Written by Katie
06 Mar 2009

Domestic Disturbia update

Earlier yesterday Chris Brown was charged with two felonies. 1) Assault 2) Making criminal threats

Details were released in what really happened between the two but it kind of makes me uncomfortable to talk about. So I’ll let you find that online on your own BUT I will summarize

1) After Rihanna made the call to her friend about coming home she told her friend to “make sure the cops were there.” Chris, while still in the car, said “you shouldn’t have done that! I’m gonna ******* kill you.”

2) Chris Brown had bit Rihanna… (?!)

3) And he punched her in the face while driving.

Basically what it comes down to is he facing up to 4 years and 8 months in a state prison.

Rihanna wants to be back together with Chris. She forgives him every time saying he is a “beast” when he is beating her, but then he will start to cry and apologize and becomes “her angel,” by asking her if she is okay.


None of her friends and family want them together. After the brutal details of her beating were released yesterday her relatvies are PISSED.

Source: ONTD

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