22 Jun 2019

Music Video of the Day

I remember making the switch from iTunes over to Spotify like it was yesterday. It was 2011 actually. Kevin had introduced me to it and at the time, I didn’t believe that it was going to be something that would be a part of my daily life. Eight years later and I now have a time capsule of songs that I’ve created in the form of seasonal playlists. Naturally, this new bop from Shawn and Camila is a part of Summer 2019 along with many others.

The best part about this tradition though is being able to go back and see what I had on repeat back in 2012, 2013 or 2018. Every year my friends and I have a discussion about what’s going to be the song of the summer. Who has their money on this one?! Is it too soon to tell or will there be another hit in just a few weeks that we’re waiting for?

16 Jun 2019

Tell Me About Your Tees

Tee + Skirt – Aritzia / Booties – Vince Camuto

Is there such a thing as being able to own just one white tee? I went on a recent shopping excursion and when I came home I realized the one thing I needed wasn’t in my shopping bag. In the back of my head, I had been seeking the perfect white t-shirt for months. While it is the most simple staple, there’s so much that can go wrong. There are other details to consider other than color. You’ve got your cut, fabric, thickness, etc. Like denim, it is truly possible to have a whole shelf in your closet dedicated to white tees. At this moment, this is my only white t-shirt, but it’s not the most versatile. For one, it’s basically backless, which means it isn’t work appropriate. It’s essentially a weekend tee. What I love about this (and while you can’t see it) it has a high neck giving it that 90’s look.

Tees like this don’t go that far. The only other way I’d wear it is over a slip dress, which has become my personal uniform in the the last year. Readers, as I head out on my search, please tell me all of your favorite recommendations for the best white t-shirts! My money might be Rag & Bone, but I feel like I could be wrong.

08 Jun 2019

Make It With VSCO

I’ve been using VSCO since I first downloaded the Instagram app back in what I think was 2012. Almost immediately, I knew that Instagram’s filters were going to be too harsh for me. They consistently leaned to the extreme and spoiler alert: they still do today. VSCO felt cleaner in my eyes. I wanted my feed to feel like it was lightly edited and minimal. For that reason, it’s still what I have remained loyal to seven years later.

In their new campaign with AKQA, VSCO is highlighting three Gen Z creators on how they make their work. In short, the message is simple. Don’t stress over making the perfect piece; just make it anyways.


  • The shortest wedding season ever
  • Another outdoor moment
  • Let’s go to dinner. Make it 5PM.
  • Between the red rocks
  • Something something in the distance
  • These don’t get old for me
  • Plantalones
  • A new @somethingnavy collection is being released tomorrow! Do we need another swimsuit?
  • I would have let myself sit here all day and get roasted by the sun. Seeing this in real life is such a dream ✨

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