20 Oct 2018

Five Favorite Pins: How To Celebrate Halloween in a Low Key Way

We’re more than halfway through the month so it seems like now is an appropriate time for me to think about Halloween and how we’re going to celebrate. It’s not in my top five favorite holidays to engage in; it might not even be in my top 10 (are there 10?) but it’s a social holiday so you have to participate a little bit right? I’ve rounded up just a few ideas that I’ve either started to do or am considering and it’s so low key that no one will even blame you if you don’t participate at all.

  • My OnDemand currently is full of Halloween themed films. I wouldn’t watch them normally at any other time during the year, but given that it’s the season, it’s an opportunity to freshen up with my favorites. I will throw one on and just have it in the background or I’ll full on participate and watch the entire thing without being on my laptop. Rare. This week so far, I’ve watched Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown and who knows? Maybe I’ll watch a few more.

  • Since I’m two months into my new job, I’ve been debating whether or not it makes sense to dress up for Halloween in the office. Is this something people do? Will my friends even do it? One solution is this: find a costume that is so low maintenance that if you get to work and no one is dressed up you can remove pieces immediately to make it seem like you dressed up for a normal work day. My idea is Hamburgler, obviously. Steal it if you want!

  • As I’ve lived in San Francisco longer, I’ve realized that it’s not always the easiest place to celebrate the holiday given the environment. I’m not in a neighborhood to have trick-or-treaters or even be able to get to them immediately with candy. It also does not make sense to have a pumpkin outside my door. I do like my decorations though. Instead of my usual flowers, I’ve been considering purchasing smaller pumpkins that I can paint and decorate and leave indoors to spruce up my living room.

  • Allow yourself to have a cheat month. When else do you have an excuse to eat this much candy?! If every kid is going to do it, shouldn’t you also? I always thought that around Halloween, I’d have a small bucket of candies near my desk that I can have a piece every now and then. It’s also just a great way to win over your coworkers. Lucky for me, my offices have always had these lying around! They’re a hit.

  • Get yourself out of the city and head to a pumpkin patch. I missed this field trip when I was in Kindergarten because I was sick and regretted it ever since. It felt like a prime part of my childhood was lost because of this! I didn’t get to go to another until I was in my early 20’s after college and it was a completely different experience. Even if you have no intention of buying a pumpkin, it’s the epitome of fall. It’s the fall version of a spring field of flowers.
20 Oct 2018

Issa Milestone (Almost!)

Happy Saturday y’all! After having an active morning of brunch and spending some time outside at the Ferry Building this morning, I returned home to catch up on news and write. I haven’t had this solid chunk of time in awhile. Since having Yow Yow! I always wished that I could have more of a balance with writing and work. In my head 50/50 seemed inappropriate. In college, it likely was 75/25 – 75 being this blog. Since starting my new job, I’ve become immersed in it and in a way, it has been giving me a new kind of energy that I haven’t had before in my previous roles.

At the end of my work days, I have the time to write, but it’s easier to just work instead. That transition for me is easier. And I often feel like I just don’t have the mental capacity or energy to be as creative as I need to be. The way I started out this post doesn’t sound happy, but I promise we’re getting there!

As I reserve myself some time today to write, I think about what’s ahead for us. In just a couple of months, we’ll be celebrating 10 years of Yow Yow! Did anyone ever think that I’d be keeping this alive for this long?! Definitely not me! However, when you’ve had something as a routine for so many years, it’s hard to quit. Not to be confused with an addiction though. It hasn’t been an easy year. I migrated to WordPress.org. I hired someone to help me do that and that had its own set of challenges. We also weren’t recording my stats for some time. Every problem I didn’t need on my plate happened, but we made it!

We’re not quite at 10 years yet and while I’m thinking about how we should celebrate, I want to just add a quick thank you! The first readers of Yow Yow were my peers in college and they spread this blog by word of mouth like fire. It was so fun and as cringeworthy as those posts were, I love having 10 years of archives to look through. They are filled with not only personal moments, but pivotal moments in history, culture, and trends across music, fashion, and food. I wish I could say I had a grand plan for Yow Yow! but for now, surviving and staying afloat feels just as good.

20 Oct 2018

Danity Kane Tries To Make Yet Another Comeback

I just read an article that said that Danity Kane was about to have another comeback and while that news doesn’t speak to me that much, I ended up getting nostalgic for old Danity Kane. The girl group had such a great run. They were talented. They put out bops. And they had an incredible friendship growing up in front of the camera. Everything was good until it wasn’t. Don’t we say that about everything though? The comeback will only consist of Aubrey’s new face, Shannon, and Dawn so unfortunately, it’s not quite the same.

While we wait for the comeback, I just want to post videos from their earlier (best!) days instead.

20 Oct 2018

Spotify Ad Banned In UK For Being Too Scary

Can we talk about how this was the funniest commercial I caught all week? Spotify released an ad featuring Camila’s bop “Havana” and what was supposed to be fun and upbeat was downright terrifying. It was so scary for children seeing this ad that it had to be pulled entirely. If you get frightened easily, maybe don’t watch it. I, on the other hand, found this to be really entertaining and am still laughing over this days later. Why they turned this commercial into something scary, I’m not sure. Maybe it had something to do with Halloween? Either way, I’m glad Spotify can include a little humor.

A Spotify spokesperson had this to say about their ad: “We acknowledge the ruling from the ASA and regret any distress the ad may have caused the complainant,” a Spotify spokesperson said of the ad. “It was created as a tongue-in-cheek horror parody – intended to be a humorous ad that demonstrated just how catchy some tracks can be. We take our responsibilities as a marketer very seriously and continue to be mindful of the ASA’s guidance on the effective and appropriate targeting of advertising campaigns.”

I’m going to think of this commercial every time I hear this song.


13 Oct 2018

The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

This video took such a turn! Since my dad was allergic to cats and dogs as kids, we never had pets. The one thing that I could get away with though was Sea Monkeys. I had ordered them through the book fair at school – I know, not a book, but it counts as some sort of activity. Kevin and I followed the instructions to make the sea monkeys come alive and at first we found it fascinating. Within the week though, we watched these weird creatures multiply, die, and then sometimes attack each other. As a kid, this kind of scared me so the Sea Monkeys didn’t stick around that long and they had to go. Learning more about the history of the creator though was super interesting and not what I imagined.


13 Oct 2018

Nike x Pendleton Sneaker Collaboration

A collaboration of my two favorite things! If there’s one product that I’ve received through blogging that is truly Northwest, it is my treasured Pendleton blanket. I’ll never forget the day that box arrived on my doorstep. Since then, it has moved with me to three different apartments and kept me warm and snuggly through what I consider some harsh west coast winters. I can admit that it will never be as cold here as it is on the east coast. In this new collab, Pendleton and Nike join forces for the ultimate cozy sneaker. There are 29 sneakers that belong to the collection and they come in a number of styles including: Blazer Low, Air Max 1, and Air Max 90.


13 Oct 2018

Song of the Day

Shawn Mendes and teddy<3 – Under Pressure

I’m loving this throwback of “Under Pressure” from Shawn Mendes and teddy<3 (formerly known as Teddy Geiger) teddy<3 has been more behind the scenes lately writing and producing even playing a large part in many of the song on Shawn’s album. The two are close friends and Shawn was there for teddy when she came out as transitioning earlier this year.


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