Written by Katie
09 Apr 2009

Gossip Girl Wannabes

Awhile back, Bravo had said they wanted to make a spinoff of Gossip Girl but with an added twist since the show had become so popular. Do kids like this in the upper east side really exist? Uh of course they do and Bravo is out to prove it with their new show NYC Prep. (I already hate the name) So this is that cast, and I feel like I can already pick out the look-a-likes of the CW version. Reality show reality showwww. We all know it’s going to be fake and we’re gonna love hating it but no matter what this show will never be Gossip Girl. There will never be another Blair, Little J, or a voice over gossip girl played by Kristen Bell.

ps these kids look like aliens to me. Something about this just screams fake!

Source: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2009/04/bravo_takes_gossip_girl_knocko.html

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