23 Aug 2019

Lizzie McGuire’s Revival

In news that I thought would never happen, Hilary Duff is reprising her role as Disney Channel star Lizzie McGuire. Growing up as a pre-teen/teenager is hard enough, and Disney got that. It’s the reason why they created series like Lizzie McGuire, That’s so Raven and Even Stevens so that we could all realize that everything we felt was normal. Also, it was a reminder that your awkward moments will never come close to your worst moments.

In the sequel series return, the show will follow Lizzie as a 30-something living in New York City. Other than Hilary herself, there’s no word yet on who will be back except for the original showrunner. Terri Minsky is the woman behind the creation of the show and will share with us the story of Lizzie all grown up.

Hilary Duff announced the news officially today on her own personal Instagram account.


17 Aug 2019

American Factory Trailer

It’s no surprise that since I work in recruiting that I have a natural curiosity for jobs. In my line of work, it’s quite siloed to technology, but these aren’t the only jobs that exist in our country. Factory work spans the United States and even though we don’t hear about it as much, it’s still vital to our day to day. This documentary will be released on Netflix August 21st and I’m looking forward to watching it!

09 Aug 2019

Summer’s End (Almost!)

We’ve been absent from Yow Yow! for the last couple of weeks, but for the best reason. Every year, I always head back to Seattle for a week and this year we opted for something different. Instead, I chose to try two weekend trips back-to-back! It was ambitious and I just left recovery mode this week, but it was much needed. The downside to these trips is that even though you’ve still got mostly a full work week in between, you still find yourself falling behind in work.

I couldn’t imagine a summer without any kind of vacation though. I’ve read that it’s actually healthy to take at least one vacation per quarter though my friends are all over the map with that. Many of them are traveling every other weekend for fun while others are traveling for work and planning their vacations in between. I’m convinced it’s not something that I’ll ever master, but I’m learning! My two weekend vacation could not have been more opposite from each other. First, we kicked things off in New York where I visited by two best friends and survived the hot and humid summer. Then I came back to a shortened work week and spent 48 hours in Vegas with 30 of my coworkers.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the office today to just come home and decompress. We all know that I always get a little home sick while I’m away too so a weekend (sort of!) in is much needed. For those of you that are here in the city this weekend, I hope you all have a blast at Outside Lands! Initially, I wanted to be there too, but your girl needs a break.

09 Aug 2019

The Closet: July 2019

Solid & Striped The Violet – Top: $89 $44 Bottom: $89 $44

Summer 2019 was the year that we really leaned into summer. In prior years, I never did much shopping during this time because I was saving everything up for the fall. That was my back to school shopping season and truly a transition period. However, San Francisco graced us with beautiful summer days this year and while I didn’t need another swimsuit or another dress, I doubled down.

This summer, more than ever, we embraced color and prints. I purchased my first leopard print dress in a vibrant orange. For a swimsuit, I ventured out of the one-piece and got the new lingerie bikini style that is a hit or miss with the critics. I regret none of my purchases! In this “Closet” post, I’m sharing more of what I didn’t get a chance to buy, but am hoping one of you will fall in love with!

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09 Aug 2019

Joggers For Everyday Wear

Joggers – Alternative Apparel / Lace tee – Urban Outfitters / Cardigan – Oak + Fort / Heels – Vince Camuto

I’m not someone that needs to own a million pairs of sweat pants. In fact, I am happy just owning one and wearing them forever, but I had a natural curiosity recently to embrace the jogger look. Not only can you wear them at home and still be stylish, you can actually wear them out and still be functional. I had been inspired by quite a few looks that I had seen on Instagram and Pinterest lately so I decided to give it a shot. Alternative Apparel was a solid choice because I already own and know that I like their sweat pants.

However, anyone that knows me knows that this look isn’t my aesthetic for work. If it were up to me, I’d be wearing dresses and heels every day, but with variation. I was worried that the joggers, would give off the impression of a look that was too casual. So how did I actually feel by the end of the day? I was cozy all day, but it was a huge change from my normal wear. I didn’t feel like myself! When I wore the joggers, it was the day after I bought them so they were still fitted and structured. If I were to wear the joggers next week to work, they wouldn’t have that same fit as the first day. In photographs, this look isn’t that bad actually, but I do think that there are many other people that can pull this look better than I can.


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