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05 Mar 2009

Danger’s biggest fan?

Clearly Chet right? No. But seriously. Highlights from tonight’s episode featuring DANGER RADIO

– Did anyone count how many times Chet said, “I love Danger Radio. These guys are so cool.” (He is my favorite!)

– I lul’ed when Chet was introducing himself to all the band and then proceeded to say, “oh I already know your names.”

MTV played “Alive For the First Time” during a transition. I liked it.

– I’m sure Danger will be getting lots of attention after this

Ryan should not have played that song for them

– I giggled when Elan was getting really into it

– You got one thing right Chet! Those Danger Radio boys do know how to put on a show

– Wait a second, was that really Danger Radio hanging out in the Real World house?

pee esss – # of times I mentioned danger in this post? 6

Chet’s name drop of the band: 3240973289

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Listening to: Lady Gaga – Beautiful Dirty Rich

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