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I may not love the direction that Paramore has been on for the last few years, but we’ll never stop adoring Hayley Williams.

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Your List of Job “Must-Haves”

Starting where we left off…here! I’m now over three months into my new job, but nowhere close to finishing out this series. I’m a firm believer in finishing things that I start though. I believe that was also one of my New Years resolutions so onwards we go!

Over the holidays, I met up with someone who I’ve sort of looked up to career-wise. Not only did we graduate from the same university, but she had the most impressive resume having worked at two very successful large tech companies and a startup that I used to think was my dream job, and we shared a love for food AND blogging. I wasn’t quite sure what would come out of this info chat, but I was so grateful that she took the time to sit down with me. In our conversation, I remember her asking me a fairly simple question. In fact, it’s the same question that I have asked my own candidates time and time again, but yet when it came time for me to answer it myself, I couldn’t find the words.

“What are you looking for in a job?”

The reason why this was so challenging for me was because the last time I had to answer this question, I was in a different place in my life. I was 23 and I wanted to work in tech for a product that I had used. Pretty generic. I also was leaving all my friends and family behind in Seattle so I wanted friends in my new city. I was young and I wasn’t ready to think about my career long term. I’m not saying that this was the wrong way to go about it, but it’s one way to approach finding a job. Looking back, I still don’t think I would’ve done anything differently, but it was vastly different than how I was feeling back in January of this year. At that point, I felt like I was at a crossroads. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue down this career path, but I also didn’t know what else I should be doing. Annie told me that when looking for a job, you typically have a few things that are important to you (true) but that they could be of varying importance depending on the company (something new that I learned!)

Here were the things that were most important to me: (in no particular order)

  • Who would I be reporting to and what would it be like to have them manage me?
  • Would I enjoy working alongside my team? How integrated into the company are they? Are they respected by the rest of the company?
  • Do I believe in the product and the mission of the company?
  • Is the company culture a good one? Do I feel valued and respected as a member of this team?
  • Compensation – is it fair and aligned with the responsibilities that I’ll be having?
  • Impact – how much will my work matter in the company?

These may be some of the things you also consider when looking for a job. You may care about more or less than what I have. The part that was surprising to me was that there is no particular order. Company A might allow me to have the most impact I’ve ever had in a role while Company B might have a team that makes me feel at home every day that I come in. They are different things, sure, but my feelings towards these two things might be so strong that it can make a decision like this very challenging. All six components were important to me and no one thing was more important than the other, but it was all different for every company. When I was early on in my career, maybe only one of these things mattered to me. I’ve been told that as you get older and progress further on in your career, you continue to learn more about what you want. That is probably why I have six things to consider now, but that search to find the right job becomes even tougher!

I have a couple more posts that I’d like to share in this series, but before I go on is there anything you’d like for me to focus on? I’d love to include it if I haven’t already!

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Wedding Mondays

Elisa had asked me the other day if I had posted any good Wedding Mondays videos lately and the honest answer was that I hadn’t – not since May. If I could, I’d have one ready every week. I went through my wedding blogs today – like I do every Sunday – trying to find the right one. The end of it let me down. So then I sat and thought about it a little bit more. Did I have any… in the queue? Was it in my notes and had I just somehow not gotten to a few of them yet? Sure enough, there was one. It was like the universe knew I needed a wedding video and saved this one just for today. It’s special because as soon as I watched it, I kind of knew why I had been saving it for so long. It was so unbelievably perfect. It didn’t come with a wedding feature. In fact, I don’t know where it came from. It looks like I had just stumbled upon it somewhere and knew I needed to save it so I saved just the link for the video.

There is so much that I love about this video though. I know nothing about these two people; there’s no story that accompanies it except only their dialogue. I love that Meg wore several dresses the night of her wedding – something I, too, believe in. :) The best part? The two got married on New Year’s Eve! I’ve been thinking for some time now that having a wedding on New Year’s Eve is genius because most people hate this holiday. Most don’t want to make plans for New Year’s Eve so why not host the best party ever to kick off the year?

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adidas – Pink “Zebra”

Every week we have a new shoe on display and every week we love each pair more than the last. Really and truly, this has my name written all over it. I’m obsessed with the baby pink, white, and black combination. I think we’ve mentioned this before, but this color palette were all my favorite colors when I was in 9th grade so that’s a big deal, you know? Back then, that was also because Nordstrom’s Brass Plum – or BP as we know it – went through a transformation and their colors became pink, black and white. A little history for you there.

