieces. So how much does this cost exactly? Only 7,400 yen. Worth it.


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sophia bush


The #YesAllWomen hashtag is by far one of the most powerful things I have ever seen spread on social media. I am loving the fact that women are stepping out and sharing their stories about what they have had to face. A woman will endure multiple cases of misogyny throughout their life and if there’s something we can learn from this incident it’s that we need to change the way people are taught to look at women.

A woman is an individual – a human being.

A woman does not owe a man anything.

Women are not to be blamed for being able to stand up to another man.

Women are not objects and do not deserve to be objectified.

It is exhausting to think that in this day and age, we haven’t come far enough in society. It’s heartbreaking that in 2014 Elliot Rodger could commit a crime as horrible as this one because of how he believed he should have been treated by women.

For some, it’s time to check your priv.


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Happy Graduation Day!

Our favorite Hogwarts wizard Emma Watson graduated from Brown today! We quite enjoy her little selfie. Emma is walking away from the Ivy League school with a degree in English Literature.


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Facebook Puts A Relationship Target On Everyone’s Back

I was doing my Facebook thing the other day when I noticed on my friend’s profile that there was a little button next to his relationship status that said “Ask.” Now, I thought I knew the status of his relationship, but this button caused me to second guess that. I also was so curious about what would happen if I pressed it. Did they receive a notification? Probably. What did the notification say? I don’t really know. I toggled my cursor over it for a couple seconds before I decided against it. If I had done it, I would have to text this friend to let him know and explain it to him and that seemed like too much overhead to me.

So naturally, I waited for someone else to do it first and blog about it. Sure enough, Refinery29 had my back!

This comes up only for those people listed as single or who haven’t disclosed a status. When an inquiring mind wants to know more, he or she simply clicks the button and has the option to send a customized message to friends regarding their romantic life. They’ll receive a notification that someone’s asked about their relationship status, and they can choose to respond with an answer, update their profile, or simply ignore the request altogether. It seems there’s no way to nix this new add-on. 

The whole idea seems a little bit invasive to me. If someone I hadn’t talked to in a long time asked me with that button, I would feel pretty weirded out. And if a close friend did, I wonder why they just didn’t ask me in person! I don’t see a happy medium with this new feature, but I do find it quite amusing.


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A-Z of Dance

This is amazing. I will be really happy someday if I can nail all of these moves.

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Two Guys Bow Tie

Unfortunately, we’ve had yet another wedding-less Monday. I want you all to know though that that doesn’t mean I have given up. We’re just still scouring for the video that’s right for our series and for Yow Yow! I kid you not – Jennie and Ashley referred me to a video last night that would’ve brought anyone to tears. When it didn’t for me, Ashley called me The Tin Man.

I think my expectations for wedding videos are now sky rocketing.

I did, however, come across this cheeky post for wooden bow ties and while it’s not a wedding video it is still wedding related. Wedding Wednesdays!

Two Guys Bow Tie offer a wide selection to fit any kind of wedding and theme, but an important thing to note is that if they don’t have one that matches what you’re looking for, you can customize with them.

These are so hip, I can’t even handle it. Basically, I love them.


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ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat

I learned yesterday that ABC added a new show to their lineup that features a Taiwanese family living in America. I’m actually pretty interested in seeing how this turns out because I’ve never watched an Asian-American sitcom before. There will definitely be things that I can relate to and will find in general humorous. With that said, I do have some concerns. I hope that the show will have a good balance of being not only funny, but also not cheesy and stereotypical. After watching the trailer, I have decided that I didn’t enjoy the portrayal of the mother. She just doesn’t seem like she’d be a likeable character and is fitting into every stereotype I’ve ever heard of Asian mothers. It’s just a trailer though so I’m not going to get my hopes up quite yet.

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Cat Person

I find the cover of this book to be very entertaining for so many reasons. I want to know more about this story.

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Inception IRL

This is my favorite thing on the internet today. Macaulay Culkin is wearing a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt with Macaulay Culkin on it. It is just too good.

I guess this goes without saying, but we’re glad that Macaulay has this for him today because let’s be real – his ex Mila Kunis is expecting, engaged, and totally winning.


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Bee Shaffer Talks Being Anna Wintour’s Daughter

Independent of being Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer is kind of like a silent style icon. She doesn’t care about fashion all that much and works in the television industry for Late Night with Seth Meyers. However, when she needs to make an appearance like say… at the Met Gala she’s there. Bee is beautiful and her mother is the only name anyone would ever need to know in the fashion industry. Based off of the character “Miranda” in The Devil Wears Prada, everyone is naturally curious about what it’s like to call the ice queen Mom.


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A Stuffed Companion To Dine With

The first thing that came to mind after reading this was “Lars and the Real Girl.” A restaurant in Japan doesn’t want you to feel alone if you’re dining solo so to help you out, they are willing to provide you with a stuffed hippo to join you. Now, I can’t knock a stuffed animal. I love them. This, however, seems a little peculiar to me. I’ve always been one to believe that you should do whatever you want and not worry about what others will think of you, but wait- for a second, what do you think people WILL think of you? The Moomin Cafe in Tokyo is awfully sweet for keeping solo diners in mind, but I think if I were in this situation, I would just opt for a book.


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The Most Endearing 4-year Old

I promised you cuteness this morning so here you have it! Kevin shared with me this post about an endearing 4-year old in Japan the other day who is photographed by her father in the most endearing series we’ve ever seen. I’m loving the photos that are being created out of this by father Nagano Toyokazu and his daughter Kanna. I hope my future child is just like this.

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