07 Jan 2009

Girl Talk’s Hot Cousin

Is mashup just a little bit more fun than the outdated, overrated, mainstream music that is recycled constantly for months? Every now and then I’ll come home and listen to the radio in my car (93.3, 106.1 etc) when my Ipod transmitter fails but, that music comes and goes. I think the  appeal to mashup is that it incorporates some of our current favorites ie. mainstream with stuff we listened to years ago. It puts together the unlikliest of pairs, rock and techno, rap and pop. I have been a devoted Gregg Gillis fan for two years. I was convinced that Girl Talk was the one and only and no other mash up could compare. That statement is still true… but Nicolas Fenmore and Dick Fink of the Super Mash Bros come in a VERY close second. I first heard them back in September blaring from a laptop of another student in the lobby of my building while studying. It was none other than my friend Max himself. Immediately I thought, GIRL TALK. How did this guy get new stuff before me…? I later found out from Max that these two were natives in his hometown of Los Angeles. Their name came up again recently hence this post.  Go check out their debut album – Fuck Bitches, Get Euros. It’s no Girl Talk but as quoted off another site, “Girl Talk’s hot cousin.”

Listening to: Super Mash Bros. – I Fucking Bleed Purple and Gold

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  1. Vezquex wrote:

    The Super Mash Bros site links to a download of the album (http://www.mediafire.com/?npzzmhzcdyg).

    You should listen to some of Dashiell Driscoll, another great mashup artist. See: http://audiobytes.net/

    And you can’t beat Daft Punk’s Alive 2007, in which they mashed their own songs together.

    Posted on 1.8.09 ·

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