Written by Katie
17 Mar 2009

NEW Dora revealed

Not bad Nickelodeon

Just to make this clear, I realize that my last post about Dora got a lot of buzz and Mattel and Nickelodeon had a lot of unhappy parents as well but their press statement insists that they will not be changing the original Dora. They have created a new line called Dora’s Explorer Girls aimed at girls ages 5-8 which will debut in stores this fall.

Apparently this new doll comes with a USB port and is compatible with online story lines.

… Sweet get me one of those.

Anyways Old Dora and NEW DORA for comparison ya dig?

Source: ONTD

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  1. Kerry wrote:

    Well I’m glad I read this. I thought they were changing her and getting rid of the old Dora. My daughter is looking at this page and she wants the old Dora to stay the same. She is 3yrs so I understand that she wants to keep the old one.

    Posted on 3.20.09 · Reply to comment
  2. alley wrote:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dora needed to grown up,just like a real kid.My daughter will love it.

    Posted on 3.20.09 · Reply to comment
  3. I dont think that Dora should “Grow Up”. I mean everyone knows her for being that Cute, short, kid with a talking Bookbag and Map, and Monke friend. I wont watch the New Dora.

    Posted on 11.2.09 · Reply to comment
  4. kirsten wrote:

    awsome she looks why better and she needed 2 grow up.!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 7.1.10 · Reply to comment
  5. jeni wrote:

    me and my daughters loves dora so much!i cant wait to see her grown up.also with my kids.

    Posted on 12.2.10 · Reply to comment

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