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Full House Without Michelle

If we’re being honest here, Full House without Michelle Tanner just wouldn’t be Full House. Sure, she had her annoying moments, but for the most part – how could you not love her? Michelle Tanner had a really cute relationship with her dog Comet, some awesome best friends (Teddy and Denise, anyone?) and memorable quotes that we’ll always associate with her character.

Jezebel’s creative director didn’t feel the same way and created this video of the opening credits from Full House and a scene from the show without Michelle Tanner. At first, you may not notice that she’s completely out of the picture, but in the one scene it starts to feel a little bit creepy.


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Our Beef with The Bachelor

I’ve been holding off on writing this post for awhile and that might be for two reasons:

a) I’m waiting for Juan Pablo Galavis to become more likable (he hasn’t.)

b) I’m waiting for this season of The Bachelor to stop sucking.

I just assumed that redemption was on its way and that I wouldn’t have to write this post at all, but I’ve given it a few weeks, a whole lot of thought, and now we’ve got something to say. I actually met Juan Pablo Galavis last month when he visited my company and I thought on the surface, he seemed quite nice. He posed for pictures and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. We didn’t exchange very many words and I’m okay with that. Shortly after, news broke out that he thought it would be “perverted” if there was a same-sex Bachelor season. Hearing that made me cringe. In no way shape or form is it ever okay for someone to say that. Furthermore, he tried to cover his tracks by playing the “English is my second language” card, but we all know that “perverted” in English isn’t that much different than “perverted in Spanish.”

Strike one. 

A couple of episodes ago, Juan Pablo made it known that he was refraining from kissing both Renee and Cassandra because they were both moms and he wanted to make sure they were being an example for their children. Juan Pablo, on the other hand has no problem sticking his tongue down the throats of Sharleen, Clare, or Nikki. And if you didn’t know it before, Juan Pablo himself is also a father so isn’t this kind of hypocritical?

Strike two. 

Lastly, we’re not a fan of Clare and we don’t have any problem saying that. She doesn’t seem very likable or nice for that matter and every time she looks at Juan Pablo, she looks like she’s about to eat him. Everything about her face tends to be seductive in front of the camera and we’d like for her to just stop. In a very specific episode, Clare doing what she does best, scampers over to Juan Pablo’s room late at night for a frolic in the warm water. She calls it “swimming in the ocean,” but if you watched the episode at all, you will know that “swimming in the ocean” is code for something  more inappropriate than that. We know this because Juan Pablo confronted Clare about it and TOTALLY slut-shamed her. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little bit annoyed that guys continue to do this to women by placing the blame on them. It takes TWO people to “swim in the ocean.” Juan Pablo, are you aware of the example you’re setting for YOUR daughter? If you’re going to regret what you did then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place and if you’re the one so concerned about what your daughter is going to see on television, shouldn’t you take some responsibility for your own actions?

The Frisky did a pretty good job of summing this up:

At the rose ceremony a few days later, Juan Pablo took Clare aside, in front of the cameras, to tell her he essentially regretted their little tryst. But instead of taking equal responsibility for their actions, and personal responsibility for the regret he was feeling, Juan Pablo shifted the blame to Clare, implied that she either pressured him or he had no choice. “You wanted to thank me for the day,” he responded when Clare asked why he followed her to the ocean if he didn’t want to. As if Clare has been trying to pay him for the nice one-on-one date they had, and he couldn’t refuse. Having had his cake and eaten it too, Juan Pablo is back to worrying about the example he is setting for Camila — but he also hinted at having reservations about the impression Clare might be making as well. Clare was naturally mortified and undeservedly ashamed, when the only person who should be mortified by their behavior is Juan Pablo, for having sex with a woman, regretting it and then shaming her for both of their action the next day.

Strike three.

