Written by Katie
20 Mar 2009

Taking the Stage

Every time I’m home for a weekend, my first priority is ALWAYS catching up on my television haha only cause I don’t have a TV in my dorm at school.

So today I started watching the new MTV show “Taking the Stage,” and I am a new fan. I was a little skeptical cause this show was created by Nick Lachey but it’s so refreshing to see a a show about a group of five kids who attend the School for Creative and Performing Arts set in Cincinatti, Ohio going after their dreams.

I know it sounds so cheesy, but going along with my theme of passion for this year, I’m all about this. What I love about this show is that it’s not “scripted.” This is a real school that is well known and these students are more caught up in their dreams instead of just drama. Because we ALL know that shows like “The Hills” and “The City” are fake. We can’t even deny it anymore… I liked Lauren back when she was LC but people say Whitney is never in the DVF office and Heidi and Spencer… enough said. No one gives a shit.But I’ve really started to take a liking towards Mia Carruthers who is an amazing singer and Jasmine and Tyler the dancers.

I’m gonna start watching this show regularly along w/ my Lost and Gossip Girl.

Listening to: Estelle – Come Over

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  1. aestar101 wrote:

    I know great show!!!!

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