04 Aug 2020

The Instagram Post That Had Us Spinning

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2004 or 2020?!

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When Kristin Cavallari posted this Instagram last night snuggling up to her former high school boyfriend Stephen Colletti, I did a double take. Even the caption “2004 or 2020?” really had me going for a minute! In fact, so much so that I had to confirm it myself to see if in her stories she was wearing the same outfit as the photo. We know this cast never really ages much anyways so it was anyone’s guess! I hate to jump the gun on shipping rumors, but we do know that Kristin and Jay Cutler announced their divorce earlier this year. Is a reunion in the works for these two? Do former high school relationships have a shot many many years later?

04 Aug 2020

In Things No One Asked For…

Chipotle has decided to launch a responsibly sourced apparel collection and no one knows why. A line of apparel and branded accessories will be made exclusively to Chipotle Rewards members. I’m not saying that food franchise brands can’t pivot, but it does feel somewhat random, does it not? The only selling point for me is that all profits from the line will go directly towards supporting organizations dedicated to making fashion and farming more sustainable. Okay, but imagine telling someone that you purchased your piece from Chipotle. Does it hit the same? I’ll let someone interested in purchasing be the judge. Apparel and accessories can be found [here] and it looks like you can buy even if you aren’t part of rewards.


04 Aug 2020

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Is the Quarantine Show You Didn’t Know You Needed

After reading about how Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast was the show to watch in quarantine and watching myself, I’m here to say that this series is a hidden gem. Maybe it has always lived on Netflix, but never once did I see it on my recommendations until the day that I was looking for it. I’ll admit, the thing that brought me to the series was a several episode guest stint by Park Bo Gum, but that alone made me finish the rest of the season. In a world where Vanderpump Rules and Love is Blind, Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast is a breath of fresh air.

For those who don’t know, Hyori is one of the most famous K-pop stars. She first debuted in a girl group before going solo and having her own successful career. Somewhere along the way, she got married and bought a home with her husband on Jeju Island. While she is famous, the two live a humble lifestyle. Known for her glam looks and heavy eyeliner, on the show you wouldn’t be able to tell that Hyori was a pop star. Often times, she’s dressed down in casual lounge wear just like us in quarantine!

For two seasons, guests shuffle in and out for several days often overlapping with other guests. The guests are self sufficient though. They have their own plans, but have meals at the bed and breakfast prepared by Hyori, her husband and the celebrity staff member at the time. Guests help out around the home and not every guest has their own bedroom. Everything is super scrappy and that’s what makes this show so likable. In America, we consume television shows where wealth is the main subject. Even though the show could have gone there, they don’t at all. Don’t come here looking for drama because all you will get is innocent humor.

The episodes are always a little over an hour, but you don’t need to consume it all at once. In fact, it’s the perfect show to come back to which I didn’t know existed. I watched this every day during my lunch break until I finished! I’m biased, but truly the best part of the series is that when Park Bo Gum arrives, everyone falls in love with him including a married Hyori.

04 Aug 2020

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01 Aug 2020

Wansho Laundry’s Owners

A Taiwanese couple is making headlines this week after finding a creative way to recycle the clothes left behind at their laundromat. The owners, Chang Wan-Ji and Hsu Sho-er have collected the belongings that people accidentally leave and turn them into wearable outfits. Last month, their grandson Chang Reef started sharing their photos on the internet modeling these outfits and they’ve become a new sensation. With only 23 posts so far, their [Instagram] is quickly becoming a hit. Honestly, are these not the coolest grandparents you’ve ever seen?


31 Jul 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Umbrella Academy Season 2

I never thought that I would enjoy superhero type shows, but in the last year I’ve been gravitating towards them. It has been a year and a half since we were first introduced to Umbrella Academy on Netflix, but now they are back for season 2. The cast includes who I consider a veteran, Ellen Page, as a lead, and a few newcomers to watch. We’ll be holed up all weekend finishing this!

What We’re Listening To: Eric Nam – The Other Side

It’s a weird time to be releasing new albums and such isn’t it? Eric Nam is someone I recently have been getting into, but I can’t even really remember how I first heard of him. He was raised in the states, but left it to become a singer in South Korea where he’s thriving. Eric has songs both in English and Korean and we’ve got a mix of both on our playlists. He just released his latest album this week and this song is a bop.

What We’re Wearing: [Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatpants] – $69.50

I’m not the type of person to own many pairs of sweatpants, but these have converted me into a fan. I own a long sleeved dress by Lou & Grey made in the same Signaturesoft Plush so having this in pants form is a dream. The good thing about quarantine is that no one can see me wear these many days in a row.


What We’re Eating: Ju-Ni’s Red Crab, Ikura, Salmon, and Hokkaido Uni Bowl

Ju-Ni has been getting me through this quarantine with all of their delicious bowls. Every time they create a new one, I can’t help myself from trying it. This bowl was delicious if you’re a fan of all of the above, however, fair warning that it is quite filling. The uni is creamy and the crab is heavier than it looks so if you’re going to order this, just make sure you come hungry.

30 Jul 2020

You Can’t Stop Us | Nike

Before I got into the career I’m in today, I once considered advertising. I loved commercials like this. The idea that you could create something so original and never seen before was exciting. I can’t say for certain that I would be the brains behind that creativity exactly, but I knew it fascinated me. I can’t stop watching this because of the impeccable editing job. It also just feels so timely with everything going on in the world.

30 Jul 2020

The Closet: July 2020

[Free People Lou Jean Babydoll Dress] – $128

With just a few more weeks of summer left (can you believe it?!) it’s tough to know what to shop for. Do we continue to buy summer wear and hope for clearance or do we begin prepping for fall? San Francisco summers make it hard to decipher. In this week alone, I found myself purchasing a swimsuit that I may not use this season and a half-zip long sleeved sweater. It’s clear that we are also still trying to figure this out. This month’s post teeters on both seasons if you’re like us and can’t make up your mind. For once, it also has a hearty mix of accessories along with it!

[Mango Polka-Dot Bikini Top and Bottom] – $40/$30

Read more “The Closet: July 2020”
29 Jul 2020

Barbie Campaign Team

We are less than 100 days away from election day and Barbie is sending the message to young girls about who they can be. The Barbie campaign team highlights a number of roles including the candidate, campaign manager, fundraiser and the voter herself. These diverse set of dolls were designed to inspire girls to see themselves in roles that make up a winning campaign. We love this very timely release! While an election themed Barbie was first released in 1992, this package looks a bit different. Instead of one individual, it is a team and highlighting different ethnicities including a Black candidate. The set was released yesterday and is retailing for $39.99.



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