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Sasquatch 2015 Lineup

Oh em gee – space themed! We’ve been a little bit slow on the posting lately because I’m recovering from a small cold. I must be losing my edge lately because I barely┬árecognize anyone from the last five lines of the lineup! Regardless, Sasquatch always does such a great job and people always come out of it enjoying the experience that they’ve had.

I just happen to be a girl that prefers a shower and a bed ;)

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Summer Meltdown 2014

Remember when music festivals were just mostly in the spring/summer? Now it just feels like they are popping up all the time!

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Ziplining Comes to Bellevue

photo cred | Seattle Times

Most people like to believe that ziplining is something that you can only do in Costa Rica or some other exotic location. Bellevue, WA is squashing that rumor and even moreso because Bellevue in itself is not an exotic location at all. As of last weekend, Bellevue Zip Tours is now open to the public in Eastgate Park.

The area in which this course is located is actually quite beautiful. I’m pretty sure that I’ve done several ropes courses in this area throughout my college years so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to me that they set up the tours here. In fact, I think it’s a great idea and an activity that will see a lot of action especially during the summer. In June, Bellevue Zip Tours will only be available on weekends, but starting July – they will be open every day for business.

Tours are approximately 2.5 hours (depending on how big of a group you go with), and $69 per adult, $44 for kids. While the riding age minimum is 9, riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

To learn more, click here.

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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning, everyone! We’re creeping up on what will be a very busy next couple of weeks, but I couldn’t be more excited. I’m thrilled to be celebrating my birthday in a new home this year, taking my first ever vacation in a job, and going on a trip with the people I enjoy working with everyday! It’s an exciting time to turn 24. I’m actually also very excited that the video I’m sharing with you today is kind of like a part of my life going full circle. Normally, I would prefer a wedding video, but this time we’re doing a slow-motion photo booth. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen because I think I’d like to be friend with every single person featured in it AND even more importantly the wedding take places in Seattle and features USnaps – another vendor that I have worked with previously in my college days. The slow motion photo booth was done by another company, but that’s okay – USnaps was still there to provide the instant snapshot.

And here’s the Style Me Pretty featured post here.

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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning everyone! It’s supposed to be around 73 degrees today and it’s still February. You would never see anything like this in Seattle. It’s pretty nice to be able to start your morning off with a sunny day…and a Wedding Monday. Earlier this week, I received a “Save the Date” from Natalie’s wedding in September so that put me on a wedding high all week long.

I’m so excited to share with you this gorgeous Washington wedding today from Kristy and Kelly. In the past, we’ve showcased Washington weddings taking place right in the city of Seattle, but I think it’s important to highlight all aspects of my home. In addition to having a major city, we’re also known for our outdoors – lush greens, woods for days, etc. Along with this video, we’ve also got the feature from Green Wedding Shoes.

Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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Sasquatch 2014 Lineup

What a lineup. I’m extremely thrilled to see quite a few local bands (as always) and a handful of bands that I have worked with in the past.

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50 States of Lego

Sometimes I just enjoy writing posts about people who make things with a lot of time on their hands and this is actually one of those posts. Here are our 50 states in Lego form. Above is California while below is Washington!

To view the entire series, click here.

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Bay Area Eats:

Since I moved here, Henry has been wanting to take me to a San Francisco spot known for their cider called “Upcider.” Back home, cider would always be my drink of choice so I was pretty excited to find a place equivalent to Capitol Cider on my beloved Capitol Hill. I had the Cherry from Tieton Cider Works (Tieton, WA) Washington represent. I haven’t actually come across a cider that I didn’t like so I suppose I’m pretty easy to please. I liked mine! Henry said it tasted like juice (doesn’t it always) and that it had a tinge of grape in it. I hate grape juice and didn’t detect a hint of that at all. We also decided to make our drink spot our dinner spot too. I ordered a petite mac and cheese with bacon from their specials menu while the rest of the group I was with sampled the selection of sliders and flat breads. We were pretty pleased for the most part, but I think next time we’d probably prefer to just come for the drinks.

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Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!


In a time where new music festivals seem to sprout up like mushrooms, not many can boast being a winter music festival. Taking place in Leavenworth, Washington, Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival is the frozen counterpart to Timber! Music Festival, which started this past summer.

The summertime festival took place in Carnation, Washington and featured artists like The Helio Sequence, Lemolo, and Fruit Bats, so even though Timbrrr!’s lineup hasn’t been announced yet, it’ll like be stacked with local favorites.

Make sure to check out their website tomorrow morning to buy tickets and, possible, for a glimpse at their lineup.

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Wedding Mondays

Good morning everyone! You’re all so lucky to get a double dose of weddings on this Monday morning. I’m so happy to share this wedding video with you today as this one takes place in Tacoma, WA. We’ve had a couple of videos recently that have been high energy and for this week, I really wanted to find one that was simple and beautiful in its own way. The Heart Dept. did such a great job of capturing the love between both the bride and the groom and them and the wedding party.

