12 Jan 2009

Basic items burning a hole into my wallet

I wish the American Apparel models would look happier. Seeing their poor faces doesn’t really make me want to buy their clothes – same goes for their poses. Due to the poor and failing economy, it only makes sense that clothing and retail stores aren’t doing so well either. Macy’s is closing over thirty of their stores across the country. Sixteen-year old designer Kira Plastina filed for bankruptcy having opened a handful of boutiques for less than a year and has basically retreated back to Russia for the time being. And many many designers are even opting out of the Fall 2009 Mercedes-Benz fashion show held in Bryant Park next month as a way to “cut back”. Why does it seem like everyone is suffering when American Apparel seems to be rising above it all? Everyone knows I love this store, but c’mon simple basics do NOT need to be so expensive.While other competing stores are declining, American Apparel managed to gain 3% this past December. Despite that fact, I hold American Apparel very dear to my heart as well as the raglan pullover as shown above… that I happen to be wearing right now as I type this in Tangerine… which I purchased as a Christmas gift to myself last month before heading back up to school.

Source(s): Americanapparel.net

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  1. Vezquex wrote:

    Very interesting company. The CEO is an established jerk. The fabrication is done in a down-to-earth building in L.A. with excellent working conditions. And they use porn stars in advertisements.

    Posted on 1.13.09 ·

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