Juan Pablo is not an example. He’s not likable. He’s not a great Bachelor and I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t wish that this Clare scandal didn’t come out during the show and all of the girls just up and decided to quit. While I’m completely over the season, I need to continue watching to see who wins. I’m rooting for Andi because she seems like she’s the only one with a brain, but I already know that she doesn’t win so oh well. Can we just get this season over with already?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

I’ve never really had a grand celebration for this day with someone else, but I’ve always celebrated with the people around me. That is sometimes more fun, isn’t it? My team surprised our company today with these precious Valentine’s Day cards pictured above. I knew I had snagged a winner when I spotted these on Etsy! Not only is it pretty cute, but it’s also a reoccurring theme for our company as well and we’re obsessed with doge and anything to do with it.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day with your loved ones! I’m excited to start my night off!

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Shoshi Games 2014

So whoever thought it was a good idea to pair Shoshanna with the Sochi Olympics was a creative genius. Personally, I haven’t watched a single event this year and I suppose we could blame that on work, Modern Family, and a few other things, but I feel like this Tumblr page tells me everything I need to know about the games. I’m kidding, it doesn’t. It just makes it slightly more entertaining to see our girl killin’ it as an athlete.

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“All We Do Is Win!”

I wish I could have written this right after we won the Super Bowl this weekend, but I was too busy celebrating. This win means so much to the city of Seattle and more than anything I wish I was home to be with the city and storming Capitol Hill like I know everyone else did. Every non-Seahawks fan called the game boring, but like…that’s because you weren’t dominating! I’m not sure what I would have preferred – a game that forces me to have a heart attack every minute or to rest easy knowing that you’re just going to win the whole damn thing.

I can’t even tell you for how long it has been that Seattle sports hasn’t been taken seriously – The Mariners, The Supersonics getting taken away. We needed this. Everyone said that we would never make it – that we weren’t the team to watch out for – that making it to the Super Bowl in 2005 was just a fluke, well what do you have to say about us now? We earned it.

I am overcome with this joy of having the best football team, the most driven and hungry players, crazy fans, and being from the city that backs all of this up completely.

Mandi and I couldn’t contain our excitement, clearly. After the win, we rounded up our crew and took on San Francisco with our Skittles and our Gushers (we love you Lynch and Sherman) and distributed our snacks to the best Seahawks fans in the city. We pretty much fed San Francisco.

Super Bowl 2015 – we’ll see you there!

Some of the the best articles came out yesterday after the win so here’s a roundup below:

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The Men of “Full House” Reunite on Jimmy Fallon

Doesn’t this take you back? Jimmy Fallon, you done did Michelle Tanner well.

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Anna Kendrick’s Super Bowl Commerical

There’s a little bit of suspense taken out of the Super Bowl when all of the commercials get leaked before the actual game day, right? Regardless, we love Anna Kendrick and we find her to be quite endearing and funny. I know Pitch Perfect feels like forever away, but hopefully she’ll be in something before that that we can look forward to.

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A Collection Part 39

Would you believe that it has already been 4 months since our last “A Collection Part” post? I can already hear Veronica’s voice in the back of my head saying, “I can.” Every time I speak to the girl, she’s always asking for another one. Little does she know, constructing these take forever! Good news though, I’ve already started building Part 40 so hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the next one, but if she had it her way, it would be every week.

Making this post this time around was quite refreshing to me. Veronica once asked me how I choose the pictures that I do for this post and I don’t know if I was ever able to give a great answer. I probably just said that I chose the pictures I liked, but I’d like to elaborate on that a little bit. I used to do a bit of photography back in high school and in the early days of college, I brought my camera with me everywhere I went. I love that these photos are being taken in ways that I never thought of before. They are various shots that spark something in me, but I have no idea what it is and because I can’t explain it or put it into words of some sort, I love it. Maybe that’s not a better explanation than before, but it makes sense to me!


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TLC’s “No Scrubs” De-Constructed

I don’t know who Elijah Aaron is, but his live-loop cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs” is amazing. I love that he completely took apart this song and started with a bunch of sounds that was nowhere near to “No Scrubs,” but that it worked out in the end. Amazing.

