27 Feb 2009

Slum Sadness continues

It’s already bad enough to hear the news that the child actors from Slumdog Millionaire live in devestating poverty. We felt a little bit better when Danny Boyle said that he was going to purchase houses/apartments for them and their families. But I have a sinking and unsettling feeling when I hear that one of that young actors was struck by his own father. And it doesn’t help that there are pictures.

First Domestic Disturbia... now this.

Apparently the young actor Azharuddin Mohammed was slapped and kicked by his father.

An onlooker said, “It was like a scene out of Slumdog Millionaire

The father has since apologized, (HOBviously … hello pictures were released)

The incident lasted no more than 30 seconds but occured because Azharuddin was not willing to be put on display after returning home from the long flight from Los Angeles where he took part in accepting six Academy Awards. Onlookers and media were waiting for his arrival this afternoon when Azharuddin claimed he was tired.

He said, ““I do not want to speak today to any reporters,”

His father found this unacceptable and took out his frustration on him publicly. The young actor then dashed into the tent that they call home and broke into tears.

*Give the kid a break! He’s young and he’s thrown into this without even asking for it really. I’m appalled that his father would proceed to beat him so publicly in front of others but disgusted at the fact that his father would rather expose and show off his son in such a way. I think at some point, parents need to understand that at the end of the day, actor or not, he’s still a kid. He’s still your son.

Source: ONTD


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