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Tweet of the Day


After a portion of the bridge in Washington over the Skagit River collapsed yesterday, the incident was widely spread. However, it didn’t take long for the national media to start pronouncing Skagit incorrectly and for that – Seattle PI would like to set y’all straight! And in case you’re wondering what the collapse looks like…

Continue reading

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22 Of The Coolest Places To Get Married In America

photo cred | A City Wedding

Good morning readers!

It’s Monday morning which means that every day we get through means that we’re just a little bit closer to the weekend. This past weekend, however, was centered around one aspect of my life – a community that I had grown to love. Through a visit, I was finally able to close the door on one chapter and say goodbye to a beautiful space that taught me how to love, to share, to forgive, and to heal. Camp Don Bosco, what an amazing place you are.

On that note, I wanted to share with you all a few more spaces – but in the sense of Weddings because it is after all, Wedding Mondays here on Yow Yow! Buzzfeed recently compiled a list of 22 venues that are some of the coolest places to get married and Washington has snagged two of those spots with Sodo Park and Treehouse Point in Issaquah. Click here to view the rest of the list!

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Washington (What Is It Good For)

Every state has their own niche. Sometimes it can take a little bit more time to find out what that niche is. This infographic has helped me learn how to appreciate every state the way they are even if I’ve only ever been to a handful of them.

Anyone curious as to what Washington is great at?

“The percentage of non-religious people in Washington is the highest of any state.”


To check out all of the winning facts from each state, click to view the infographic.


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One Year Ago Today

– Seattle Restaurant Week began! This year, it runs through April 8-19. Check out the participating restaurants here.

– We viewed Death Cab For Cutie’s live music video for “You Are A Tourist.”

– We read some news and stuff.

– Madewell debuted their Fall 2011 collection and it was glorious!

– I got a little antsy about summer wedding season. Ashley and I spent 45 minutes watching wedding/proposal videos this evening.

– I wanted to buy some things. What else is new?

Most importantly, I discussed the 21 things I learned from my 21st birthday!

– There were a few things that I was obsessing over and they were awesome. Enough said.

– This infographic already told us what we already knew about the Pacific Northwest.

– This book was pretty cool.

– I wondered why Washington never had any cool prints made for them like this one.

– This is the best excuse I’ve ever seen.

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In the News…


photo cred | The Man Repeller

– Bloggers are making their mark on the world! The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine will be releasing a new book slated for next year. [Source]

– Pinterest puts their foot down when it comes to thinspiration images on their website. [Source]

– Could H&M be on the verge of launching a luxury brand? [Source]


Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

– The lyrics slay me.

– Britney Spears is joining X Factor y’all! [Source]

– Maroon 5’s new album “Overexposed” will be released in June. [Source]

– A new MGMT record will be released this September! [Source]

– Australian music group, Jet, has decided to part ways. [Source]

– Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will release their second album together by the end of the year. [Source]


– A Hunger Games vacation. [Source]

– JJ Abrams isn’t letting anyone see Star Trek 2 before it comes out! [Source]

– The Weinstein Company has decided to retaliate against the MPAA and will release the new documentary, “Bully,” as unrated. [Source]

– Direct R.J. Cutler (The September Issue) will direct yet another fashion-based film. [Source]


– We said goodbye to one of my favorite series, Skins. [Source]

– Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle is going under the knife. [Source]

– Mike “The Situation” has checked into rehab for prescription pills and alcohol. [Source]

– 30 Rock will do another live episode next month. [Source]

– Lifetime has pulled a controversial episode of Dance Moms featuring the young girls as little showgirls. [Source]

– Jo Rivera from Teen Mom 2 attempts a rap career. [Source]

– Here’s a first look at AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. [Source]

– Camille Grammer is not returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Source]

– ABC Family has picked up the network rights to The Hunger Games – will air in 2014. [Source]

– Jimmy Kimmel will host the Emmy’s! [Source]


– Everyday Music has officially moved across the street. [Source]

– Ballard burger spot, The Counter, has closed. [Source]

– A store I recently discovered while in San Francisco, Bevmo, will open up two locations in Washington in Silverdale and Tacoma. Um…I think they really meant Seattle, but that’s not happening. [Source]

– Seattle Restaurant Week begins April 8th! [Source]

– There is a Vintage Wedding Fair going down this weekend. Swoon swoon swoon. [Source]


– Miami Heat show their support for Trayvon Martin. [Source]

– Jason Russell’s naked meltdown was because of a brief reactive psychosis. [Source]

– Tori Spelling is pregnant again. [Source]

– Kim’s flour shower. [Source]

– Megan Fox has spent $60K + on plastic surgery. [Source] Yikes.

– Hilary Duff gave birth to son Luca last week.

– Khloe Kardashian turns her back on PETA after her sister’s incident. [Source]

– VS Angel Adriana Lima is also pregnant. [Source]

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