26 Jan 2020

Grammy Awards 2020 Red Carpet

Lizzo wearing Atelier Versace

It’s bittersweet to be watching the red carpet this evening. With the news of Kobe and his daughter’s passing, it’s not surprising that celebrities want to get across the carpet without doing any interviews. Still, as everyone has been saying ‘the show must go on’ and while difficult, it’s turning out to be pretty great so far. Tonight, we’re highlighting look and tomorrow we’ll share our favorite performances including the tribute to Kobe.

Jameela Jamil in Georges Chakra Couture

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26 Jan 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • Gary Janetti’s Instagram Account Will Be Made Into HBO Series [Refinery29]
  • Taylor Swift Will Discuss Her Experiences With An Eating Disorder in ‘Miss Americana’ [Fader]
  • 4 Steps to Get Your Budget Right in 2020 [The Every Girl]
  • Hipmunk Is Shutting Down [SFGate]
  • Insomnia Cookies Will Open Their First SF Location [Hoodline]
26 Jan 2020

Halsey on SNL

There is no doubting how talented Halsey is as a performer because she’s been the musical guest on Saturday Night Live for two consecutive seasons. And each time, she continues to blow me away. I first heard of “You Should Be Sad” not too long ago and didn’t recognize the country spin on it at first. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I wrote off Halsey way back when after her first collaboration with The Chainsmokers. While that may have been one sliver of her career, it definitely doesn’t speak to the rest of it showcasing just how much she can do. I was a fan of both of her performances last year, but these two are now my favorites!

26 Jan 2020

Thailand Swimwear Pack List

[Beach Riot Sydney One Piece] – $138

We are nearly a month out from our trip to Thailand! Since this year is littered with weddings and wedding activities, this is our one trip that is just for us. I’m looking forward to our stay at three different resorts and exploring the different islands, but we’ve got some work to do before then. That work includes shopping for a roster of swimsuits to hold us over for a week. Below are some of my favorites that I’m lusting after:

[Monday Swimwear St Barth’s Top / Bottom] – $87 / $77

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26 Jan 2020

11 Years of Yow Yow!

How did we almost let January slip by without a post about our anniversary?! I’ve been putting off writing this post not because my feelings have wavered about the blog at all, but because I wanted to be clear and intentional about my thoughts. Over the holidays, we pushed out nearly 70+ posts. Yes, we had three weeks of uninterrupted time and I wasn’t working my day job, but nonetheless, I was proud to feel productive. I hadn’t felt that energized in a long time. The last time I had a stint of time where I could write that much was in between jobs, but back then the focus wasn’t on Yow Yow! It was on myself. It was about getting myself back to a place where I was confident, taking care of my mental and emotional health, and preparing to return to work.

This past holiday was different. I was able to wind down work just in time to focus entirely on Yow Yow! and get some much needed rest of course. I’ve been sitting on an idea for a series for a year. That doesn’t feel good to say. It sounds like we procrastinated for a year and are making excuses. I’ve given this a lot of thought though. In a year, I gave myself time to focus on a purpose for this series and articulate why this was important to me.

Yow Yow! has opened many doors to me. In the past few months, we had some partnerships, but the goal has always been to go beyond that. I think having this platform can be a window to new voices other than just my own. In the next couple of months, I want to prioritize how we do that. I want to express my gratitude to everyone in my life that continues to support Yow Yow big or small. Some of you continue to read it on your own time sometimes telling me or not. Those closest to me are giving me ideas or taking photos for me. And many of you continue to ask me how things are going and generally taking in a small interest into what I call my side hustle that does not produce an income or money. Thank you all.

26 Jan 2020

To All The Boys 2: 2nd Trailer

I know what you’re thinking. Is it really necessary to post a second trailer of this film when I’ve already shared the [first?] The answer is yes. And if we’re truly being honest here, this won’t be the last post about this movie leading up to the premiere. You have been warned. In this trailer, we’re seeing a little bit more of John Ambrose and maybe a rivalry between him and PK? Even though there’s still one more film after this one, we know that the filming has wrapped on the series. We’re not ready for this to end!

26 Jan 2020

Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Crash

Kobe Bryant has died Sunday morning after being in a helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven other individuals. He was 41 years old and retired from the NBA in 2016. Kobe leaves behind his wife Vanessa and three daughters.

Kobe and his 13-year old daughter Gianna were on their way to a travel basketball game.


25 Jan 2020

Taylor Swift | Miss Americana

A couple years ago, I spent New Year’s Day watching her Reputation tour on Netflix. Maybe I didn’t need to because I got to see it in person, but it was still just as good. Lately, I’ve been really into the documentaries on Netflix including the very cult-favorite “Cheer.” This trailer is such a snippet of a lot of different things and leaves more to be desired, but we’ll definitely be watching it. In fact, we’ll probably watch it the night it premieres because we can’t resist watching it a day later behind everyone else.

The documentary will be released in select theaters and on Netflix on January 31st.


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