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Your 2013 Holiday Party Dress

Banana Republic Seamed Ponte Fit and Flare V-Neck Dress – $130

It’s that time of the year! For the first time ever, I’m attending a holiday party for my company and this time – it won’t be in some sketchy dive bar in the middle of nowhere. I can toss that horrible, ugly, and itchy Christmas sweater aside and put on my favorite new dress for the season. Of course, I don’t own one yet, but that’s why we’re on the hunt! I actually helped a co-worker of mine find her dress before I found one and it looks fabulous. Job well done. Now, here are some options for both you and I!

Sachin + Babi Sequin Cutout Dress – $188

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The Closet: September 2013

Nasty Gal Capture Dress – $48

This month, we’re really into black heels I guess! Our September closet list is bulging with some goodies – more than the usual. If only, we could have them all…!

Artisan Project Striped Moroccan Throw Blanket – $210

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The Closet: Jan 2013

photo cred | Pitchfork

Local Natives – Hummingbird out 1/29/13 in the US

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Zara Comes To Seattle

It’s happening. And it’s about time! Zara will be moving into Westlake Center in downtown Seattle at the end of 2013 or in early 2014.

For the last couple of years, I have had to make my trip up to Vancouver for my Zara fix and now I am so happy to announce that I no longer will have to. The store addition will be part of the shopping center’s remodel.


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What We’d Wear To Ring In The New Year 2012

With the holiday parties coming in before New Year’s Eve, we often times forget about what we’re going to wear to the big event. Well, we either forget or it turns out to be a last minute buy and for an event this big, it deserves our attention doesn’t it. Who am I kidding? Even this post is a little bit late because you’re going to be a little bit scrapped for time purchasing a dress now – but hey – I’m here for you. And I’m a hypocrite because I bought my New Year’s Eve dress last Sunday.

I’m sorry.

Let’s get started – we can’t waste anymore time.

Zara Dress with Faux Leather Waist – $49.99

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Holiday Dress Season 2012

Free People Sleeveless Miles of Lace Dress – $128

It’s that time again y’all! Holiday Dress season! Get yourself ready for after Thanksgiving parties, Christmas, and any event in which you are meeting your significant others’ family. It’s a big deal – so your dress should be too.

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Wants: The Day-to-Evening Blouse

Lately, I’ve found myself to be in a slight dilemma. Hi! I’m living a double life! Not really, but I’ve got a day job and a night job (this one!) and that makes things difficult sometimes. Last week, I had two events that I was attending after work which meant that I needed to have outfits that would translate well in the office as well as for where I was headed to in the evening. Turns out, I don’t have a lot of those outfits so now I’m on the hunt – the hunt for something very specific. The appropriate day-to-night blouses!

Let’s go shopping y’all!

Zara Printed Blouse – $59.90

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Zara Home

An official retail store hasn’t hit Seattle yet, but having access to their US online home store is sort of like the next best thing! Sort of. I am so excited to announce that Zara unleashed their home line for purchase earlier this week. To be honest, I didn’t even know they had a home line. It features not only pieces that are simple and classic, but also affordable. That’s always important, right?

Start shopping now!


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Zara AW12 Kids

The hipster culture is not dead.

And neither is kidlet romance.

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Proud Owner: Tulip Dress

Oh yeah! Yow Yow! is back in action now.

Since I was in San Francisco this past week, there were a few places on my agenda that I had to stop by: Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate, etc. However, when you’re in another city, there’s no way you can pass up a shopping opportunity – especially in San Francisco. I did my research beforehand. There were two Zara’s in the city. There are zero here in Seattle. I needed to make a purchase.

This wasn’t some impulsive buy though; I knew that I was on the hunt for some event-specific dresses in the spring so that’s what I had my eyes set on. As soon as I walked into the store, my eyes went straight to this dress. I’ve been looking for a white dress like this for a very long time and not only did I feel pretty in this dress, but I didn’t feel restricted at all.

Two main lessons to be learned from this story. Every woman deserves to own a dress that they can feel pretty and comfortable in. You need to find a dress that is true to you and that you know when you walk in a room, your entire goal is to turn heads.


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