31 Mar 2009

Nylon Doesn’t Disappoint

So back in December while shopping around at Urban, I was looking at the counter where I check out. They usually have a lot of random trinkets there, lip gloss, stuff I could care less about it, advertisements of new music but this time I see a subscription slip that advertises “SUBSCRIBE TO NYLON MAGAZINE THROUGH URBAN FOR A YEAR FOR FREE” okay that’s not what it really said, but you get the idea.

Too good to be true right?

I fill out the slip, mail it. Call my mom every once in awhile to see if my new issue came (especially the one with Camilla Belle on the cover) and NOTHING.

So imagine my surprise when I check my email tonight and find a message from Nylon saying that they received my subscription slip and every month saying that they will send me the full issue of the magazine in the online version as opposed to print yet it’s still the same thing. It will also be sent immediately after the editors sign off on it.

Guess they didn’t forget about me after all, Thanks Nylon!

Listening to: This Providence – Chasing the Wind

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