12 Jan 2009

Danger Radio + Real World Brooklyn =

Does anyone else find this funny also?! Those are my danger babies with the two characters from Real World. I was just doing my daily read of Ohnotheydidnt last night when I came across a Real World Brooklyn personal pictures post. Expecting to see a whole bunch of partying pictorials (And I did) I then saw Andrew’s FACE and did a double take.  Hmmm are kids from Real World just catching a Danger: Radio show? There was also a somewhat hilar caption underneath this picture as well on the site…

“this looks like an annoying hipster band with chet and ryan but idk who these people would be (eta apparently they are called Danger Radio and are really nice and allegedly aren’t really hipster but whatever i’m skeptical)”

These guys are anything BUT hipster kthanx.

ALSO Danger Radio will be having a show with The Scene Aesthetic and three other bands I don’t know in Seattle at El Corazon on Jan 27 at 7:30.

Source: Ohnotheydidnt

Listening to: Lil’ Wayne – Mrs. Officer

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