Month: March 2009

22 Mar 2009

That little girl from the Missy videos

She’s both a dancer and an actress but when we were first introduced to Alyson Stoner, she was a child dancer in Missy Elliott’s music videos. I remember watching her back then and wondering… how do I get to be like her haha Anyways, she’s since taken off in her acting career in shows like the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and in those Cheaper by the Dozen movies. I thought she had forgotten about her dancing career but then I found this video tonight that she just uploaded to her Youtube account.

She created this dance in 25 minutes to Michael Jackson’s PYT. I’m so jealous.

22 Mar 2009

Inamo – Technology continues to take over

This new London restaurant is REALLY catering to your needs. In an effort to avoid receiving your bad orders, getting a hold of waiters or asking for the bill, Inamo has based the entire atmosphere of the restaurant on technology. From your table, you can change the color or design of your table, order your food, play Battleship while you’re waiting, watch what’s going on in the kitchen via webcam, request the waiter, AND pay the bill. Basically… your table is a computer? Apparently the food is pretty good too.


Listening to: Estelle – Come Over ft Sean Paul

22 Mar 2009

The Fail Sticker

For the classy wompers at SU. DOM – I really think we should invest in these and use one once a weekend night. Whaddya think?

These adhesives are created by Go Media and come in quantities of 5-50 and can be purchased at


22 Mar 2009

Let your kicks match your controller

This pair of Nike Blazers were designed by a team at Beaverton to resemble the Wii. Now the controller in your hand can match the shoes on your feet. I don’t think I would consider buying these though unless I were a Wii champ cause uh… how embarrassing would it be if you just sucked. I think the creators did do a pretty good job of matching the bottom layer of the shoes to the powerlight, laces matching the nunchuck wrist strap and the rest of the gray details to match the wii. Prices have not been released yet but these kicks expected to come out Summer 2009.


Watching: The Holiday

22 Mar 2009

Manolos for spring

Bryn was so right when she told me that the 80’s were coming back this year. Maybe that’s why I’ve been shopping so much lately. Even though I was born in that era I am in love with the bright colors which is pretty refreshing for me because I tend to stay with the classic white,  black and grays. These Manolo Blahnik BB pumps are going for $575 a pop! ummm yeah I would prefer them in every color but I think that’s gonna take a little bit of time.

Watching: Sydney White still

20 Mar 2009

Taking the Stage

Every time I’m home for a weekend, my first priority is ALWAYS catching up on my television haha only cause I don’t have a TV in my dorm at school.

So today I started watching the new MTV show “Taking the Stage,” and I am a new fan. I was a little skeptical cause this show was created by Nick Lachey but it’s so refreshing to see a a show about a group of five kids who attend the School for Creative and Performing Arts set in Cincinatti, Ohio going after their dreams.

Read more “Taking the Stage”

19 Mar 2009

We will always remember you Elizabeth James

Actress Natasha Richardson passed away Wednesday afternoon after a tragic accident while skiing. The New York City medical examiner’s office has reported today that Richardson died of blunt impact to the head and that it was ruled an accident. She leaves behind husband Liam Neeson and her two sons ages 13 and 12.

I loved her in Parent Trap =(

18 Mar 2009

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

It’s a Youtube day HOORAY!!

Actually this morning while studying w/ Kelsey, we decided we had to watch this video because it’s just one of those classics…

So… Kittens Inspired by Kittens!

We also discovered, “Cats inspired by Kittens inspired by Kittens.” I don’t know if it is AS good as the original but it’s definitely worth watching. And it’s geared to maybe an older audience. Anyways, make what you want out of it.


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