The pink, black and white combination of the “Zebra” iteration is the perfect mix of feminine and sporty. The Primeknit upper adds texture and dimension to the lifestyle sneaker. For those looking for ankle support, you can find a plush, foot-hugging collar on this silhouette.

It looks like these will be in adidas stores soon, but there is no price marked for it yet – we need to know.


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For Sub Pop

Top – Sub Pop / Denim + Cap – Urban Outfitters / Sneakers – Converse

Holy smokes! Look how bebe I look in this photo above. I am late 20’s going on 14 here; the funny thing is though is that this is exactly how I dressed when I was 14 so it’s almost a little bit eerie to be looking at this. Is it weird to say that one of my favorite places is the Sea-Tac Airport? Sometimes I ask my parents to drop me off a little bit earlier than I need for my flight so that I can spend my time there shopping and having one last meal before I take off. Sub Pop Records happens to have a merch store there which I highly recommend everyone checking out because you can get – well – records, so many tees, and other fun gifts. I basically make a purchase every time I drop in and have two tees and a sweatshirt from them. I like this tee a lot for its simplicity, but the material fits like a boys’ tee so it might not be the most comfortable tee to wear. I paired this with denim, Converse, and a backwards baseball cap because I wanted to dress not like myself AT ALL THIS DAY.

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What We’re Listening to this Weekend

It is a whopping 100 degrees out here in the South Bay today and I’m dying and sweating all over my couch. I’m about 3 minutes from running down the stairs and jumping into my pool. It’s one of those thoughts that should probably use a little bit more calculation, but right now – it seems like the only solution. Kanye’s “The College Dropout” is one of my favorite albums and I still remember blasting “All Falls Down” when I was 14 in the car with my parents. We’re listening to this album through and through today because old Kanye is the best kind of Kanye.

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Song of the Day

Kartell – Pantera

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Weighing In On Bachelor in Paradise

When the news broke out about this controversy, did anyone think of “UnREAL?!” There are many sides to this story and by no means am I claiming that I know the right one nor do I know who we should believe. With that said, I do have some thoughts that have left me with unsettling feelings about this situation. It doesn’t have anything to do with DeMario and Corinne or the he said she said.

The production of this series involves many individuals. There are contestants – for which this entire series is based off of. There are many more people behind the scenes that make this show what it is. If Corinne really was unable to give her consent, then those that are behind the camera would have seen that and they have a duty to stand up and say something. If you are going to stand by and watch an act of sexual assault happen right before your eyes, you might as well be an accomplice.

I would be lying if I told you that watching this coming Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette didn’t have me feeling uneasy already. I hope that the television series will address what happened or that Chris Harrison will say something to address the controversy. At the very least, I am glad that Bachelor in Paradise has ceased production and for those that are upset about that, well – shame on you.


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Cozy in Brandy

Top – Brandy Melville / Pants – Uniqlo / Shoes – Keds

95% of the time I prefer to get dressed up for work and to spend a little bit of time constructing new outfits together. For the other 5% though? I don’t have it in me. I wake up and decide I don’t really care how anyone sees me that day and for those days, I turn to outfits like these! To me, it’s still not very dressed up at all. I’m totally completely cozy and my coworkers will still turn to me and think that I put some new effort into an outfit. It’s not true. This Brandy Melville hoodie is one of the best things I own. I think it’s one of their signatures actually and they have it in tons of colors at their store at an affordable price. I’ve had this since I first moved here in 2013 and wear it on the reg. These pants are my Uniqlo jeggings which you’ve seen a million times before and these Keds are from middle school and still wearable, but not as white as they once were.

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I’m in love with so much of this!

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Why People Still Watch “The Room”

This is truly one of the worst movies ever made. I still remember the first time I ever learned about it. It was after work and I was at my boyfriend’s at the time with his roommate who claimed he was about to put on the best film ever. I should’ve known. I had so many questions. Why weren’t the characters speaking in complete sentences or even saying things that made sense? Why was the main character so peculiar? What year was this supposed to even be set in? I felt like I was watching a very terrible amateur film, but the only way to get out of this was to pretend to fall asleep until it was over. So that’s what I did.

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