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The Humblebrag

macklemore tweet

So it’s been a few days since this actually happened and everything has kind of blown of since then, but seeing this text made me feel incredibly uncomfortable! No one can deny that Macklemore has done such great things for the city of Seattle and has turned things around in the scene. Locals are excited about him and proud. Taking home as many Grammys as he did on Sunday night was quite the achievement, but it quickly turned sour the next morning when he wrote this tweet and instagramed this text.

It is what we call “the humblebrag.” It wasn’t enough that you couldn’t privately text this to Kendrick, but you had to publicize it as well? Why do people need to see this? You had a standout performance at the Grammys and you married some couples which was kind of cool, but it kind of begs us to ask – what exactly is Macklemore looking for? Another pat on the back? Some more praise and additional respect from fans saying that he acknowledged that maybe he didn’t deserve Best Rap Album, but he’s telling Kendrick that in a personal text and needs the entire world to see it?

I like what Macklemore stands for and he’s done work this year, but this was in poor taste and I didn’t like it.

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Marshawn Lynch and His Skittles Deal

The days to the upcoming Super Bowl are winding down and the Seahawks players are becoming fast favorites! I don’t mind. I’m willing to share our team with other states that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl if people want to root for them. I’m not sure when everyone discovered that Marshawn Lynch’s favorite candy was Skittles, but it was announced TODAY that Lynch has struck a deal with them! As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. In fact, the desired feeling was so immediate that I ordered Tommy to try and find it on Google Shopping Express only to shortly discover that they were so limited edition that they won’t even be in stores!

Starting Wednesday, the limited edition pack of blue and green Seahawks skittles will be auctioned off here before the Super Bowl with proceeds going directly to Lynch’s charity – the Fam 1st Family Foundation.


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In Case You Missed It…

Taylor Swift didn’t want you to miss her white girl dancing during the Kendrick Lamar x Imagine Dragons performance.


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The Men of Full House Reunited

Dannon Oikos teased everyone this week by posting this ad that will air during the Super Bowl featuring the men of Full House. Jesse, Joey, and Danny – the gang’s all there!

But what exactly can we expect, come February 2nd? The Gibbler? DJ? Michelle, herself? Whatever it is, we can’t wait. Of course, we’ll be watching.


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Conversations From 20-Somethings

What’s in a first date?

After a week of being sick, I finally made my way out of my home last night for a drive up to the city for dinner and drinks with some pretty great company. The best part about moving to another nearby major city is that people you know are ALWAYS visiting and honestly – nothing makes me happier. My brother’s friend Ryan was in town earlier this week and through this weekend from Seattle and he brought with him two friends – one also living in Seattle (Neal)  and the other in New York (Blake) – all of us working within tech. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a “Conversation From 20-Somethings” post, but these are some of my favorites.

As we’re dining over our six plates at Nopalitos, the topic of relationships naturally comes up (doesn’t it always?)

“A first date is always coffee or drinks, but NEVER a meal.” – Blake (while Ryan agrees)

“Wait, I never look at coffee as a first date. In fact, that’s kind of like the express lane to friend zoning, isn’t it? Or just indicating something…friendly and casual.”

“No, the great thing about coffee or drinks is that there’s not a whole lot of commitment there. When you get dinner, you are committing to an hour or more of your time with this person regardless of whether or not you know it’s going to go well.”

“For a girl, when a guy says dinner – that’s a date. When it’s coffee or drinks it gets lost in translation or it’s not clear.”

“If I ask a guy on a date for coffee or drinks I just say, ‘let me buy you a drink.’ That’s a date. I don’t have to actually say, ‘this is a date.’

So readers, I’m so curious, how do you determine a first date? Are you okay with coffee being a first date option? For the record, I’d like to share that the one time I went on a coffee date, I considered this pre-dating before the dating and that while I believe when someone asks you to dinner that that is a date, I used to always revert to coffee or drinks first because I just didn’t particularly like going out to dinner as a first date. College me didn’t know anything about dating. Current me still doesn’t know that much.

Edit: I’ve never been on a dinner date where I didn’t know the person pretty well. So that’s where Blake and I kind of came to terms on that. I am in agreement with him though that maybe if I didn’t know someone or recently met them, drinks and coffee are a much safer bet.

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